Solo-E 10th Anniversary Ultimate Giveaway


I am very excited to share with you a fantastic giveaway that Terri Zwierzynski over at has put together… to celebrate 10 years online!

Congrats, Terri!

This is not your typical, same ol’, same ol’ giveaway you see other places. These are valuable, meaty, high-quality products and programs – some being sold now, others not available for sale – all complimentary for YOU upon signup.

Plus enter drawings for personal coaching and consultations, spots in training programs, memberships in group coaching programs – with current prices up to $997.
(Giveaway closes at midnight ET September 27th)


Here is just a sample of the gifts and prizes being offered by over 20 of my esteemed colleagues:

  • Two winners of an All Access Pass to Business Fusion Studio (value $397) – from me!
  • 3 copies of Kelly Eckert’s ‘Branding with Spirit Animals’ program (currently $297 each)
  • ‘5 Steps To Attract & Engage Qualified Leads’ program from Liz Uram – 2 copies ($397 each)
  • ‘Successful Teleclass Toolkit’ from Tracey Lawton – immediate download
  • From Paula Eder, 2 45-minute ‘Personal Time Planning Consultations’ ($250 each)
  • 3 copies of Lisa Bloom’s ‘Success Story Secrets‘ program ($397 each)
  • 3 three-month memberships in Sandra Martini’s ‘Get It Done Right’ program ($141 each)
  • 3 ‘Turn on Your Spark’ one-on-one sessions with Shannon Cherry ($197 each)
  • 5 copies of ‘Monetize Your Expertise Webinar Series’ PLUS 1-on-1 Laser Coaching from Betsy Baker (and a ticket to her live event!) ($297+ each)
  • and much, much more!

30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Karen Creel from


Karen has an online garden shop and blog called Garden Chick. She offers products inspired by gardens, nature and even old junk!

Her 30 Day Passion Project was a very simple and specific project. She wanted to learn more about Pinterest  and create her first vision boards using photos she has taken of her own gardens.

She knew that Pinterest was an ideal way for her to cross promote her blog on social media and use her beautiful gardening photographs to capture attention, stir up ideas and get them coming over to her store.

Like many of us Karen has a busy life, another job and family demands that don’t leave her a lot of extra time to work on her passion business!  The 30 Day Passion Project helped her focus, provided accountability and was a community who cared that she was successful!

Every step counts!


The Passion Project Passionistas all cheered her success – and liked her vision boards as she created them!

Join us to get your Passion Project out into the world! The deadline to join our next project is quickly approaching!

10 Most Common Business Goals – Are You Trying To Accomplish Them All?

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in your business?  There can be a lot of reasons, but one common and often overlooked reason, is that you are too busy chasing marketing ideas in too many directions!

Is it time to step back from all the marketing tactics?

Pinterest, create an app, local marketing, Facebook marketing, speaking, digital publishing, videos, events, virtual events, etc…the list goes on and on.

In my 12 years as a business owner coaching all different types of small businesses and solo-entreprenurial endeavors there is NEVER a lack of marketing ideas.

What I often find is lacking is linking the marketing idea back to a business goal.  Here is what I have found are the Top Ten Most Common Business Goals for a small business, especially for the go-to-expert who is marketing herself.

1. List Building

2. Relationship Nurturing

3. Increase Visibility

4. Claim “Likeable & Trusted” Expert Status

5. Establish Your Personal Brand Leadership

6. Increase Income

7. Attract More Clients

8. Doing Your Work

9. ABC Marketing – Authentic, Bold, Consistent

10. Implementing Systems and Support

The biggest problem is you can’t do all of these at one time.  It’s physically impossible to keep all these going…and very exhausting trying to!

Try selecting 3 of these goals to focus on for 90 days.

It’s a great way to help you decide which projects to say YES to and which ones to say NO, or No, not now.

We’ve got to get the pressure off our backs of always feeling like we are never enough, never doing the right things. Make a commitment to THREE and stick to those for a while.

See how it shifts your decision making, your commitments and your success!

Which 3 are you going to commit to for 90 days?