[Friday Joy Infusion] Big Dreams Require Big Plans (and markers!)


Big Plans with markersYou have BIG dreams, and those BIG dreams require big plans (and usually some big markers!).

And while “plan” might not be exactly what you think of when you’re dreaming, you’re also savvy enough to know that without a plan, those dreams won’t come true.

I’ve been told I have a unique way of taking people through the marketing process that makes it amazingly fun. And when it’s fun, you’re more likely to actually do it – and feel confident about it. You actually WANT to do it…

Do you crave a plan that you’re excited about and that you’ll actually engage with? (Sounds a lot more fun than “work the plan.”)

My Virtual Private Creative Retreats are a whole-brain approach to a marketing plan to help you move forward with your creative projects (those dreams!) and your marketing plans.

These four-hour virtual retreats are a creative experience that is a differnt way of looking at your marketing… honoring your right-brained creative side and making use of the practical, focused commitment of the left side of the brain.

It’s only $997 for the 4-hour retreat, plus a pre-retreat planning call. (A really great deal actually!)

You can choose to pay at once or a two-pay option of $550 deposit and $550 in 30 days.

This really is a great opportunity to get some one-on-one time with my creative eyes and marketing smarts looking at your business. I really love this work and can’t wait to help you make more of a Creative Inspirational Leader impact!

Just to let you know…I only have a handful of retreat dates available, and you need to be in touch with me by Friday, November 1 to hold your spot.

So, if you have any questions or you know you are interested, go ahead and send me an email and we can get you set up! (Just hit “reply.”)

I’m looking forward to these Creative Retreats… they are so fun and so productive!

Oh, and did I mention we’ll use markers?



Sneak peek into the Create An Intuitive Joy Journal Module & reminder that Early Bird pricing ends today!


We are so excited about the grand opening of the Business Fusion Studio and our first Creative Module, Create An Intuitive Joy Journal.

This isn’t just a short, 5-page report, and then you’re off on your own…

It’s high-quality content and demonstrations, leading you through step-by-step to creating your Intuitive Joy Journal as a first step to cultivating your creative expression and voice.

(I’m not going to tell you to do something and let you wonder HOW to do it all by yourself!)

I’ll be there every step of the way to guide you.

Each lesson comes with multi-media learning within the module where I demonstrate examples through videos… plus you get worksheets, how-to instructions, supplies, and sometimes even a bonus feature!

You can see a snapshot below of what it looks like inside the Business Fusion Studio:


See those circles up at the top? That’s how many different lessons there are in this one Creative Module.

  • Personal Creativity Module – Come on in! Don’t be Afraid!
  • What is an Intuitive Joy Journal?
  • Types of Journals & Which Is Best for You?
  • Supplies You’ll Need for this Project
  • What to Put into Your Intuitive Joy Journal and How to Use It Every Day?
  • Let’s Get Started! Create Your Joy Journal
  • Show us Your Joy Journal!
  • Bonus Feature – How To Make Your Doodles Pop!

Every lesson also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the other members of the Business Fusion Studio. Just like being in a classroom!

(Cute side note: My business manager Dawn is having a ton of fun watching the videos to help finalize our marketing, AND she’s using some of these tips on her own – it’s addictive, infectious, fun, and creative.)

One more note… you can get just this Creative Module and all its rich lessons for only $47, or you can get the All-Access Pass (with all 16 Creative Modules, 8 more Creative Tools from awesome Guest Business Muses, and a live monthly call with me) for the Early Bird price of $297…

…but the Early Bird price ends at midnight eastern tonight!


Check out the details on the Business Fusion Studio site.


What does YOUR Intuitive Joy Journal want to say?

See you in the Studio!



[Friday Joy Infusion] Something new and fun… (Micro-learning!)


Happy Spring Friday afternoon! (If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!)

Welcome to this Friday’s Joy Infusion message!

I have recently met a woman who is all about BIG. She has big energy and big ideas.

It’s very compelling!

In fact, so compelling that I immediately said that I’d love to participate in Shelia Galligan’s new Online Video Training Event.

Actually, true to her reputation, it is the BIGGEST group of training specialists that have gathered for a ground-breaking new way of learning called Micro-Learning. The speaker presents short bursts of 20-minute videos. Each video is then followed by a LIVE 15-minute Q&A session where you can ask the speaker any question you want! So not only are you getting quick bursts of stellar content, but you also have DIRECT ACCESS to each speaker. Intriguing, huh?

I am inviting you to be a part FREE virtual video training event and I would like YOU to join us, but only if you are finally ready, to live the life you are called to live.

The event is created and hosted by my colleague Sheila Galligan of Go Big Global. It is called:


“GO BIG And See The Results In Your Checkbook Video Summit”


I’ll let you read all the details, but I hope you’ll join us… I’m creating a special video training on Packaging Your Passion for the GO BIG event – just for YOU!

Get ready to GO BIG!