[Miracle Marketing Message] Audio & Article: Dump Boring Goals and Focus on Guiding Goals



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Listen to: Dump Boring Goals and Focus on Guiding Goals




Goals have such a bad rap! Just saying that word makes me remember my corporate days when we would set goals that were unrealistic, and remained untouched until it was bonus time… how un-inspiring!

As a creative entrepreneur, I like having the freedom and flexibility of shifting my biz with the trends and with my interests and growing edge. And I also know that it’s really helpful to know where you want to go. Otherwise, everything looks good, and that is too exhausting and overwhelming.

The best of both worlds is to have Guiding Goals.

Acknowledge what you would like to create for the year. Acknowledge the direction and growth and success you want to see… but don’t strangle your energy with them!

I post my Guiding Goals on my office wall each year to remind me what my focus is THIS year, along with an adjective that gives it some energy and intention.

An example might be:

  • Grow my list to 1000 subscribers with creative, professional, and practical giveaways.
  • Have fun, be authentic, and increase my social media presence on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Let out my creativity by creating Pinterest boards.
  • Be supportive, helpful and authentic while connecting and enrolling 5 new clients a month.
  • Easily add $2000 a month to revenue.

See how they are tangible and measurable, so it tells you what types of actions you want to line up for the year? And yet, it’s also descriptive. You will develop new products to add $2000 a month, but it needs to be easy. It tells you what to say yes to and what to say no to, doesn’t it?

So what are your Guiding Goals this year?

I’d love to hear them if you want to share: just leave your comments below, or you can even post them in Facebook if you are really courageous and committed!

Create an amazing week!







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Inspiring Passion Project Graphic & reminder that today is last chance to save…


Wordle PP. tagxedo -  Heart

I wanted to share this inspiring heart graphic with you. It’s actually made up of words from my 30-Day Passion Project sales page! I just think that is way cool creative marketing! And I love sharing creative business ideas like these with you.

Speaking of creative business ideas… I wanted to send you a quick reminder that today is the last day to get in on the early bird $97 pricing for the July 30-Day Passion Project!

There are lots of creative business ideas percolating in the group already! Some are simple. Some are big visions. Many are about making internal shifts, and some of them are very specific focused marketing projects.

Your Passion Project will move your business forward. Yes, even if (especially if!) it’s creative, heart-driven and passion-fueled!

Here’s a tip: You can also use this 30-Day Program to find your passionate energy, your creative way, your true voice, and your inspirational gifts. You don’t have to have it all figured out! Use this time as an incubator for the next phase of YOUR GROWTH!

I’m ready to hear what you are up to – join us today!



[Friday Joy Infusion] Something new and fun… (Micro-learning!)


Happy Spring Friday afternoon! (If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!)

Welcome to this Friday’s Joy Infusion message!

I have recently met a woman who is all about BIG. She has big energy and big ideas.

It’s very compelling!

In fact, so compelling that I immediately said that I’d love to participate in Shelia Galligan’s new Online Video Training Event.

Actually, true to her reputation, it is the BIGGEST group of training specialists that have gathered for a ground-breaking new way of learning called Micro-Learning. The speaker presents short bursts of 20-minute videos. Each video is then followed by a LIVE 15-minute Q&A session where you can ask the speaker any question you want! So not only are you getting quick bursts of stellar content, but you also have DIRECT ACCESS to each speaker. Intriguing, huh?

I am inviting you to be a part FREE virtual video training event and I would like YOU to join us, but only if you are finally ready, to live the life you are called to live.

The event is created and hosted by my colleague Sheila Galligan of Go Big Global. It is called:


“GO BIG And See The Results In Your Checkbook Video Summit”


I’ll let you read all the details, but I hope you’ll join us… I’m creating a special video training on Packaging Your Passion for the GO BIG event – just for YOU!

Get ready to GO BIG!