Beautiful Work Meets Rockin Revenue! Cool Stuff Alert!

by Laura West.

The Rock Your Revenue Giveaway is going C-R-A-Z-Y.

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You won’t be asked to buy anything. Host Monica Shah, of Revenue Breakthrough, organized this event to show you all the ways to earn more revenue so that you thrive and get your beautiful work gets out to the people who need it!

Monica has selected every contributor and gift specifically because of their expertise and quality of their work and teachings.

These gifts contain the essentials to making more money in your business – the essentials that can help you make 2019 more profitable, more comfortable, and way more fun.

Here’s a SAMPLING of the 30+ gifts awaiting you:

  • 3 Tools to Get 3 Clients in 30 Days
  • Run Online Get-It-Done or Habit-Building Groups and Rock Your Revenue
  • Soul-Powered Sales Funnel
  • Your Bestseller Now Kickstarter Package
  • Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid: How to Build Your Business in a Way That Actually Makes Sense for You, Your Clients, & Your Bottom Line
  • 6 Weeks to Your Ideal Weight
  • Done-for-You Client-Getting Content Bundle
  • Master Your Profits: 7 Money Habits to Rapidly Increase Cash Flow In Your Business!
  • Manifest Abundance Meditation & Manifesting Guide
  • Sales Courage [and Confidence] Bootcamp
  • Lead Magnet in 30 Days, Timeline & Checklists

…and much, much more!

(Oh, and I’m giving away my Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Jumpstart Kit including an ebook with 30 ideas for making follow up fun, easy and profitable!)

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The Surprising Power of Nurturing Your Money

by Laura West.

I love talking about money… Income. Revenue. Sales.

This may surprise you. Somehow we think that talking about, much less, nurturing, our money is somehow… wrong or beneath us.

Actually it’s very freeing… and joyful!

You know that what you give your attention to expands, right? What if you focus on growing your income and really rocking your revenue?

What would be possible for you if you made more money? You could help yourself, your business, your family, your community and beyond.

You could really create some big ripples in the world!

That’s why I said yes to participating and sharing this great event with you: The Rock Your Revenue Giveaway!

Because there are 30+ FREE gifts awaiting you that ALL help you make more money!

Hosted by Monica Shah, of Revenue Breakthrough, this unprecedented giveaway has amazing templates, tools, trainings and scripts for everyone!

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(I’m giving away the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Firestarter Kit.)

Remember my advice with these giveaways…you get to be discerning. Decide what you are willing to commit to and what will help you now! (Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed… that’s not a powerful place to be.)

Check out just a few of them:

  • 3 Tools to Get 3 Clients in 30 Days
  • Webinar Revenue Rev-Up Pack
  • Ultimate Speaker Checklist & Training
  • Money Freedom ToolKit
  • The Art of Attracting Your Tribe Online
  • Discovery Sessions with Heart
  • Client-Winning Messages
  • Facebook Ad Secrets Guide
  • Intimidation Crusher
  • Power Up Your Biz Abundance
  • Your JVology JV Checklist
  • The Freedom from Selling Breakthrough
  • The Perfect Facebook Ad Template
  • Life’s All Made Up Audio Training

…and much, MUCH more!

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You put a lot of time, energy and money into your business. Let’s help you consciously nurture your money and help you expand in 2019.


P.S. There’s no “catch” to this goodie basket of free trainings and services. We’re doing this to introduce ourselves and meet new people who we can support. Nothing for you to do but receive!

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Get Your Generous & Valuable Training, Checklists and More

by Laura West

Firestarters ebookI’ve taken a river walk this morning and am spending a few hours (finally) getting to work on my new book. I’ll be sharing more about this soon.

It’s part of a lifelong dream.

It’s a big part of my business expansion. (There’s more to come with that. Stay tuned…)

Speaking of expansion, today, I want to encourage you to check out the Get Clients Giveaway from Christine Gallagher. She has gathered experts of all types to share their expertise with you about all the different ways you can get clients.

I’m giving away my new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up ebook – 30 Ideas for who to follow up with and how to make it easy, fun and profitable!

Here is what one of my clients shared with me about the giveaway:

“Wow everyone is so generous! There’s some really great training and tools in there. I was impressed and I got some really good ideas!”

Here’s the link to look at all the good stuff: Get Clients Giveaway.

I hope you enjoy all the business goodness!