30 Day Passion Project Gallery: Featuring Ellen Britt


Even seasoned entrepreneurs love the 30 Day Passion Project!

Ellen Britt is one of those seasoned entrepreneurs as the co-founder of MarketingQi.com.  As long as I’ve known Ellen I have seen her creating lots of creative and practical marketing programs, over 11 telesummits and many, many launches.  It’s truly inspiring!

You might wonder…why would a veteran marketing coach and business owner like Ellen Britt –  join the 30 Day Passion Project?

You see, Ellen had a vision.  A vision for a new business that she had been marinating on for some time.  She was doing research and creating plans in her mind for this next business launch.

Laura West and Ellen Britt – Vision Map of her Passion Project

That’s an important part of the creative process AND Ellen also knew it was now time to move into ACTION.

She jumped into the last 30 Day Passion Project so that she had a structure…and accountability…to take action and get the back end of her new business dream into action!

That is exactly what she did!  She got clear on her vision and got the idea out of her mind and into reality! She worked on the initial design and opt-in page and the back-end system for sales and list building.

At the end of the 30 days – she debuted her new business venture: PinkCoattails.com – it’s a weekly deal site for women entrepreneurs. We all celebrated her success!

You’re going to hear a lot more about PinkCoattails.com as it grows but what happened here in the Passion Project is that she took her idea  (her Someday Vision) into reality!

Here is a photo of Ellen and I at the NAMS Conference in Atlanta with a Vision Map I created of her PinkCoattails.com dream.

You too can get YOUR project idea, YOUR big dream, YOUR passionate project from an idea into reality during the 30 Day Passion Project!  We start October 1st…but the group is already excitedly sharing on the private Facebook Group!

Join us now! 

Ellen so loved the program -she’s joining us again!  How about you?


Exciting Announcement: Expert Writer for The Future of Ink

I’m thrilled to announce that I am Expert Writer at the new digital publishing site: The Future of Ink.

This visionary new site aims to be THE authority and top resource on digital publishing for online entrepreneurs.  The founders behind this content site are the amazingly talented experienced entrepreneurs Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman. 

I’ll be contributing my expertise in discovering, claiming and working with creativity in digital publishing ideas, content, projects and of course, marketing your expertise.

You can read my first article, “7 Simple Steps for Selecting The Right Topic for Your Ebook or Digital Product”.  I’m making use of my new graphic visual passion as you will see 😉

I’m pleased to be a part of a talented group of experts in digital publishing including:

Sue Painter

Nina Amir

Daniel Hall

Bob Jenkins (aka Bob the Teacher)

Marnie Pehrson

Kristen Eckstein

Lou Bortone

Nicole Dean

Lynne Klippel

D’vorah Lansky

Kathleen Gage

Make sure you sign up for their updates, articles to help you with your Digital Publishing projects!  Stay tuned for more!




Creative Business Studio – Video Tour – for Atlanta Area Entrepreneurs

This Friday I’m leading my 2nd Creative Business Studio in downtown Duluth, GA.

What are you doing with your Friday?

I know sometimes when I’m thinking about going somewhere new, it’s very easy to let other priorities get in the way, especially if I’ve never been before. So…

I thought I’d give you a virtual tour in this impromptu video of The Work Spot (where we’ll be Friday)…

… Get inspired… and come open up your expansive ideas with us!


Our location has an amazing creative vibe with cool artwork, lots of light, funky (in a cool, modern way) seating…I believe that beautiful environments SHIFT our thinking! (so you don’t have to work so hard!)

In this Creative Business Studio, we are playing with “right-brain creative meets left-brain practical.”

You might wonder if it PLAYING will REALLY help your business.


My goal is get you to shift perspectives, play with your imagination, explore “what if’s” and help you find your creative voice.

These are the magic ingredients that will SHIFT the growth of your biz!

I know it might be a little scary, but don’t worry. I’m fiercely gentle! 😉 Or is it gently fierce?

So, come out and see what creative business is all about this Friday!

You’ll be glad you did!

Creative Business Studio

Where we’ll be combining right-brain creative with left-brain practical!


Friday, August 24

9:00a – 12:00p

Downtown Duluth

Atlanta Area


Register now for the Creative Business Studio on August 24!


I really hope I get to see you Friday!