The Expert Tele-summit on Improving Your Business


One of my former clients, Wendy Kerr of Corporate Crossovers, has been doing amazing things! (If you follow my Passion Projects stories, then you might remember that Wendy was interviewed on BBC Radio as part of HER Passion Project.)

She’s really putting herself out there, this time with a telesummit, The Expert Tele-summit on Improving Your Business.

It all started last year when she surveyed over 300 corporate women who had left their jobs to set up their own businesses. What they found was that a key issue they were having was learning all they needed to know about running their businesses. While they were brilliant in their field, they were a bit stumped when it came to how to run a business.

Can you relate?

She also found that 68% are making less in their own businesses than in their corporate jobs… but even at a lower “salary,” they wouldn’t go back to corporate. But they do want to be more successful.

Just like you.

Wendy’s The Expert Tele-summit on Improving Your Business features 12 successful women experts (including me) who will give you actionable advice and nuggets to grow your business.

The Expert Tele-summit on Improving Your Business begins next week on September 17, and runs through September 19… and it’s free!

Click here to find out more about the 12 experts and their topics and to register!

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