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Won’t Get You There!

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     This is going to be big!


    One of the things I am clear about for me and my clients this year is this:

    What got you here, won’t get you there!

    What this means is that you already have great skills and expertise that got you to a certain level of success in your business today, BUT those same skills and that same level of expertise, however wonderful, aren’t enough to get you to the next level of success in your business dreams.

    Don’t get me wrong – they have served you well.

    idea taking offAnd.… something new is needed, something definitely different… different skills, new habits, a shift in beliefs, deeper confidence and courage, new creative and brave ways of marketing, and even a new strength in your commitment and way of being in your business.

    Yes, this is what you need to get that next level of growth and success.

    (I actually kinda cringe every time I say “next level.” It sounds so cliché!)

    What I really mean is that if you are ready to rise up to the next floor in your elevator of dreams, the next verse in your heart’s song, cross the next mountaintop in your journey…you are going to have to let go and embrace the new!

    And this, my friend, will take a whole lot of Courage & Creativity!

    I’m a huge believer in that creativity is a differentiating factor in your business and marketing (and your life)!

    Expressing your creativity –  whether in an article, by leading a retreat, or even creating a painting – makes you come alive!


    When you are alive – you are magnetic!


    Being Magnetic attracts clients, opportunities, visibility and more money.


    BUT you need COURAGE to embrace your creativity and be willing to share it with the world


    This is just one of the important & powerful topics that we need to talk more about to step into success as a creative entrepreneur!

    This is why I have put together this 3-part Teleclass Series about “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There!”


    What you will discover from these fun, mind-expanding, creative, and so-needed strategies and topics in these teleclasses:

    • Vision_InfodoodleWhy “doing what you have done to get you where you are today, will absolutely NOT work for where you want to go” (it actually goes against the laws of nature!)
    • Understand without a doubt… What it’s time to do different in your business – if you are truly ready to grow – including stop stressing your nervous system with the flash mob marketing mentality!
    • The 7 common problems with current business and marketing teaching for creative entrepreneurs – yes, there is a reason all this traditional marketing formula talk makes you feel ill!
    • What is possible for you when you take back your marketing power and how to do this!
    • How and why you need to create space for creativity and ignite your creative expression NOW! (In your business AND your life!)
    • 5 ways Creativity in Business is absolutely critical to your success in this techno-drenched, time-starved world – you’ll want to listen closely as a creative-type!
    • What to do to relight your Creative Fire – All this marketing stuff is great… AND it goes beyond marketing to your energy and your creative power.  You’ll learn how to start working with the energy flow of you and your business.
    • You’ll also be inspired by stories of others who have stepped into their courage and creativity and experienced clarity, insights and lovely expansion in their businesses.
    • How to break the shackles of old outdated marketing messages that don’t work for today’s lifestyle business owner…and certainly don’t work for intuitive, sensitive women who want a different way of doing business!
    • Oh yes…I’ve heard you ask, ”Laura, I love all your creative art projects – but really, what does THAT have to do with my business?” Art projects are just one way to get your creative juices flowing… and I’ll share more about jumpstarting your creative flow on the calls!
    • And more!


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    icon - teleclassWednesday, February 18: A New Business Playground for Creative Entrepreneurs To Do It Different!

    Wednesday, February 25: The Inner Creative Journey Leads To Outer Success

    Friday, February 27: Ignite Your Courage and Creativity in Life & Business




    Register for the What Got You
    Won’t Get You There

    Free Teleclass Series

    Complete the form below to register for all three classes in the series!










      About Laura

      Laura_2015Laura West is a Passionista for creativity in business!

      She believes that when you shift your energy, confidence, creativity, AND take action, you’ll create the business of your dreams. As a Creative Business Coach, author, speaker, and Visual Facilitator, Laura helps Creative Inspirational Leaders share their unique messages and gifts to create big change in the world.

      Laura is known for turning marketing on its head and making business fun, creative, practical, and real through her information products, workshops, teleclasses, and coaching programs.

      Laura loves to work with creative entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders who have a mission to create a better world with their gifts and expertise: their work is a calling, and they can’t imagine doing anything else… AND they want to package their expertise and share it with a larger audience so they can change more lives AND have a successful business. Laura helps makes this easy, exciting and very do-able!

      She is the Founder for the Center for Joyful Business, author of multiple information products, and offers retreats, workshops, mentoring and coaching programs for creative entrepreneurs for the last 15 years.