{Miracle Marketing} Where’s the Friction & Flow? For real…

Happy Monday!

I’m off this morning to get my 2nd vaccine shot. Living with my 80-year-old dad I decided it was a good thing so that I’m not so worried about bringing home bad germs from my big city visits to Atlanta!

I’m also looking at the calendar for the fall and deciding if I’m going to move forward with another Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea in October. This annual retreat on the coast of Virginia is typically filling up by now. I’m trying to get a feel for what we think travel will look like. Let me know if you are curious…I can put you on a notification list for when I do make my decision.

I hope you get inspired from today’s article about identifying the friction and flow in your business. That was going to be the topic of last week’s article but I changed my mind and wrote about how to incorporate card decks into your business instead. (I just forgot to change the subject line – life in an imperfect world! )

Please enjoy the inspiration and creative sparks in this week’s Miracle Marketing newsletter!

I hope you have a beautiful, creative and successful week of much ripple making!

Where’s the Friction and Flow?

When I am coaching a client, I’m always looking for where is there friction and where is there flow?

Friction is all about where things are slowing down, something is blocking action and movement, or quite often there is a misalignment of energy.

It can show up in all different types of ways: lots of action but avoiding right action, non-action, what they say and don’t say, or even with an intuitive hit from a knowing or feeling.

For example, a client who was talking about writing her book. She said she had hit a rough spot and was circling around and not moving forward.

Now this is super common. When you are stepping out there and putting your passionate message into a book (or a newsletter, video or podcast) – it can feel really vulnerable, like your inner little girl is standing on top of a chair screaming “Look at me, I have something important to say!” And deep inside you worry if anyone will care, will pay attention or even ignore you, or worse, point you out in some way and you’ll feel humiliated or embarrassed.

Super vulnerable, right?

Even when you know you are ready to be more visible with your creative endeavor and have something important to say that could make a difference in someone’s life.

The opposite can happen too. A client might be experiencing expansive flow. Heart and creative power centers wide open. Opportunities and ideas coming to them easily.

Then the coaching is often about how to continue to be open to the flow and receive. It’s common to want to slow the flow or shut it off completely because you get overwhelmed or you’re afraid you will get overwhelmed. It hasn’t happened yet…but you project into the future your fear of handling it.

In coaching, I’m always listening for the friction or the flow of energy. Is it expanding or is it getting caught on something that is slowing it down?

Is the flow moving but the client is holding it back or not realizing that they aren’t open to receiving the amazing opportunities that are right there around them?

This week notice your own friction and flow with these questions:

  • What project are you working on where you notice there is friction in some area?
  • Where are you saying you want something and yet you’re closing down the possibilities?
  • Where is something not working quite right but maybe you can’t put your finger on why?
  • Where is there flow in your business or your life?
  • Where are you holding back the flow of opportunities that are close by?
  • Where are you not allowing yourself to celebrate and acknowledge your success?

Pay attention to how you notice friction and flow:

  • Do you feel it in your body?
  • Do you feel it in your emotions?
  • Can you hear messages about where you are?
  • Is it something that isn’t tangible, but you just know it?
  • Maybe you can see where the friction and flow show up?

I’d love to hear how Friction and Flow are showing up for you in your business!

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Quick Reminder… Workshop is Tomorrow!

by Laura West.

Planning doesn't have to be boringTwo weeks ago I took a group of Health & Wellness professionals through the Creative Business Planning process and the feedback was so incredibly positive!

They called it “Phenomenal!”

They all said they were so happy they finally took time to work ON their business instead of IN their business. And this creative approach made it surprisingly easy for them to organize, focus and decide on their priorities for the year!

I just want to give you the opportunity to clear the decks of your business and join us tomorrow. It’ll be so worth it to have a plan and know where to focus for the year. And you’ll feel so good knowing you have a guide to use throughout the year.

Here’s the link to join us! Creative Business Planning retreat LIVE.

Stop procrastinating and say YES!

To you. Your business. Your success.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Yep! I’m a Big Stoner!


Carnelian stoneI’m sure we are talking about the same thing, right?

I’m a lover of stones. All sorts of stones.

As a big believer in the healing power of stones, I keep them around me at all times.

This week, I’ve been holding one of my favorite stones – this beautiful and gorgeous carnelian. It reminds me to allow in my creativity and the power of focus. An interesting combination.

I keep it near my keyboard and I often hold it while I’m coaching clients. It grounds me and keeps me connected to allow my creativity to flow and to allow myself to focus, bringing those creative ideas into reality.

I have all sorts of stones from around the world. Some worn, large pebbles from the beaches of England, sparkly bits of granite from areas around Georgia, and then my favorites I pick up in rock shops around the country. (With my favorite being Linda Bond’s store, Stones of Spirit, in Knoxville!) They all have different messages, energies, and stories.

What are some of your favorite stones and why?

I’d love to hear! Maybe they give you a certain feeling, or they visually connect you to a certain energy, or you might have a wonderful story that stone brings to mind.

I’m getting ready to pack up several of my favorite stones for Friday’s workshop. I like to enliven the table and the room with certain energies. It makes my workshop roller bag a little heavier but it’s so worth it!

Have you been thinking about coming to the Creative Business Planning LIVE workshop? I want to remind you that we close the doors tomorrow, so you want to get your spot now! Here’s are the details for the workshop.