Does your soul need a little nourishing?


Does your inner artist want desperately to come out and play?


Do you yearn for something beautiful – created by you – that inspires you – on many levels?


Soul Nourishing Intention Cards may be just the answer!

The Create Soul Nourishing Intention Cards module from the Business Fusion Studio is an easy, yet powerful creative activity that allows you to play with your creativity while at the same time helping to remind Soul_Nourishing_Intention_Cards_LWyou of your soul nourishing intentions and how to use them each day to infuse your life & business with positive energy.

Soul_Nourishing_Intention_Cards_DMGThis module is so easy and fun, and just going through the process is soul-nourishing in and of itself!

When you sign up for this module, you get a supplies list (no huge expenditures, though!), ready-to-use affirmations in three different font styles, and a three-part video tutorial that guide you step-by-step through the fun process of creating these intention cards. (Hint: you play the video tutorial, pause, and then play with your cards! Start the video up again when you’re at the next step, pause, and then create. Repeat!)



And here’s a video testimonial of a raving fan as she went through the module and created her own beautiful set of Soul-Nourishing Intention Cards.

I’m known for taking you step-by-step to amp up your creative ideas AND get them into action in an organized way that will have you excited about blogging again!

Are you ready to start creating these lovely cards? Are you ready to jump in?

You can get instant access right now! Then, you can get started today and create your own set of Soul-Nourishing Intention Cards!

Only $47 for creativity, intention, and soul nourishment!

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