Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Margie  Retreat MandalaLast week I spent an amazing couple of days with my client Margie Beiswanger of Transform Your Brilliance. She is truly stepping out as a creative thought leader in her emerging messages and programs.

We spent time connecting with our creativity and then harnessed that creative flow to get super clear about her own signature system, her magnetic specialty niche, and how all that informs her creative content marketing strategy. It sounds pretty intense… actually, it was intensely easy!

We started by getting clear on her intentions for this retreat time together. Then, we colored. Yep. We got out the watercolor pencils and crayons and colored mandalas while discussing her business and life. Then magic happened! The business and marketing strategy started tumbling out and we switched gears to capture everything with markers and big paper!

This is why I so love creative business retreats!

Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a retreat yet (although if you are, contact me and we’ll talk!), but if you want to grow your business with your creativity, I have something special for you!

The new Creative Business Studio is now open! 24/7 you have a community you can tap into for connection, resources, and creative brainstorming and ideation! Each month I provide you with creative business content and coaching. You also get some cool ArtJoy Tools to shift into an empowering mindset. I get so excited… I could go on & on! If you want to know more, go here. Today is the last day to get the special launch price – if this sounds interesting to you, then come join us!

Is your idea a good idea? Where do you go for feedback? Deadline tomorrow!


If you are like most of my clients, you are highly creative and intuitive. You have lots of ideas.

But where do you go when you want to share your idea, expand it, get feedback, see if it resonates, and, maybe most importantly, find out what’s missing? Find out the thing that will keep it from working?

Where do creatives go to hash out ideas?

I’ve got just the answer, and, yes, I am excited to share!

It’s the exact reason I created the new Creative Business Studio.

Whenever I create a program, I always think about what I want and then design it around that.

The Studio is an amazing community of smart, creative entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses using everything…. smart business practices, creative marketing, AND their intuition and sensitivities.

This is the place where you can talk about how to relieve your headache with peppermint essential oils so you can write that article for your newsletter… and get feedback on your article idea!

This is the place where you can talk about how you want to do it differently from what everyone else is doing… and you have this idea…. but it’s scary.

This is the place where you can open up about your own unique quirkiness… and then revel in how it is openly welcomed and applauded in this supportive, creative, intimate community.

There is so much more!

Here are a few of the topics we will be talking about on coaching calls, content calls, and in our robust community!

  • Re-Igniting Your Creative Fire
  • Personal Branding
  • Your 5 Energies (PEEMS) – your energy is key to your success!
  • Tapping into Your Creative Power
  • Finding Your Creative Calling
  • Creating & Living Your Signature Program and your Core Message
  • Creative Packaging and Strategies
  • Finding Your Deeper Courage & Confidence in your work and message
  • Relationship and Nurture Marketing Strategies
  • Business Basics with a Creative Twist – from business cards to newsletters to social media
  • Elegant Enrollment – stop struggling with this piece!
  • Taking Back Your Financial Power – Yes, we’ll talk money!
  • Pricing and Strategies Beyond
  • Creative Thought Leadership Strategies – inside and outside strategies
  • Learning How to Tap into Your Own Intuition and align with your dreams when planning your business
  • Creative Business Planning – sticky notes and markers, anyone?
  • Planning, Designing, and Marketing Retreats & Workshops
  • Creating and Leading High-end Programs

Want to know more?

Check out the Creative Business Studio today.

You’ll want to review the information, and if it tugs at your business (and creative) heart, then join us now because the launch pricing ends on Monday!

If you have any questions, please drop me a note or give me a call at 678-969-9040.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the Studio!

You benefit from our mistake… for the new Creative Business Studio


Oops… we made a mistake, and you get to benefit from it…

The regular price for the Creative Business Studio is $2495, and we’ve been offering a grand opening special… pay-in-full for $1500, which saves you almost $1000!

That’s all great!

Then yesterday, we realized the payment plan was totally wrong! Somehow we got the wrong payments on the page, and it was even more than the regular price.

