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A Creative Thought Leader is someone who walks a different path than the typically traditional approach to a problem… and she shares it with others.
Most experts have a system. A Creative Thought Leader has a system with a twist.

It’s a chiropractor who uses a new acupressure technique along with traditional techniques.

It’s the naturopath who takes a stand for looking for the root of the problem before recommending supplements and diet changes.

It’s the coach who knows she has to start with visioning before jumping into creating a solution.

You probably have your own system or a process that you naturally take your clients through. It might be an officially laid out process or it may be more intuitive.

It probably looks something like this 5-Step Process:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to go?
  3. What’s getting in the way?
  4. Generate solutions.
  5. Commit to a plan of action.

Think about what you do with your clients over and over again. You probably take them through some form of this 5-step process with variations that make working with you unique.

The system builds trust and safety. The variations – that is your specialty -is what gets people excited and enrolled!

I’d like you to take some time this week and write the steps you take your clients through right next to the 5 steps I have outlined. Fill in any missing gaps.

Then add your unique approach into the process – highlighting how you do it different than others. Create a name for your system and add some catchy and clear titles for each step, and there you have it: your signature system.

What if you claimed this signature system and shared it with potential clients ahead of time? How much more of a smart, authentic expert would you be seen as? How much more of a leader would they think you are? How much more money would they be willing to pay for this expertise?

Can you just imagine the trust and safety you would create by having a structure for their process?

Within that structure you then highlight what makes working with you so special and unique as compared to other traditional methods.

This one shift in your business can open up a whole new level of being seen as an expert and a leader. It can change everything about enrolling clients – helping you get more clients with more ease and be able to charge more money!

Let me know in the comments below how this article resonates with your own creative business growth plans!


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60+ Ideas for How To Be A Creative Thought Leader – Cool PREZI Included!



Being recognized as a Creative Thought Leader in your niche takes you from being “just another expert to expert” to being someone who really stands out.

I can deliver marketing formulas (or what I call marketing prescriptions) all day long.  But it’s not enough to just “do marketing” – you want to make it engaging, educational, inspirational and personally compelling.

You can have incredible content but if no one pays attention, if you are lost in the crowd – it won’t help your message, your business or all those people you want to reach. You’ll be a “best kept secret.”  We don’t want that!

To embrace your Creative Thought Leadership and  to really stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace, you’ll need to:

  • Take a stand as a leader for what you know works in your specialty niche – this means using sharing opinions, ideas, innovative thoughts, insights and more
  • Embrace your unique personal brand  – this will make you recognizable so you’ll attract those who resonate with your philosophy and methods
  • Create content in multiple formats for different learning styles and technology preference  –  some people love to learn with videos, while others want to read on their ipad and many still want to print things out
  • Develop your own unique creative style – yes, using your creativity will help you stand out from the crowd.  There is so much information available to us today that to get attention you’ll want to appeal to your tribe’s senses, emotions, and even their love of beauty and design.

As a Creative Thought Leader you will more easily attract:

  • Clients
  • Joint Ventures
  • Interviews
  • Publicity
  • Media Opportunities
  • Strategic Partnerships

I have created a special creative Prezi presentation to share with you more about how to a Creative Thought Leader and I even share over 60 creative ideas for how to package your content so that you can break through and stand out in the marketplace as the expert leader you are.

Don’t worry you don’t have to do all 60+ ideas for be a Creative Thought Leader! You can start by identifying your Authentic Marketing Style to help you narrow down the ideas that will most resonate with your natural personality, strengths and passions.