we’re sitting in the car in the rain…

My son, Nick and I met up a few weeks ago. I was staying with friends near Atlanta and we wanted to get together to take a hike but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

We met at Biscuits & More (it’s a southern thing, vegans – don’t ask). We didn’t want to sit inside since it was a bit crowed so we got our biscuits to go and sat in the car together in the parking lot.

The rain was pinging lightly on the roof and made for a cozy intimate atmosphere. We got into a deep conversation about how he was doing after graduating from college and then getting laid off in a corporate layoff from a company where he thought he had a future as an engineer. Throw in a little roommate discontent and it was a rich adulting kind of conversation.

Then he asked me if I brought the cards? Yes, of course, I did. We have created as a part of our connection a ritual of pulling a card from a card deck when we get together. I had my new Destiny cards and was ready!.

He pulled a card: fog. Of course, it was the perfect card for this rainy day and also for where he was in his life path. He was holding onto the dream of a bright future and yet, the path was pretty foggy.

It opened up the conversation into an even deeper sharing and validating his thoughts and inner wisdom.

It’s so heart-moving to let the card be an invitation to help him open up to his wisdom and express his thoughts. And for me too, to share things with Nick that I haven’t before. We were moving past the mom-son relationship and into relating to each as adults and humans.

Yes, the fog moved and he has clearer skies with a new job, new apartment and has moved out of state! Now we facetime and still bring in a card every now and then. It’s sweet. It’s heart expansive. It more real and authentic.

That my friends, is the power of Oracle cards.

I’m such a huge fan of card decks of all types to foster creativity, expansive thoughts and deeper connections and conversations.

PLUS, it’s a great way to get your signature work into the world and reinforce your brand.

That’s why I am hosting the Queen of Card Decks, Rosie Battista, in a webinar this Thursday to tell us all about card decks!

Check out the details for next week’s webinar here!

Let’s get your creativity and business smarts flowing together!

Your 11 Creative Power Centers – and how to use them


All this talk about creativity…it’s fun, it’s exciting, it makes us feel very alive…

…but you may be asking, “How does this help me with my business?”

Let me show you!


Take a look at my Creative Power Center Model.

In your business, you have 11 Creative Power Centers. When you want to make a big shift in your business, say like stepping into your Creative Thought Leadership, then you need to activate and expand one or more of those 11 Creative Power Centers.

In looking at this model, where do you desire to expand so that your business can grow to the next level of authentic success?

I believe that as you ignite your personal creativity, you naturally expand your creative power and potential in your business, too!

If you are looking for the “secret” to growing your business, look at how you can grow in your Creative Power Centers!

This is what I’m going to be talking about on my brand new webinar coming on Thursday: Be Creatively Alive! Open up your Creative Aliveness in You…and Your Business!

In this creative and interactive webinar, I’ll share more about the Creative Power Centers and how you can open up your Personal Creativity for more Business Creativity. I’ll also take you through a special Creative Tool you can use in your business over and over!


I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be amazing! (if I say so myself!)


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs…

Be Creatively Alive!
Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
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Title: Be Creatively Alive! Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
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