Plans in the works for a How To Create InfoDoodles Workshop

icon - idea taking off .blogwith orderYou’ve been asking….I’m listening!  Exciting strategy & planning happening…designing and planning my first How to Create InfoDoodles Workshop where I’ll teach how to create doodles to communicate information for your work and personal.

I’m meeting tomorrow about securing the workshop location here in Atlanta. Big smiles!

Stay tuned for details!

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Today’s Energy Infusion Words: Gentle Focus.


GEntle Focus

Today’s Energy Infusion Words: Gentle Focus. I’m just coming back into my office after 4 days away at a conference. I’m tired and yet full of ideas and connections to follow up on. This is my reminder to Be Gentle about expectations! I’m working in spurts with some outside breaks. ‪How do you take care of yourself and still work on what needs to be done? #‎EnergyInfusionWords‬ ‪#‎creativityinbusiness‬ ‪#‎success‬