Practical Creativity in Coaching

by Laura West.

I had a great time presenting at ICF Georgia on January 9th!

Laura at ICF GA

I talked about Practical Creativity in Coaching. Everyone got such great ideas and felt inspired to energize their coaching with the strategies. Masterful coaching skills (and keeping the client and you awake) are so needed to help you get results …and referrals!

I also shared my new Creative Coaching Tools which make this so simple, easy and impactful!

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Your Business Speaks to You…


TattoosHave you noticed that your business tries to get your attention?

Your business has a message for you.

It might be trying to get your attention to say that it feels stagnant and stuck. You know it when you feel repelled from the computer to write that article. It might mean that something needs to shift. You will feel the slow down or resistance in your own body and emotions.

Perhaps it’s jumping for joy and trying to get your attention that there is a new body of work that wants to emerge! You may notice amazing synchronicities and messages from people that reinforce an ‘aha’ that you just had!

Your business might be trying to tell you that yes, indeed it wants to expand and first, your systems need to be upgraded and in place. This happened to me recently where every technology thing was breaking down or screaming for attention – expanded internet, new phone, new printer, password hell, mysterious circling when I wanted to go to a certain web page.

What signs, signals, and messages is your business sending you?

A great way to discover this is journal or write a list. Write down all the signs, synchronicities and messages.

Be willing to go deeper than… my computer is slow so I’m just not meant to do this business.

I hear that all too often.

Be willing to go deeper than that typical message.

What does it REALLY want to say?

Maybe that it’s bored with the same message. Or, you aren’t speaking your truth. You need a new environment to work in or to clean the one you are in.

Go deeper.

Remember… the universe is conspiring for our well-being and growth.

Are You a Business Renegade?


At the last Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea in Virginia Beach, I sat one afternoon listening to these women’s stories and dreams… including the secret dreams that they were just starting to articulate perhaps for the first time… and I realized that we are all bucking the system.

If you are reading this and in my community then you are probably a renegade too.

We are tired of the boxes that have been created for women entrepreneurs, online marketers, moms, single women, married partners. We just can’t take it any longer!

Retreat by the Sea

I hear stories from women (and some wise men) sharing their deepest desires that are unique to her… they don’t look like what everyone else is doing. They want to do it THEIR way!

I hear stories from women who want to…

  • Travel in an RV with her computer and her online business she can take anywhere.
  • Make fantastic money while working part time so there is plenty of time to enjoy being with her children.
  • Harness her incredible psychic ability and finally let it out in her business – as a real estate agent!
  • Make great money so she can help take the financial burden and pressure off her husband.
  • Fund a 10 week summer vacation at the lake so the family can just BE together and enjoy the simple life she enjoyed as a child.
  • Get rid of her mammoth house that’s been the time capsule for her family and start fresh in a little cottage with less responsibility and more freedom.
  • Travel, travel, travel. A common desire is the ability, freedom, and financial capacity to lead an adventurous travel life.
  • Live for a month in a flat in Northern Italy.
  • Stop being the internationally successful coach and start living her retirement years the way SHE wants to live them… traveling and leading retreats.
  • Stop compromising and living a small life in a place that doesn’t fuel her and move to Asheville, NC where people are in nature, engaged and enjoy life! (Update on this one! She just moved to Asheville last month! Celebration Dance!)
  • Burning the ship of the big business overhead they used to have and creating a business that is simple, easy, and successful.
  • As a seasoned coach, step into her legacy work – the work that is hers to create and bring to the world.
  • Let go of the marketing hamster wheel pressure and build a tribe, and share her message in a way that is authentic, creative and fun!
  • Let go of resisting marketing and not doing anything by chucking the marketing lingo and rules so she can grow her business in a way that FEELS GOOD!