Planning doesn’t have to be a monster (See below for a fun & creative way to tame that monster)



Planning doesn’t have to be the monster we can sometimes make it out to be.

A plan can be that guiding light, even a friendly oasis, which is really helpful in the midst of chaos.

AND you know what? Business plans can also be beautiful, fun, creative, and very flexible!

When I talk about planning in a joyful business way, it’s a NEW way of looking at planning.

Those are the best kind… and the only kind I teach! (And listen… in my corporate days I had a hand in 1000’s of business plans – yes, really!)

creative planning tools joyfulbusinesscomWhen I talk about planning in a joyful business way, it’s a NEW way of looking at planning. Blending beauty, creativity, realness, and the idea that all plans are “living.” They will definitely change as you move into action (that’s life, right?), so you want to make sure you have a system to help you focus and stay committed… but giving you enough flexibility to move with real-time feedback and a quick changing world.

And if it’s beautiful, creative, fun, AND practical, then you’ll actually use it!


Big Plans with markersWant to learn my Creative Business Planning Process?

That’s what I’ll be teaching THIS THURSDAY at Virtual Creative Business Studio:

Join me and other creative, smart entrepreneurs for the Virtual Creative Business Studio – where you can schedule a creative retreat to work on your plans right from your own home!

Date: Thursday, January 9

Time: 11:00am – 3:30pm eastern time zone

Location: Virtually! We’ll be meeting via Google+ Hangout and bridgeline, so you’ll be able to see the tools I share in action! Everyone LOVES this!

Price: Only $97 for this creatively rich ½-day virtual experience! Includes 2 hours of live training, video interaction, creative tools, ebook, plus retreat time – really a fabulous deal!


And you get to see me teaching and demonstrating LIVE on Google Hangouts!

Find out more and sign up for the Virtual Creative Business Studio!

I’d love to help you make planning a beautiful and exciting word… no monsters allowed!



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