Celebrating Your Entrepreneurial Freedoms

by Laura West

FreedomFor my U.S. community… and for all entrepreneurs who value freedom and independence.

Happy Independence Day!

Today is a reminder to value your entrepreneurial freedoms:

  • Freedom to choose to be an entrepreneur and have your own business.
  • Freedom to create an environment that supports your expansion.
  • Freedom to choose your schedule and honor that flexibility is one of the reasons you started your business.
  • Freedom to speak out and share your voice, your opinion, your philosophy.
  • Freedom to say NO more frequently and YES more fully!
  • Freedom to bring in your unique creativity to express your knowledge, wisdom and point of view.
  • Freedom to create a business that brings you the financial success you desire to fund your dreams.
  • Freedom to say no to control and command type of relationships and instead choose collaboration and communion.
  • Freedom to take an idea and make it a reality without needing someone else’s permission.
  • Freedom to embrace healthy responsibility for your ideas and impact.
  • Freedom to choose your priorities at different times in your life.
  • Freedom to change your mind.
  • Freedom to decide the form for how to express your wisdom, knowledge and expertise – writing, video, speaking, doodling, art, books…
  • Freedom to embrace your Unique Beautiful Genius and share your work with humor, boldness, sacredness, reverence, fun, polished… whichever way is your Authentic Marketing Style.
  • Freedom to choose your ideal clients who you love working with and love working with you!
  • Freedom to choose your money goals – whatever works for you, not what someone said you should make, but what works for you and your life.
  • Freedom to work with your natural rhythm.
  • Freedom to enjoy your work!
  • Freedom to choose meaningful work.
  • Freedom to choose to create positive ripples in the world.
  • Freedom to have fun in your business and lead with joy!

Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur – We are into the second week of 2016…


Are you ready to shake it up?

I can tell you if you are planning on doing the same ‘ol thing you’ve been doing – you might find you won’t get the same results.

Everything around us is changing and shifting rapidly. Technology, of course, but the way we do things, the way we show up, the energy in the world, and all this impacts our businesses. Marketing now isn’t the same as it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago. You have to stay awake and stay present.

That means you need to shake things up from time to time. Go on some creative adventures. Meet new people. Have new experiences. I took my boys last weekend to the Monster Jam show in Atlanta.

My cousin, Henry, is in the organization and gave us the inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes (who know that sourcing the right dirt for the show was so important in every country!). We had lots of fun and it definitely shook things up – especially our ear drums! (more…)

Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur



I took a brief sabbatical from publishing my newsletter this summer. Did you miss me?

I thought I was through with big shifts in my life but it turns out that spirit wasn’t done with me yet. 🙂 Seriously, once I surrendered (right around my last newsletter as a matter of fact) things started moving and flowing.

My life looks very different than a few short months ago. A new house and living arrangement, my oldest son is away at college, my youngest is spending more time with his Dad and my health and energy is better than ever. (more…)