[Video] Where Has Everyone Gone on Facebook & Why Should You Care?


Have you noticed how quiet it’s been on Facebook lately?

Very quiet indeed.

There’s not as much posts, comments and interaction. I believe everyone has finally had enough of the negativity around the US election and news media and many people are taking a news hiatus or at least cutting down on their involvement and exposure.

So – if you connect with your clients and community on Facebook what should you do? Watch this video while I share why this is so important and what can you do!

I hope you enjoy today’s smart & creative marketing tip!

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  1. I haven’t noticed much of a difference in facebook activity. I guess it depends on your list 🙂 I do my best to skip over all of the election stuff because it’s just annoying.
    I still need to change what I do because it isn’t working that well. One of the ideas I’m thinking about is daily emails instead of weekly. I do need a better lead magnet and a schedule that is less demanding.

    • Joyful Business


      Thanks so much sharing how this is impacting you. Could be that you aren’t in the US so you aren’t seeing the impact as much. And That you are filtering!

      Great noticing on your part of what you need and want to do different in your marketing. If you want different results – gotta change it up and try new strategies!

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