I’m Sweet on You!


I'm sweet on my clientsHappy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I just wanted to spread a little love around!

Please know… whether you are a private client, you’ve been in a program, bought a product or maybe you haven’t taken that step yet and you’re just enjoying all things Joyful Business… I appreciate YOU!

It’s not for the faint of heart to ask for, allow in and receive joy in your business. It flies in the face of convention and what we were taught about business, that is for sure.

You are brave and courageous for daring to believe that business can be an act of love, a source of joy and a way to create ripples of positivity in the world. I know what you have to offer does that!

We have a special community here and I enjoy pouring the love on!

I hope that today (and every day) is filled with signs of delight, joy and love!

Help for Creatives! Stop the Suffering!

by Laura West.

SteamI was so excited the other day to see this sign.

STEAM – It’s a new improved version of STEM.

It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math.

I think the world is finally coming around to how valuable it is to cultivate our skills in ART and creativity to our lives.

I’m a big believer in teaching people how to be more creative in our every day lives. Whether it’s an artistic endeavor like playing the guitar, gardening, birdwatching or painting or… adding a passion plus mission like my friend Beverly who is collaborating on a video to increase awareness of the damage single use plastic does to our wild life and environment.

This is why I wanted to support a new Video Summit called Breakthrough to Creativity Show. It’s an online video interview series hosted by Creativity Coach Jean Ireton, aimed at helping Creatives to get to a place where their arts are best received and understood by the world.

She interviews 20 creatives to discuss the ways they have pushed through challenges of being a creative and how to turn your creative endeavor into a business, passion or movement.

I’m honored to be interviewed on my thoughts about creativity in business and how reaching out and creating connections is a powerful way to grow your business that is natural and fun.

I’d love to share the show with you.

AND make sure you watch soon as my interview is available over the next couple of days.

Get free access here >>> https://breakthroughtocreativityshow.com/LauraWest

I would love to hear your thoughts about creativity + business and what are the areas you are most interested in!


Come to the 2018 Florida Creativity Conference


Florida Creativity ConferenceCome to the 2018 Florida Creativity Conference and you’ll be able to find the session that makes your heart go pitter-pat.

Maybe it’s me presenting how to claim and create your unique thought leadership, Michael Kline helping you change the way you feel, or Phyllis Mufson showing you the way to your reason for being, or maybe you’re ready to get personal with Nicole Serra.

Whatever your heart desires, you’ll find it at #flcreativity so register today at http://www.flcreativity.com/2018-registration/.