{Marketing Magic} Easy Steps to Your Big YES Dream

Welcome to a fresh new week of possibilities and opportunities to grow and expand!

I keep hearing over and over how Covid is calling so many of us to take a pause and ask what do you really want? What do you really want to be doing with your one precious life? How do you really want to be spending your time in your business?

And, what is the meaningful work you really want to be doing anyway?

Read on in today’s article about how to get out of overwhelm of the Big YES dream of what you really want.

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Wishing you a week filled with big flow, easy expansion, and actions aligned with your soul!

Easy Steps to Your Big YES Dream

I know you have a big dream of a project, goal or intention that makes your heart sing.

It might be a little whisper of an idea right now. That’s often how the Big YES Dreams start out.

You may be in a place of huge clarity.

Either way…when it’s a Big YES dream it’s easy get stalled or stuck. It can feel so big that it’s overwhelming or scary. (or both)

We end up saying…I’ll do it – someday.

And yet, a part of us feels like it’s withering on the vine along with our lingering dream.

The way to take back your power is to break your big dream down into little steps.

Baby steps.


Easy, manageable steps you can say YES to!

If you want to write a book, you don’t actually start writing page 1. You break it down into little itty bitty steps!

If you have a Big Yes Dream of publishing a book then start with a brainstorm what your book is about. Mindmap a brain dump of everything that could be in the book so you can organize your thoughts. Pick one of these subtopics and write what you know. You might research on that subtopic. You could research other books on your topic to see what’s already out there and get clear how yours is different.

Breaking your Big YES Dream into baby steps is key to being able to start. The book dream feels more do-able in small manageable steps.

Once you start with these small bite-size steps…then you allow the magic to happen.

New ideas come to you.

You start to find your voice.

Support from unexpected places appear.

Conversations suddenly support your dream.

Inspiration flows.

Your research leads to whole new thought content.

But you have to take that itty bitty step first.

What is your Big YES Dream? Make a list of your bite-size steps. And put one on your to-do list for this week.

And, if you feel like it, share it with me. I love to hear about your Big YES Dreams!

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PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

More & more I am flourishing beyond my wildest dreams!

I am a soul-inspired entrepreneur who inspires everywhere I go!

I am a soul-inspired entrepreneur who says YES to my big dreams!

Fun Friday: Use your imagination for good

Hello & Happy Friday!

I wanted to pop in with some inspiring Friday energy to remind you of how amazingly powerful you are!

Your imagination creates dreams, visions and whole new worlds of possibilities.

Remember to use that imagination for good!

May your Friday fun energy spill over into the weekend!

It’s Baaaack!! Join Us for Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – Together!

I know each week brings a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges and opportunities these days – I hope you are doing well handling it all. Remember to keep breathing 🙂

Every Friday I like to take a few minutes and acknowledge my JoyFlow Sightings.

In other words… savoring what’s working in in my business and life.

What about you – Where’s the joy flowing for you?

Taking the time to appreciate where the goodness lives in your daily life is energy-shifting and connects you to your powerful heart energy.

Appreciation… is the same principle that is underlying the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge that’s coming up.

I’ve had so many people in the Joyful Business community asking for it to come back – so here we go!

The challenge is simple. You reach out and connect with 3 people every day.

This fun challenge we are doing together is for 11 days. Very doable.

Very easy. Very fun.

You can send people in your community good vibes, check in and be helpful, keep conversations moving, invite them to a conversation and be curious.

Do that every day for 11 days and see how your attitude, confidence and that feeling of being authentically connected will grow!

The best thing is we get to do it together! The accountability gives us rich connection, smart ideas, inspiration… and well, it’s just waaaay more fun together!

Here’s what one client has to say about Fun & Fabulous Follow Up…

“This program helped me break through all the stories I had been telling myself about how reaching out to follow up was awkward or a chore or too salesy, etc. it made it relaxing and fun. There ended up being great value in reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and made making new ones much less intimidating! Thanks so much!! I plan to keep it going.” –Carmen Angles Ekdahl, Cop-Coach.com

You’ll receive all sorts of easy, authentic and inspirational ways to reach out and be in conversation with people who can help expand your business (and maybe you help them too.)

That’s really how things get done in our world… through conversations.

If this heart-based approach speaks to you then come join us in the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 11-Day Challenge.

We start Wednesday, October 14 with a kickoff call!

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Fun Followup

Let me know if you have any questions about the program by hitting “reply” to this email.

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To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success!