Productivity Myth: Eat The Frog First!

I really hate this one!  

The pressure that if you are a “good business owner” then as soon as you get to your desk you should do 3.2012 the hard thing first.  Eat The Frog.

You know what I mean:  that one project, email, phone call or whatever is blocking your way or feels hard to do.  I don’t know many people who can start from a cold stop and attack.

This productivity "rule" SO doesn’t work for me!

I’ve learned that my natural style…is to Eat a Few Mosquitos First.

Some yummy food to get going.  I do a few easy tasks.  I get some small successes and build what I call my Flowmentum™ – THEN I go for the big frog of a project! It’s so much easier to build upon the energy of your successes.

The key is to not lose your focus and never get to the tough work.

I try to do ONE Frog project a day.  First I build my Flowmentum™ and then I’m ready for the hard step.

It feels so good to be successful!



P.S. The frog metaphor was for illustrative purposes only. No frogs were injured in the writing of this blog post nor were my intentions to offend any frogs or frog-lovers. (I’m a long time fan of Kermit!) This is a photo of a beautiful green frog at my parents house…. And…the metaphor works for creative productivity tips!



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