[Miracle Marketing Message] Need an answer? Go create your art!


I was just back Monday from working with my good friend and colleague, Ellen Britt. I was the Creativity Coach for her Pink Coattails Mastermind Retreat at Serenbe Farms in south Georgia last week.

I brought in all sorts of experiential exercises, discussions, movement and, yes, art projects to give these amazing women the experience of committing, letting go, and creating from pure intuition. It was a beautiful unfolding of their potential and brilliance!

(You can see a pix of our beautiful paint covered hands!)

Painted_Hands_5 2014

Listen in to today’s Miracle Marketing Message about gaining wisdom through your art – be it doodling, painting, baking, gardening, or whatever makes your heart sing!

Let your art speak to you!

From my creative heart to yours!


Need an answer? Go create your art!

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Listen to: Need an answer? Go create your art!


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Soul Art Day is Today! Won’t you join me?


Woo hoo! It’s International Soul Art Day today!

This is the day to unleash your creative spirit and awaken your inner artist! Are you ready?

Soul Art Day is a sacred day where thousands of Soul Artists from around the world connect virtually to create art together for the day.

This is a wild invitation for your artist to come and play and claim your creative power.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. I’m actually in Toronto in Laura Hollick’s studio to take part in Soul Art Day in person!

I have to admit… I’m full of JoyFEAR! You see, this is one of those moments where you stretch into your courage and creativity. That’s what I had done, and now I’m part of this creative soul art movement…. LIVE. Wow.


My art supplies are ready to go. My inner artist has been stirring. My creative spirit is moving with joy and an urge to create something. My creativity is bubbling. And my soul… is allowing wisdom to rise to the top for me to see, hear, and capture through my art. I’m so ready to let go and just be in Soul Art Journey!

Join me along with an incredible tribe of Soul Artists!

 You can join me… for free. And you’ll be joining 1000’s around the world who will be creating their own Soul Art today, too!

When you sign up for Soul Art Day, you’ll receive Laura Hollick’s free guided Soul Art Journey to get you started and guide you through the 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals. You don’t need art experience to do this… all you need is the call of your creative spirit saying “Yes!”

See you in the creative flowmentum of Soul Art Day!