Retreat, Workshop, and Mastermind Design Coaching

Are you excited about working with larger groups  so you can work with more people, leverage your time and expertise, and make more money too?

tribe loveAlmost every client I have had – whether they were a coach, mentor, teacher, trainer or considered themselves an up-and-coming Creative Inspirational Leader – had a dream of leading retreats, workshops and/or mastermind groups.

If you’ve been working in your business for a while, then it’s natural to shift your business model to include these exciting and lucrative programs. Plus, it’s fun creating in an intimate environment where you get to share your knowledge, passion, and expertise with a lot more people!

But here’s the caution – it’s very different leading, mentoring and training a group then it is for private individuals.

A few more things to be aware of:

  • Location for retreats and workshops can make or break your event.  You may have excellent material but if the place is ugly, unfriendly, uninspiring or is costing you an arm & a leg (stressful!) then it’s going to make your event less than successful.
  • Mastermind groups take on a life of their own.  Truly.  You are doing a dance of being a leader and a mentor, and not just a trainer.  It’s easy to fall into either “teacher mode” with no life to the mastermind (which is one of the reasons they bought into the idea), or you turn over your power to the group thinking they’ll run it (and I guarantee this is a quick way for your mastermind to fall apart and for the participants to demand refunds – ouch!)
  • With retreats, workshops and mastermind groups, you are creating an experience.  Too much material, wrong location, lack of leadership, too much strong-arming, will be detrimental to your success.
  • Maybe you’ve already tried to lead a retreat or a mastermind and felt overwhelmed or hated the experience (I’ve heard this from many seasoned coaches and trainers).  There is a way to design your events and programs so that you will set yourself  and your members up for great success!

Here’s a bit more about my experience that you may not realize:

As a former VP of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company, I have designed, setup, and led hundreds of training programs, conferences and events – from small leadership intensives for managers, conferences for 200+ managers, program launch and rollout events traveling the country.  For over 12 years, I have led hundreds of teleclasses, workshops, online events and training programs, masterminds and retreats.

I’ve seen what works and I’ve seen (and experienced) what doesn’t !

I can help you create your retreat, mastermind or workshop event that is experiential, creative, practical and successful!  Whether it’s a small intimate retreat for a high-end program or a larger workshop to present your expertise as a thought leader.  Your event can be interactive, engaging, and set the stage to allow your deep learning, transformation…  and they will want more from you too! (A perfect opportunity to lead them into the next program!)

As my colleague Ellen Britt says, “Laura, you saved my mastermind butt!  It was falling apart. I knew it and worst of all, my members knew it.  I didn’t know what else to do but give them more stuff. Then I worked with you and it was like magic!  I took back my leadership power (with less work!) and my members were thrilled!  I was never going to offer a mastermind program again and now I’m filling my next one!”

I offer two Retreat, Workshop and Mastermind Design Coaching Packages to help you create a successful and amazing program:


#1: Retreat, Workshop and Mastermind Success Coaching Package

This basic program will help you design a successful program if you are just in the beginning stage or help you redesign a program that needs more engagement, creativity, thought leadership, and experiential elements.  Or – if you have that handled but have never created a program like this – I can hold your hand and walk you through your first one.

This package includes:

  • Foundation Call – We’ll create your vision of the type of event and experience you want to deliver, create a content overview, get clear on your ideal audience and then dig into the details about your overall program strategy
  • Three  Additional Coaching and Mentoring Calls  where we’ll focus on the areas you most need support:
    • Program Design
    • Program Marketing
    • Location & Setup
    • Authentic Successful Enrolling

What you’ll learn here with me – you’ll use over and over again in every program you lead in the future!  (It’s well worth the investment!)

Full payment option  of $1500, or you can choose the payment plan with an $800 deposit and $800 due in 30 days.


#2: Retreat, Workshop and Mastermind Design and Coaching Package

This program is ideal if you want a coach to support you in the success of your program, AND I will design your main event agenda, such as your retreat or workshop.

This package includes:

  • Foundation Call – We’ll create your vision of the type of event and experience you want to deliver, create a content overview, get clear on your ideal audience, and then dig into the details about your overall program strategy
  • 3-hour Virtual Retreat for us to create your program, event design, and a general marketing plan to support the launch of your program
  • 2 additional Coaching Support Calls
  • Custom-designed Retreat or Workshop Agenda (for events ranging from ½ day to 4 days)

Full payment option of $3000, or you may choose the payment plan:  $1000 down and two payments of $1200 every 30 days.


