Come to the 2018 Florida Creativity Conference


Florida Creativity ConferenceCome to the 2018 Florida Creativity Conference and you’ll be able to find the session that makes your heart go pitter-pat.

Maybe it’s me presenting how to claim and create your unique thought leadership, Michael Kline helping you change the way you feel, or Phyllis Mufson showing you the way to your reason for being, or maybe you’re ready to get personal with Nicole Serra.

Whatever your heart desires, you’ll find it at #flcreativity so register today at


Come See Me at the Florida Creativity Conference


In March, I’m going to be leading two breakout sessions, Creative Thought Leadership and Practical Creativity in Business, at the Florida Creativity Conference in Sarasota.

This conference offers workshops for beginners and experts!

Forty-six presenters are coming together from around the world with the powerful intention to help Grow Your Creativity and imagination with joy!

This is a wonderful opportunity for people interested in growing creativity. Come get inspired! Meet interesting people! Learn ways to awaken and apply creativity to stimulate ideas, solve problems more effectively, and tap into your creative potential!

Click here for more information. Early bird pricing ends February 1st!


How to Change Your Attitude

Here’s a bit of wisdom from the Plywood Presents event I just attended.

When you want to shift your energy or attitude, get into the present moment. Ask yourself these questions:
-What good HAS happened?
-What good IS happening?
-What good WILL happen?

Try it and see!