Your 11 Creative Power Centers – and how to use them


All this talk about creativity…it’s fun, it’s exciting, it makes us feel very alive…

…but you may be asking, “How does this help me with my business?”

Let me show you!


Take a look at my Creative Power Center Model.

In your business, you have 11 Creative Power Centers. When you want to make a big shift in your business, say like stepping into your Creative Thought Leadership, then you need to activate and expand one or more of those 11 Creative Power Centers.

In looking at this model, where do you desire to expand so that your business can grow to the next level of authentic success?

I believe that as you ignite your personal creativity, you naturally expand your creative power and potential in your business, too!

If you are looking for the “secret” to growing your business, look at how you can grow in your Creative Power Centers!

This is what I’m going to be talking about on my brand new webinar coming on Thursday: Be Creatively Alive! Open up your Creative Aliveness in You…and Your Business!

In this creative and interactive webinar, I’ll share more about the Creative Power Centers and how you can open up your Personal Creativity for more Business Creativity. I’ll also take you through a special Creative Tool you can use in your business over and over!


I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be amazing! (if I say so myself!)


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs…

Be Creatively Alive!
Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
Free Creative Webinar

Title: Be Creatively Alive! Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: 12:00pm eastern | 9:00am pacific | 5:00pm UK
Cost: FREE!


Find out more and register to
Open Up Your Creative Aliveness
for You & Your Business

Can’t wait to hear you on the webinar on Thursday!



[Friday Joy Infusion] The Power of the Feminine, Creativity & Aliveness!

Happy Friday! I just love the energy of Fridays! It always has a slightly vacation-y feel to it – even when you’re working. It’s one of my favorite days to create: articles, programs, and those fun & helpful Miracle Marketing audios that you get in your email inbox on Mondays!

Today I have two great resources for you… to help you with amping up your feminine power, creative energy and aliveness!

First, I want to personally invite you to be a part of an enriching virtual event that I’m so excited to be participating in. I’ll be speaking at the The Feminine Energy Revolution Virtual Event along with 19 other amazing women and host Robin Cordova.




The Feminine Energy Revolution was formed to support and encourage the development of Conscious Women Entrepreneurs. We believe the impact you can make to your life, your family, and your business, will then positively impact the world around you!

Sign up now, and you’ll receive all the details so you can join us!


Next, I want to tell you about something NEW that I’m offering next week!

It’s my upcoming free, creativity-infused webinar:

Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business

It’s happening next Thursday, April 25.

My business is a perfect example of doing things differently… by bringing in all the qualities of the creative, feminine energy (sense a theme?!).


The Glory of the Internet Series - Inspiration

The biggest success “secret” in entrepeneurship is that when you are creative, unique, passionate, wise, quirky, whimsical, relationship-oriented, you activate your attraction factor and everything in your business starts to flow!

Join me Thursday, April 25, as I show you – live and in real-time action – how you can bring the fun and creative aliveness into your business… aren’t you really yearning for this?!?

Here’s to the creative powers of the feminine. We are what we’ve been waiting for!