With each package you’ll also receive:

  • An invaluable Retreat Checklist of materials that you need for your retreat and workshop
  • Location Question List – what to look for in a location and what to ask so there are no hidden costs or fees
  • Event Self-Care Checklist – so you don’t run out of energy half way through your event or you don’t collapse post-event and can’t even follow up with your attendees (I’ve seen it happen!)
  • Resources for Creative Tools for Your Events:  My favorite books, card decks, tools

If you have a retreat, workshop or mastermind on your calendar to create and launch and you really want it to be successful in every way (experience-wise, content-wise as well as financially successful AND leaving you feeling energized not depleted), then let’s set up a time to talk!

Email me and we’ll set up a time to talk further about what you are up to and how I can best support your success.


Here are a few words from some of the people I’ve coached to create amazing retreat and mastermind programs!

“Laura, you saved my mastermind butt! It was falling apart. I knew it and worst of all, my members knew it. I didn’t know what else to do but give them more stuff. Then I worked with you and it was like magic! I took back my leadership power (with less work!) and my members were thrilled! I was never going to offer a mastermind program again and now I’m filling my next one!

Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.

“Since I have been coaching with Laura, I’ve learned to step into my power and confidence to think bigger in my business.

When I begin to stray and lose my energy, she gently reminds me of my joyful business creation, and we course-correct to get back on the path to bring my business dream a reality. After my time together with Laura, I now better understand as an entrepreneur how to incorporate self-care into fueling positive energy to create my vision for the world."

Sarah Hathorn

“Laura is really adept at finding your magnificence and reflecting it back to you in such a way as to make you confident that what you have to offer simply must not be withheld from the world. And that you have a sacred responsibility to share it with all those people whose lives your unique gifts will bless!”

Julia Rogers Hamrick
Author, Choosing Easy World

“I love it that Laura combines the best of two worlds … she is a super sharp, innovative and an incredibly experienced business and marketing coach, AND she is positive, spiritual and fun to be around! Furthermore, I am coming to be in-person with Laura. What an awesome opportunity!

Here’s what I know… when we trust our intuition and are aligned with it, magic happens and the money starts to flow more readily. I am expecting lots of connecting with other heart-centered women business goddesses too!”

Margret-Anne Cummings
The Practical Meditation Coach |

Laura West is an Amazing Coach, and I feel so fortunate to be working with her. By gently nudging me to stretch myself, she calls me forth to stand in my power. She cheers me on and acknowledges me when I take a bold and courageous step to move forward in my life.

Laura has the ability to get to the heart of the matter or the real issue quickly, and I appreciate that. She is insightful, supportive, creative, and she really knows marketing. It's a joy to be working with Laura and I am so grateful to have her on my team.

Nancy Jambor

"I was sitting with a Passion Project for quite some time (going nowhere – something I can be very good at) before deciding to work with Laura. I met her in 2010 and remembered the passion she brought to the conversations we had at that time. Passion and creativity are important to me – it tells me a lot about someone and their ability see life from many different angles and colors. After all, getting business done isn’t a black & white process nor does it always follow a straight line.

I knew I needed a coach who could follow where my creativity and passion took me since I am a Simple Girl with complicated thoughtsTM. Laura understood “Mari speak” even when I didn’t, introducing me to baby steps that would lessen the overwhelm of what is needed to really get going on a Passion Project, and can make things, including my thoughts, more complicated.

Clarity shows up sometimes in ways not anticipated. Laura gets that, guiding you as you start to see that clarity, bringing an approach to moving forward that is deceptively simple in its creativity, joyful in its execution. She keeps me grounded so I can safely sort all the creative possibilities that exist to move my business forward.

Thank you, Laura, for being in my reality."

Mari Winslow
Simple girl with complicated thoughts (TM)

"Laura is a highly creative (not to mention JOYFUL) entrepreneur. Her expertise in drawing out short and long term goals and making them visual is priceless! Not your "same ole, same ole" goal setter - Laura makes goal setting (and accomplishing) seem like a trip to Disneyland!"

Debbye Cannon

"Working with Laura West assisted me in breaking the mold of traditional marketing. She taught me to market authentically by bringing my authentic self into my business. These are new times with new energy and women need new methods not formulas. Laura West is a Creative Catalyst and Expert. Working with her will allow you to open up space for your creativity to shine through thus setting you apart in your field."