Not much of a grand opening special.

Our big mistake.

So, to make it really clear… for the grand opening of the Creative Business Studio, you can join with an appealing (and triple-math-checked!) payment plan:


$497 deposit and 12 monthly payments of $108 per month


Now that is more like it!

Because we caught this the day before these specials were supposed to end, and I am worried some of you may have been confused by it – we’re extending our grand opening pricing through this coming Monday, March 9.

As a reminder, here is what you get (such juicy, gorgeous features!) in the Creative Business Studio:

Special Startup Success Questionnaire and Private Coaching with me!

I want you to get started in the Studio feeling confident about how you can get the most from this program and community. It will help me to know a bit more about your business, so once you join we’ll send you a questionnaire for you to complete. It’ll give me an overview of your business, which will be helpful throughout the year.

Once you return the questionnaire, we will set up a 30–45 minute Discovery Call for us to talk and get to know each other a bit better. This is important so that we have a relationship that goes beyond the Facebook group and the phone calls.

Monthly Creative Business Content Calls

I’ll lead a monthly call to share with you creative tools, marketing strategies, energy shifting tools, and trends… ideal for the lifestyle entrepreneur building a business from the inside out. (*See below for schedule and more details on topics.)

You’ll also receive a Creative Worksheet for each call.

Teleclass plus a live chat feature to help you connect with others during the call and harvest the learning and deepen your relationships with those in the Studio.

Monthly Open Coaching Mastermind Call

I’ll host an open monthly call to answer your questions for situations that are coming in specifically in your business. The day before I’ll ask for questions for the call. This gives you some time to be thoughtful and go inside for the real question, instead of just being on the spot and addressing surface issues.

On the call we’ll be on a live bridgeline, plus a community chat feature. This makes it both intimate and gives you an opportunity to connect with others in the moment about what you are learning, taking away for yourselves, and championing each other.

Private Community and Online Coaching

Help, support, resources are available to you 24/7 when you need it most through our private Facebook mastermind community.

Every week I’ll post Creative Firestarter Questions for the week to get you thinking differently from an inner perspective to outer action.

I’ll also post answers to your questions and comments throughout the week, Monday – Friday, so you get access to my wisdom, experience, and expertise along with the wisdom of the community.

You’ll make lifelong friendships that will move beyond the Studio. (Many of my clients say that is one of their greatest pains – not feeling like they have anyone around them in their neighborhood who “gets” them. Here you’ll be with kindred spirits!)

ArtJoy Tools

Throughout the year, you’ll receive 6 short modules aimed at helping stimulate your creativity and shift to a positive and empowering mindset.

I’m a big believer that creativity stimulates creativity, so having some fun, letting go and playing with some paints, markers or doodling will shift your energy, help you get into a more present state of mind, and open you up to new ideas and perspectives.

These will be short and easy, and no artistic experience is needed. It’s not about the art as much as the experience of letting go and creative flow.

Program Success Tools

Audio introduction of each feature of the Creative Business Studio, including how to get started, how to use the Facebook Community, and how to use this program to support your own creativity and success.


Specials on products and programs you can’t get anywhere else!

The Creative Business Studio is perfect for creative entrepreneurs who want to grow their business based on their creativity and who want to stand out more with a creative twist on their marketing.

This is a yearlong program where you get juicy content calls, open coaching calls with me, ArtJoy tools, Creative Firestarter questions, community, and more…

It’s an amazing program, and I know you want to be in on it… and when you join by Monday, March 9, you can save almost $1000 off the regular price. (And we have very affordable payment plans, too, that are truly affordable!)

Read all the juicy details here!

See you in the Studio!

P.S. You can join the Creative Business Studio at any time at the regular price of $2495, but you won’t get the special grand opening pricing: $1500 full-pay (save $995) and payment plan with $497 deposit and 12 monthly payments of only $108 each… remember… you have to join by Monday, March 9!