{Marketing Magic} Insights and Healings from the Retreat

Welcome to a fresh new month!

It’s hard to believe it’s November already. The year seems to suddenly have sped up!

I am still savoring last month’s 7th Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea! It was so good! So…needed, desired…and long awaited for since we missed last year with the pandemic.

Here is a picture of these beautiful, powerful, passionate business women!

In this week’s article I talk more about the retreat and the insights, shifts and power transformation that happened to create this multi-layered nurturing experience that healed, rejuvenated and reinfused their Soul Work!

Wishing you a week filled with joy, wonder, awe, imperfect actions aligned with your soul!

Insights and Healings from the Retreat

Last week I hosted and led my 7th Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea experience. I am still savoring the heart expanding conversations, connections, the dreams and deep healing that happened on the edge of the ocean and by the light of the full moon.

Mother Nature was in all her beauty as she supported us with a nourishing environment of morning sunrise light shows (each day was a unique every-changing palette of beauty and surprise), beautiful nurturing sunny days and the most amazing full moon shining down on the ocean with sparkles of moonlight radiating a path on the ocean that felt like it led right up to our fairy light drenched deck!

I want to share with you a few of the insights and healing shifts that took place during this magical experience. You can get a glimpse of the retreat but more importantly you can listen for what resonates true for you too right now.

  1. Beautiful environments matter. They help you relax, they open your heart for greater truth and wisdom and possibilities. It’s not something we tend to get in our every day living. We can get moments but getting away into a new beautiful environment allows more to arise.
  2. We need safe places to dream bigger. Whatever bigger looks like for you. It’s very individual. We need places to go to speak these dreams so they start to take shape and come into being. We can see what is wanting to be birthed by being in conversation about it. We get clear about what it is and what it isn’t.
  3. It’s super vulnerable to share these big dreams. We aren’t used to claiming our deepest hearts desires. We have protective walls built around these dreams and we need safe places to try them on, get support and see the ideas and connections sprout.
  4. In sharing our big dreams, we find our voice. Your voice matters. To take up space. To take the time. It matters. When you do this you step into your powerful identity as a leader in your life, your medicine and your work.
  5. Believe in your medicine. Your medicine is your unique vision, gifts, expertise and way that you would create a balm to help heal and contribute to your part of the world.
  6. It takes commitment to stand in the vulnerability of your rebel message. We all have a message based on our contribution of gifts and expertise and it’s freeing to acknowledge that it is a non-traditional approach. That it’s different, maybe even considered weird by some. And THAT is what is needed and will create new solutions to the struggles we see around us.
  7. Make time for magic, fun and creativity. Giving yourself permission to play is what opens up your creativity, reconnects your head, heart and body so you feel wholeheartedly present and powerful!

There’s more. So much more.

And this is a glimpse into what’s possible when you choose to let go of the traditional pushing and pressuring…and allow yourself to experience your true authentic self, your true power and voice!

Are you ready to step into your Soul Work?

Let’s set up a time to talk about how you can get your Soul Work out into the world in a bigger way that feels natural, authentic and even fun! Together we’ll access your deeper voice, leadership and creativity…while shifting those blocks that are getting in the way of you growing your beautifully successful business.

(Beautifully successful in ALL ways – meaningful, impactful, financial)

I’d love to talk with you about liberating your true voice, intuition, energy alignment, creativity, along with the practical doing stuff that gets you engaged with your Soul Tribe.

Just send me an email and we’ll find a time to talk!

Opportunities to Connect, Create & Grow with Laura


Joyful Business Studio
This month’s workshop: Take Back Your Financial Power
Wednesday, November 3

Join me and other supportive like-soul committed entrepreneurs for this month’s workshop in the Joyful Business Studio – your monthly membership program! Details here!

Pop Up Success Café
Wednesday, November 10
9:30 – 11:30 am

I’ll be in town in Atlanta! Let’s get together for rich connection and conversation about growing your biz! You’ll meet other creative, conscious business owners. I hope to see you!! It’s free – rsvp here so I can save you a seat!


Watch for the 2022 Joyful Business Plan!
Coming your way so you can capture your creative ideas, create a soul-led marketing plan and planners galore to help you align your day with your dream and take aligned action to make that dream a reality!

December 5 and 6
Private Client Retreat – 
Virginia Beach

December 17 – Save the date!
Joyful Business Planning Retreat

Details coming soon!

Starting January 28…details coming soon!
*New* Radiance Mastermind & Coaching Program

The details are shaping up and I’ll be announcing it more fully soon. This is a high level community of passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to take their Soul Work to a new level. It’s not business as usual…the hustle & grind and marketing strategies of old don’t work for us.

Welcome to the new, soul-refreshing aligned way to liberate your voice, share your Soul Work, make wonderful money with conscious energy and wisdom! More to come…think Flow + Healing + Energy Alignment +Living Your Manifesto!

Would you like to be on the waitlist to find out more? I’ll be talking with each potential member personally to see if this is the right program and community for you for your 2022 growth and support. Sign up here so you will be the first to know about this new program.

PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

I am a soul-aligned entrepreneur who is ready to radiate my light!

More and More I trust my medicine is needed.

I love feeling free and creative in my business!

{Marketing Magic} Finding the Wonder and Awe in Your Business

Hello & Welcome to the first Monday in October!

How are you welcoming in the new month? Buying pumpkins or a new sweater?

I have several clients who have been buying new clothes and feeling so energized about it. We are finally getting past only wearing a pretty top or nice shirt for zoom calls. It’s amazing how a new look or pretty blouse can shift your energy.

At first glance, this might seem like a surface conversation. It’s not.

It’s all part of your energy system.

What makes you FEEL good…will help you DO good!

Like a new fall sweater. Or a fun pumpkin. Or words you say to yourself

They all are part of your energetic environment.

Speaking of energy.

You can still get the Energy JAM™! It is a fun, easy toolkit to help you create your very own loving script of soul-nourishing affirmations! To help you affirm who you are becoming in your business journey of sharing your medicine and your Soul Work. See below for details.

Your Energy JAM will easily become part of your daily success ritual to help you align your energy for the day! (that’s priceless, right?)

Keep reading for inspiration on how to spread more love… IN your business!

Wishing you a week filled with joy, wonder, awe, imperfect actions aligned with your soul!

Finding the Wonder and Awe in Your Business

It’s Monday. Are you thinking…”What do I GET to do in my business this week?”

You can choose to think of your business as one draggy list of things to-do, that you have to trudge through, so that you can get to the part you love…which is delivering your expertise…your medicine.

Or you can choose to shift the “business stuff “and have it become part of the love too.

Marketing, making videos, writing your newsletter (ahem!), cleaning your email, organizing your office, even paying your taxes…all that business stuff.

You can shift your relationship with your business when you choose to look through eyes of wonder and awe.

I remember around 1997 I read the book, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I loved the book except for the part where she talked about your daily rounds.

Basically, she was talking about cleaning up your house. Yeah, right…I was skeptical or even felt condescending. That wasn’t my reality with a little newborn baby, fulltime job and feeling the stress of traveling all over the country in my corporate marketing job.

I started shifting that perspective when I was introduced to choosing your thoughts.

You can create your reality with your thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

I started realizing that when I was cleaning, organizing or puttering around the house…I was spreading love.

(ok, I still don’t love cleaning, but I do feel how my soul enjoys loving on my home)

The same shift can happen in your business.

You can choose looking at your business where assuming everything is for your expansion and growth.

Become wildly curious and grateful for the daily ways you can love ON your business.

The universe is set up to naturally expand, grow and create. Think about your garden, the forest or if you’ve watched Fantastic Fungi on Netflix (thanks for the recommendation Elaine!)…you’ll get that the cycle of life is about constant growth, decay, creation.

It’s fascinating when you think about it. (Watch the Fungi movie if you need inspiration)

Your business is included. Everything is!

You are constantly being asked to create, grow, let go, and expand.

Every day.

Why not approach it with wonder, awe, curiosity…and love?

You create when you write that article about a new topic. You create when you design that new package. You create when you hop on video and share your inspired message.

You grow each and every time you step into one of these projects. You are being stretched to be more visible, to share your voice more frequently and to a larger audience with a deeper and more passionate message.

These healthy challenges are what makes life interesting.

Letting go happens each time you decide to say NO. No to a networking group that used to fill your well and it doesn’t have that same feeling. Letting go of old dreams because the world has changed, and you have too.

What if you don’t have to beat yourself up when you let go. What if you look at it as a natural part of the life cycle in business?

This week…

  • Create 2 sticky notes that says “Wonder & Awe” and one that says “I GET to…”
  • Put them on your computer or somewhere where you’ll see them throughout the day.
  • Check in several times a day and let yourself see the wonder, awe and amazingness of what you are up to!

Let yourself love on your business.

Just what you need to start off your week!
The Energy JAM™!

Is your week starting off with a lull of energy?

Have you lost your inspiration?

Maybe you’re on fire about an idea and you want to keep the flames lit!

These are all perfect opportunities to create an Energy JAM™!

An Energy JAM™ is a script of powerful, magical, soul nourishing affirmations.

When you repeat them you can’t help but feel yourself shift into a more powerful version of YOU!

You can write them, speak them, listen in…it works for how you want to add this energy nurturing script to your day!

You can create your very own Energy JAM™ for your dreams, intentions and special projects…or listen to the one I created for you!

I want an Energy JAM!

Here’s what Erika has to say about the Energy JAM:

“For me, one of the most effectual qualities of Laura’s work is a sense of earthy knowing. As someone who has been immersed in and committed to inner work for most of my life, there is something quite profound about the movement from ‘faking it until you make it’ to believability to deep, integral knowing.

I met Laura at the onset of a significant transitional season – professional and relational – and when I received the invitation to join an Energy JAM I knew I would be met with her nourishing wisdom and exuberance. The most delightful surprise came to me in the form of believable affirmations, a practice that Laura shares as a way to extend our field of possibility while integrating the adaptive responses that keep us securely limited. This tool speaks directly to a lingering aversion I had cultivated around affirmations and helped me shift into a new way of relating to my own unbound potential.