Carolyn A. Jones | Energy Architect

Every coach needs a coach, and Laura West is the one I turn to for brainstorming, guidance and a big leap. In just 2 hours she helped me shift into my Zone of Genius and rebrand my business. It feels so good to kiss my old business model goodbye and claim a model that is aligned with this stage of life — leading groups and retreats around a life re-imagined. I am so grateful to have Laura in my back pocket as my coach, mentor and inspiration.

Leslie Hamp | Creative Catalyst

Laura West and I first met at an event 5 years ago. I want to say that I would highly recommend working with Laura! I had my own Creative Business Retreat with Laura this past Tuesday. It was the most amazing day of coaching I have ever received! Laura over delivered on everything she promised. I walked in feeling nervous and overwhelmed. I walked out with a step by step, month by month plan specifically made just for my business. Laura does not prepare cookie cutter coaching or business plans. The plan that we developed was my own and no one else’s. I was worried that I was not “creative” enough to have a “creative” business retreat. However, that was not what it was. Laura has an innovative way of using fun, creative techniques to take the anxiety away that can come with working on a business plan. The peace I felt about my business was nothing I have ever felt before! Thank you, Laura! xxoo

Luanna Rodham

Working with Laura West has been transformative for my business, Unique Wellness Studios, and I was excited to share her expertise on a larger scale with our Health and Well Being Council Members.

We pitched the workshop idea to her and she ran with it. Every detail was perfectly executed from intake to follow up. All my team had to do was show up with a willingness to get creative and think outside the stodgy business planning box.

I personally shifted from resisting putting things down on paper to using my daily planner tool EVERY DAY!!! I now know why I was feeling so scattered all the time, like I could never fully complete tasks.

Additionally, I have begun implementing other tools in the Creative Business Planning Tool Box to begin work on a few different projects I’ve been procrastinating for over a year!

2018 is already my biggest, boldest business year to date!

This is saving UWS’s life! And helping me personally to be more organized and accomplish way more than I was.

What do I love the most about it? IT’S SIMPLE AND CREATIVE!!! Which pretty much guarantees I’ll stick with it.

Laura is authentic, fun and engaging. She is a master of creating a safe space and encouraging you to to be willing to see things through a different, more creative lens.

If you are considering working with Laura, just do it! The money you invest in her and her tools is a game changer!

“Laura has helped me take the steps, line up my energy to make my vision a reality!

It has been an amazing journey!”

Laurie Mandato

Working with Laura West to get clear on my message and story is an integral step forward for my business. In the creative thinking and brainstorming session, Laura drew out my own creativity and out-the-box thinking. She asked all the right questions, pulled out the best, and intuitively guided me to the answers I was seeking. I recognized how much I've been limiting myself and as a result am owning my own bigness and authority. Thanks to Laura's insight and guidance, I'm clearer, confident, and excited about my business direction, and moving forward with perspective and action.

I have had the good fortune to work with Laura West for several years on several Passion Projects and in the Creative Business Studio. Whether working on a short-term goal or on a bigger picture such as my business, Laura can hold the energy, vision and focus powerfully. At the same time, she is adept at guiding me like a Sherpa through whatever pitfalls, crags and wrong turns life brings as I climb to the peak of my dreams.

While expertly guiding me, Laura is also a compassionate witness to my process. She has the patience to listen to my frustrations, mental and emotional blocks, and self-judgments without ever losing sight of the work we are doing and why we are doing it. She has an uncanny ability to help me find the gold in my real or imagined limitations so I can learn and grow from them, such as showing me how to turn the healing of my own life struggles and challenges, such as my recovery from addiction, into opportunities to help others heal from theirs.

Laura gently but firmly prods me to embrace my own creative abilities, expand them, and lift them up in service to others. Her creativity is never limited to how to do something, but always includes why to do it, when is the best timing, who it may benefit and what else can be done to follow-up or complete the original goal. For example, she could see that that, contrary to common practice in coaching, if I expanded my niche for a new program I was launching, I could then target several smaller niche markets with the one program, creating many opportunities from one effort. Her thinking is panoramic and detailed at the same time.

