{Freebies} Abundance Affirmations & Journaling Pages

by Laura West

AffirmationsHappy Weekend to you!

I hope you are getting some down time to relax and reflect and just enjoy life!

I like Sunday afternoons to cuddle up by the fire and read something inspirational, journal and fill my well. This is when I watch those videos or read those books/ebooks to expand my knowledge, expertise or even help empower my creative mindset.

I’ve got something special that will help with your creative mindset too!

My newest free gift I just created… it fits right in with this afternoon of aligning your energy and filling your well.

It’s the Best Day Ever Daily Abundance Affirmations and Journaling Pages. I’m so excited about what this will do for you!

This daily practice of following the journaling prompts and saying the Abundance Affirmations will totally align your energy with confidence and abundance possibilities!

It’s all a part of the Heart of Coaching Giveaway. You can get all sorts of inspiration, marketing expertise and advanced coaching techniques.

And, it’s really high-quality stuff!

Check it all out… be mindful… just sign up for the couple of things that really speak to you and where you are in your business growth right now.

Let me know how you enjoy the Abundance Affirmations and Best Day Ever Journaling Pages!


PS: I have a coach in Barcelona who received her affirmations – she printed it out and hung it up so she can see it every day in her kitchen. She is so excited to plug into this energy every day and see what’s possible! Get yours here!

Want to Add More Creativity into Your Coaching?

by Laura West

What a fun week it’s been! I have been doing a lot of writing… creating some new programs and a new website(!), which is exciting. I can’t wait to share more with you!

I’m heading out later this evening to attend an Enneagram workshop that runs tonight and tomorrow. I’ve been coaching for a long time, and I’m always looking for creative tools and processes to add to my coaching so that I can go deeper, and help my clients experience greater shifts and transformation so they step into the leader they are meant to be… and create the results they desire in their business and life.

I’m leading a webinar next week: How to add more creativity into your coaching!

It’s complimentary and you are invited!

I’ll be sharing how to bring more creativity into your coaching business for greater engagement, insights and breakthroughs with your clients. I’ll share some cool tools, new skills and techniques to expand your coaching range.

This webinar is sponsored by CoachingWebsites.com. I’m pleased to be their featured speaker this month.

Would you like to join me on the webinar? Here’s where you can sign up!

I’m already excited about what’s possible when you wake up your coaching!


Free Mojo for your 2020 Flowmentum

by Laura West

I love talking about how to get your mojo feeling all shiny and fresh so that you feel that deep sense of confidence, conviction and inspiration to move forward.

When you’re in alignment and moving forward, that’s what I call: Flowmentum!

It feels SOOOO good! And all sorts of ideas and support come your way so you can’t help but take the inspired actions in front of you!

Yes! More please, right??

Well, here is one of those opportunities that the universe (delivered through amazing creative people) is delivering your way… just to get you feeling good and your flowmentum moving!

It’s a free gift event – designed especially for coaches called The Heart of Coaching Giveaway.

Every year I participate in this online event because it’s such high-quality information. I’ve been around for almost 20 years in the coaching industry and I still get stuff that makes me think differently about my business or gives me a cool new tool to advance my coaching skills.

Here’s where you can check it out for yourself: The Heart of Coaching Giveaway.

While you are there, check out my gift that I’m super excited about: Best Day Ever. Daily Success Rituals.

If you are a coach, healer, therapist or have a business where you are delivering transformational work – I’m sure you’ll find just the thing you need right now to get your mojo flowing in your business!