Another delightful surprise: the generous wealth of practical resources! In addition to the Energy JAM workshop itself, I received an e-book, worksheets, and a library of inspirations and practicable suggestions to carry the tools forward into daily living. Each of these is beautifully designed with Laura’s special energetic signature so that even weeks and months following the Energy JAM, I can easily tune into and refine the frequency of the matrix we created during the live session. What a gift!”

Opportunities to Connect, Create & Grow with Laura

Create Your Energy JAM™!
Shift out of ho-hum, negative or overwhelm energies. Create your very own Energy JAM™ to increase those positive vibes and shift your power to one of expansion and possibility. You’ll be more creative, resourceful and inspired. Go here for details!


Wednesday, October 7
Joyful Business Studio – Monthly Workshop: 
Open the Creative Power Centers in your Business – Coaching for opening up the blocks, doubts and opportunities.
Join us for this hands on workshop for seeing where you are stuck in your business and what you can do to shift the energy and move into aligned action. Join us in the Joyful Business Studio!

Thursday and Friday, October 7 and 8
Private Client Business Retreat
 – virtual

Coming Soon! Creating from Flow 3!
Details are coming for how you can join this amazing group in creating your Soul Work. Everyone will be focused on creating their Inner and Outer Passion Projects that will totally change their business trajectory! Want to get on the waitlist to make sure you get notified first when we open this program? You can do that here!

October 20-23
Creative Retreat by-the-Sea

Virginia Beach, VA – oceanfront beach house

We are all full for 2021~ Would you like to be on the waitlist for future retreats? Just go to the retreat page and sign up for the notifications.

The Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea is THE place to rejuvenate the soul and spirit of you and your business! The environment, conversations, deliciousness of life, plus the coaching and the creativity will be the perfect transformational experience to help shift you into what’s next for you!


Watch for the 2022 Joyful Business Plan!
Coming your way so you can capture your creative ideas, create a soul-led marketing plan and planners galore to help you align your day with your dream and take aligned action to make that dream a reality!

December 5 and 6
Private Client Retreat – 
Virginia Beach

Coming Early 2022!
New Group Mastermind & Coaching Program

It’s coming! I’ve heard your desire to be in a high level community with other Ripple Makers doing your Soul Work! I’m journaling, mind mapping and designing a new mastermind and group coaching program for you for to support you in your 2022 growth and success! More to come…think Flow + Healing + Living Your Manifesto!

Want to be on the waitlist to find out more? Sign up here so you will be the first to know about this new program.

PS: Soul Nourishing Affirmation:

I am a heart-centered entrepreneur who enjoys creating powerful transformation in my clients!

More and More I am discovering, owning and sharing my voice!

I love feeling like I am riding the Universal Abundance Current!

Uncertain of what you really want?

I’ve been hearing from so many of my clients and those in the Joyful Business community that they are feeling everything from out of sorts and feelings of overwhelm to being called forth, with all the change, inequities, frustration, and trauma that is front and center in today’s world.

It’s having many of us re-evaluate what is important…at this time.

I hear the stirrings (or strong urges) to help make a difference and create meaningful change but then the HOW question takes over and you feel tired or confused about where to start.

I hear you.

What I know is that we are in a different time.

Having a clear vision isn’t possible right now.

Gone are the days of …here is my future self on a stage, with a book, and the dream is written out with crystal clarity.

The foundations, vehicles and frameworks have all changed. WE have all been changed by what we have gone through and continue to go through.

Here’s what I’m doing….

I’m focusing on who I am being.

Who I am becoming.

Chipping away at the parts of the statue (as Michael Angelo says) and revealing my true authentic self.

Then asking…how can I make a contribution with my gifts?

The exact form in my vision isn’t clear.

But my Being vision is.

Who I am being, and who I am becoming is clear.

“I am a woman who makes a positive difference with my gifts.”

“I am a love-guided entrepreneur who knows the world needs a dose of love, compassion and inspiration right now.”

“More and More I take steps every day to expand my business and make a difference”

I am living into those soul-nourishing affirmations.

I’d like to invite you to create your own soul-nourishing affirmations. To call you forth in what you DO know.

Who you want to BE in the world.

(Trust the HOW will come…..I am a soulful entrepreneur who trusts the how will show up as I take guided action)

You can create these love-layered affirmations with the Energy JAM™. It’s my new product that guides you through creating your very own soul-soothing and soul-calling JAM.

It’s a power script you can read each day to align your energy with your desires.

Yes, it’s a JAM for your soul!

I’ve just launched it and am hearing such positive excitement from clients and colleagues.

You can get yours with the special launch price of only $27.

Go here to sign up!

You also get a LIVE workshop with me to guide you through creating your personal Energy JAM!

The deadline to take advantage of the launch price is Thursday, September 30 and then the price goes up!

My intention is…that this is a balm to your overstressed nervous system while gently calling you forward in making your unique contribution.

If you have any questions…don’t hesitate to ask!