TODAY ONLY: Save $100 off my Doodle for Business and Fun Workshop!


Welcome to the craziness of Black Friday!

My boys ask me every year, “Why don’t we go Black Friday shopping?”

I guess I got jaded from the days when I worked in shopping center marketing. We always had to work on the day after Thanksgiving and it was guaranteed to be a crazy, crazy day. Jam-packed food court, parking lots and walkways. We would have to chase people out of the holiday decorations all day long. Families would come to take pictures of their kids in front of a snow train or reindeer and think nothing of climbing over fences and trampling down the décor.

So, I guess that’s why I’m jaded and don’t rush out to shop in those crowds.

But I don’t want you to miss out on a great Black Friday special! (And you don’t even have to navigate the frenzied crowds!)

TODAY ONLY: Save $100 off the early bird price of my upcoming How to Doodle for Business and Fun workshop!

It’s going to be a fun day of lighting up your creative fires and teaching you the practical skills for doodling messages.

This is perfect for Coaches, Consultants, people who lead groups, who want to make their meetings, client services and trainings more creative and innovative!

Here’s the link to get more information and sign up:

Here’s the coupon code to save $100 TODAY: SAVE100

If you have any questions… don’t hesitate to ask me.

I see more creativity in your future!

Stand Out & Create Fun, Creative Vision Maps for Your Clients


A moment of reality and then we’ll talk fun and creativity.

There’s a lot of coaches and consultants out there doing what you do.

Seriously, it’s more competitive than ever. Clients have more options than ever before to get the help they need.

Now we can get all enlightened about it and say something like, “If they are meant to work with me, they will come.” I am a believer in being both spiritual and practical.

So, yes, you want to have the mindset that you will attract the people who want and need you.

AND, you need to do your part – which is to take action.

The Action Plan: Create offers that stand out; they are unique and different so that clients WANT to work with YOU!

One way to do that is to add a creative flair to your offers and marketing.

You’ve probably seen how I do this. My InfoDoodles stand out and get attention. They are memorable and create engagement with potential clients.

You can do this too! I can teach you how to create your own unique library of InfoDoodles to use in your marketing and in your special program offers.

Doodling for Business and Fun!


Tired of Boring Trainings? Want to Liven Up Your Client Meetings?


ideas-too little too manyAre you a corporate coach, trainer, teacher or facilitator?

I bet you are looking for ways to make what you teach, stick!

Did you know that 85% of us are visual learners? That means we need something visual to look at to reinforce the message. You are probably a great speaker but if they don’t have a memorable visual to bring your message to life – your audience will likely miss most of what you teach them.

I have been bringing InfoDoodles into my business, trainings and client meetings for the last 4 years with amazing results.

I see a much higher level of engagement from my clients and audience participants whenever there is a hand-drawn InfoDoodle.