The Doubt Vortex of Sales

by Laura West

This weekend I am spending time with my two sons shopping. That’s is unusual. There are usually a million other things the boys would rather do than spend time with mom looking for clothes.

This time is different. Sam is excited about heading to college in a couple of weeks and Nick, just started a “big boy job” with benefits and everything. He’s still finishing up engineering degree while he’s working fulltime, but apparently, they come courting engineers pretty early.

So, we’ve been looking for clothes for their next adventures. It’s very exciting to see them grow!

Speaking of growth… how is your business growth going?

It is the one constant in your business – keeping an eye on those growth opportunities.

This usually takes the form of attracting new clients.

I talk a lot about creative ways to attract new clients, but what I haven’t talked a lot about is what do you do once you attract the conversation?

The sales conversation.

For many business owners this brings up feelings of dread, nerves and anxiety.

I used to feel like this too. I was super confident in my coaching abilities and marketing smarts, but the sales conversation made me feel a bit nauseous.

Let’s look at what really is going on when we go into that Doubt Vortex before a sales conversation…