I’m Sweet on You!


I'm sweet on my clientsHappy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I just wanted to spread a little love around!

Please know… whether you are a private client, you’ve been in a program, bought a product or maybe you haven’t taken that step yet and you’re just enjoying all things Joyful Business… I appreciate YOU!

It’s not for the faint of heart to ask for, allow in and receive joy in your business. It flies in the face of convention and what we were taught about business, that is for sure.

You are brave and courageous for daring to believe that business can be an act of love, a source of joy and a way to create ripples of positivity in the world. I know what you have to offer does that!

We have a special community here and I enjoy pouring the love on!

I hope that today (and every day) is filled with signs of delight, joy and love!

Working with Laura West has been Transformative for my Business!

Sarah MasliaI’d love to share these kind words from a super happy client!

Working with Laura West has been transformative for my business, Unique Wellness Studios, and I was excited to share her expertise on a larger scale with our Health and Well Being Council Members.

We pitched the workshop idea to her and she ran with it. Every detail was perfectly executed from intake to follow up. All my team had to do was show up with a willingness to get creative and think outside the stodgy business planning box.

I personally shifted from resisting putting things down on paper to using my daily planner tool EVERY DAY!!! I now know why I was feeling so scattered all the time, like I could never fully complete tasks.

Additionally, I have begun implementing other tools in the Creative Business Planning Tool Box to begin work on a few different projects I’ve been procrastinating for over a year!

2018 is already my biggest, boldest business year to date!

This is saving UWS’s life! And helping me personally to be more organized and accomplish way more than I was.

What do I love the most about it? IT’S SIMPLE AND CREATIVE!!! Which pretty much guarantees I’ll stick with it.

Laura is authentic, fun and engaging. She is a master of creating a safe space and encouraging you to to be willing to see things through a different, more creative lens.

If you are considering working with Laura, just do it! The money you invest in her and her tools is a game changer!

Sarah Maslia Galambos


Find the Inner Voice of Your Soul


beachI’m just back in from a walk on the beach this morning. I’m full of messages to share with you!

That’s one of the things that a walk on the beach can do for you… help you find that inner voice of your soul.

It’s like the salty wind carries away your worries, the waves of the water massage your spirit so you can feel once again that inner message that wants to be expressed.

And while you are walking in peace you get to try on that new message.

That message that is emerging is like savoring a new food that you have in your mouth, you sort of roll it around to get the taste and texture of it deciding if you like it. Deciding if you want more.

I find it is so much easier to do this… to be this person who lets her soul speak when I am away in nature… especially at the beach where all my senses… sight, smell,tough, feel, and that sixth sense of knowing to allowed to play.

That’s why I create these special experiences, retreats, by the ocean. So you can get away and immerse yourself in the Creative Alchemy of nature, reflection, intention, nourishing conversation and more…