You have successfully registered for your Virtual Private Creative Retreat! Yay for you!

You’ll be getting an email from Dawn Shuler, my Business Manager, confirming the date and time for your retreat.  In addition, she’ll help you schedule a 45-minute pre-retreat call for us to determine what we’ll be working on in your retreat.

If you need to talk to her sooner, she can be reached at or 301-541-3577.

In the meantime, start thinking about what you want to work on during your Virtual Private Creative Retreat. You can use this time to

  • Get clear about your Personal Essence, Brand and Mission
  • Determine if your message is clear & compelling throughout your marketing strategies.
  • Create a plan for owning your expertise and for how to get your message out as a Creative Inspirational Thought Leader.
  • Brainstorm your marketing strategies & plans for 2014
  • Marketing Makeovers for your website, free gift, blog to see if they are in alignment with your Creative Inspirational Leader movement & message
  • Shift some inner belief limits about possibilities and visibility
  • Craft your programs or product design, marketing and pricing.

This retreat will do amazing things for your business, and I’m thrilled to be part of that!