Want to Add More Creativity into Your Coaching?

by Laura West

What a fun week it’s been! I have been doing a lot of writing… creating some new programs and a new website(!), which is exciting. I can’t wait to share more with you!

I’m heading out later this evening to attend an Enneagram workshop that runs tonight and tomorrow. I’ve been coaching for a long time, and I’m always looking for creative tools and processes to add to my coaching so that I can go deeper, and help my clients experience greater shifts and transformation so they step into the leader they are meant to be… and create the results they desire in their business and life.

I’m leading a webinar next week: How to add more creativity into your coaching!

It’s complimentary and you are invited!

I’ll be sharing how to bring more creativity into your coaching business for greater engagement, insights and breakthroughs with your clients. I’ll share some cool tools, new skills and techniques to expand your coaching range.

This webinar is sponsored by CoachingWebsites.com. I’m pleased to be their featured speaker this month.

Would you like to join me on the webinar? Here’s where you can sign up!

I’m already excited about what’s possible when you wake up your coaching!


Badass Creative

by Laura West

Badass CreativeEnjoying my morning green tea in my new favorite mug!

My Badass Creative mug makes me smile!

Thanks Kelly McCausey for the surprise gift for being a guest on your Creative Business Summit!

Want to watch the replay of me being interviewed by Kelly about creativity in business? Check it out here.

Are You Sitting in Your Parked Car Feeling Nauseous?

by Laura West

Do you have Networking Anxiety?

You know how it goes…

You said YES.

You agreed to go to a networking lunch or dinner. You paid your fee.

Now you are regretting it.

You are sitting in the parking lot in your car gathering up your courage, confidence and chutzpah to go inside.

And… just in case anyone is watching you in your parked car… you fake them out by studying your phone, reapplying your makeup, fixing your hair and posting on facebook one more time.

You want to go but you don’t.

Can you relate?

Have you asked yourself what this Networking Anxiety is really all about?

See if you fit into one of these categories: