[Miracle Marketing Message] Infusion Words to Help You with Your Summer Creative Projects


Happy Monday!


What ideas are you mulling around this summer?

As I mentioned last week, I always think summer is a great time to put some things in place so that your marketing and business can run while you… walk!

And… summer can be a great time for creating. For mulling. For playing with an idea. For flat-out creation for creation’s sake (as opposed to “make money now!”). This week’s Miracle Marketing Message is about choosing Infusion Words for a summer project. Infusion Words are powerful and can help you tap into your project in a whole new way. Listen in to today’s Miracle Audio and see where it leads you…

I would love to hear what your summer Infusion Words are over in the Center for Joyful Business Facebook community!

Have a summer- and creativity-infused week!



Infusion Words to Help You with Your Summer Creative Projects

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: Infusion Words to Help You with Your Summer Creative Projects


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Creating Your Creative Thought Leader Content – Our Next Creative Marketing Module is ready!


I’ve just published the next Creative Marketing Module in the Business Fusion Studio… are you ready?

With this month’s module, you’ll receive an interactive, step-by-step workbook and audio series, along with an introductory video to help you: Create Your Creative Thought Leader Content.




Aren’t you ready to let loose your unique style… your Creative Thought Leadership? I know you have amazing experiences, information, resources, wisdom, and tools to share.

Here’s the kicker: How do you get your “amazingness” out of your head and into the world? So that you can reach the people you are meant to help with your truly unique brilliance?

Find out how with this Creative Marketing Module. I’ve designed 10 Creative Thought Leadership Exercises to take you step by step to write, mindmap, journal, and basically… to excavate your amazingness!

Here’s a glimpse at the 10 Exercises to help you go rich and deep into your Expertise and Content:

  • Explore Your Creative Thought Leadership
  • What Pisses You Off?
  • Imagine You’ve Won Your Own TV Show!
  • Creating How-To Content
  • 50 Favorite Resources
  • Go Deep with 100 Questions
  • Be Brave – Why Won’t They Hire You?
  • What Are the Current Events?
  • Your Key Topics & Quotes From Other Experts
  • Top 10 Classic Topics

Every Creative Module comes with multi-media learning within the module where I demonstrate examples through audios… plus you get worksheets for each exercise, as well as the complete workbook for creating kick-ass content (as well as shifting how you see yourself and your clients).

You can get just this Creative Module and all its rich lessons for only $47

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This is one of the best Creative Modules yet! You won’t want to miss out on these creative and fun exercises to help you uncover and share all your brilliance! Isn’t it time?

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Your 11 Creative Power Centers – and how to use them


All this talk about creativity…it’s fun, it’s exciting, it makes us feel very alive…

…but you may be asking, “How does this help me with my business?”

Let me show you!


Take a look at my Creative Power Center Model.

In your business, you have 11 Creative Power Centers. When you want to make a big shift in your business, say like stepping into your Creative Thought Leadership, then you need to activate and expand one or more of those 11 Creative Power Centers.

In looking at this model, where do you desire to expand so that your business can grow to the next level of authentic success?

I believe that as you ignite your personal creativity, you naturally expand your creative power and potential in your business, too!

If you are looking for the “secret” to growing your business, look at how you can grow in your Creative Power Centers!

This is what I’m going to be talking about on my brand new webinar coming on Thursday: Be Creatively Alive! Open up your Creative Aliveness in You…and Your Business!

In this creative and interactive webinar, I’ll share more about the Creative Power Centers and how you can open up your Personal Creativity for more Business Creativity. I’ll also take you through a special Creative Tool you can use in your business over and over!


I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be amazing! (if I say so myself!)


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs…

Be Creatively Alive!
Open Up Your Creative Aliveness for You & Your Business
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