Creative Alchemy by–the-Sea

On creative living… “Money helps, to be sure. But if money were the only thing people needed in order to live creative lives, then the mega-rich would be the most imaginative, generative, and original thinkers among us, and they simply are not. The essential ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody: courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust – and those elements are universally accessible. Which does not mean that creative living is always easy; it merely means that creative living is always possible.” Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Is it time to reinfuse your life and business? Reclaim your creative power? Consider coming to this year’s Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. Immerse in Creative Alchemy – because that is what we’ll be doing/being. Rejuvenating and reinventing what wants to be created! More details… Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea


Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea


This isn’t a mastermind like you’ve seen before! This 12-month program combines the transformational power of art (don’t get all anxious… it’s simple & fun!) to help you open up your creative channels in your business.

What I know is that these days it’s your creative ideas and the bold, authentic way you show up what attracts more clients, not just a marketing tactic.

We’ll coach on plenty of the marketing how-to’s, don’t worry, but it’s the opening of your creative expression and creative confidence that will attract opportunities to you!

Would you like to spend 2014 opening your creative channels, igniting those creative ideas, and getting your business moving in a whole new powerful way? PLUS, spend time with me and other kindred creative business owners on the beach – twice? (Virginia Beach, VA, and Outer Banks, NC)

I’m a big believer in the power of the ocean air to transform! And the place we are staying is amazingly beautiful!

Inspiring environments shift you!

If you would like more information and to set up a call to talk about if this program is the right fit for you and your business, then email me! 

Hilton VB Oceanfront