Laura is as clear-sighted and visionary as a mythic Greek oracle. When my vision gets distracted by the glitter of fancy, complicated ideas, she sees a way to add punch to my message through simplicity. When I get sheepish about my message, and think small and limited, she deftly guides me to take the risk of being bigger than I thought I could be.

I can’t speak highly enough of Laura, her insights, her creativity, her down-to-Earth practicality and her compassionate and clear-headed wisdom. She has been a great gift for me, my life and my business.

George Herrick

Working with Laura has unlocked so many answers to help me define my business. She is an amazing coach who has so many ways to get to blast through mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back. She's empathetic and gives actionable ideas to help you find the path that's right for you. She is unique, creative and powerful!

Melinda Thomas
Melinda Thomas Creative

Laura is part coach-whisperer, part miracle-worker, part greatness-inspirer, part rule-breaker!"

Laura West is a brilliant, loving, fun, inspiring creative and masterful business coach! My business partner and I hired Laura when launching a new direction for our work. I assumed that we would just need an "accountability partner" and maybe some help with strategic planning. Ha! Of course, we got that but so much more.

If you are a business-owner, you know that running a business is an emotional and spiritual journey as much as it is an intellectual and practical one. Laura has guided us through ALL aspects of this rich journey with such ease and flow. She is very intentional about the space she creates for her clients. Each time we work with Laura, I have the dual experience of relaxing fully into love and safety while also being called forth to meet opportunity and creative self-expression with courage and gusto. It is a joy and an honor to call Laura my coach!

Michelle Goss
Coaching Transformation

I came to my coaching relationship with Laura as a skeptic. After years with other business coaches, I was bruised and disgusted by the competitive, more-more-more! energy of business development coaching (even as those methods brought me “success”). I was willing to give Laura a try because we have known each other in other contexts, but inside I believed that business coaches are all the same. I was wrong.

Laura is different - creative, intuitive, and spiritual combined with business chops.

As a result of working with Laura, I have an organic relationship with my coaching business. I know what feels aligned with my purpose, values and style, and what doesn’t. I’ve learned to tap into magic and flow in a way that enables me to do the work I love while also structuring a lifestyle I love. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura and will use my toolbox of wisdom for many years to come. If you want to feel aligned and excited about your business while also building “success” by many definitions, Laura is the coach for you.

Christina Boyd-Smith
Corporate Rebel

Laura is a master of bringing out the best in yourself. The biggest gift Laura provided me was her ability to bring me back to my passions and desires over and over. Her ability to help me create the right resonance and framework for moving by business forward without all the struggle was a true blessing for me. Having been in a hard charging corporate environment for years, the realization that you can run your own business differently without all the stress and overwhelm was pure wisdom for me. Laura was also instrumental in helping me tap into my creativity, by just being me, not bogged down by the “right” way of doing things, but inspired by your authentic self. I loved working with Laura and came to a new understanding of what it means to own and operate a business based on my personal passions and desires.

Tim Wise
Tight Lines Consulting & Coaching

When I started working with Laura, a part of me was secretly hoping she’d say I could build my business with referrals only, and that marketing myself was not a necessity! As a communications director and leadership coach, I was used to helping others shine; Laura helped me to see that expanding my own business required ME to step up in a different way.

Laura’s warm, creative approach allowed me to TRUST in the PROCESS. I’m now showing up in my business excited about “being found” and choosing to be visible! This powerful MINDSET shift has been amazing to me. As a result I’m bringing my creativity to the table and it’s been freeing and, well, surprisingly fun!

What also surprised me was how Laura blends her creative brilliance with her workshops and coaching. It simply, works. I had new aha's about my own business vision and leadership as well as enriching connections with others. Oh, and on that note, the community that Laura attracts makes the work infectious!

Justine Williams
Communications Director and Leadership Coach

Working with Laura has been a breath of fresh air: air that reignited some passions I’d let languish; air that filled me with expansiveness and possibility; and air that cleaned some mental, emotional, and spiritual debris to make space for something new. When I hired Laura for coaching, I didn’t realize the depth of the work or the breadth of the territory we would cover. I am grateful for Laura's agility to examine so many facets of my life and work, and also the skill and safety with which she guided me to dive deep when that was needed. If you’re looking for someone to treat your work and business with the same care you do, and to make you feel both safe and challenged simultaneously, don’t hesitate to join Laura’s huge group of clients, aka raving fans!

Susan Vitale