The Magic of Passion: Join Me to Discover Your Passion Project


I believe in the magic of passion.

I believe that passion has the ability to transform your energy into something more powerful than 1+1 =2.

When you add PASSION to the mix, you create momentum… you create magnetism… you create something bigger than you!

That’s why I’d love for you to join me for my free training teleclass, Discover Your Passion Project.

“What is a Passion Project?” you might ask. Watch my video below and you’ll get how powerul it is.

A Passion Project is when you focus your energy

and actions into ONE project that will move you and your business forward!

It makes YOU come alive.

It gives you a channel for your true voice.

It captures attention, visibility, opportunities, and, yes, clients!

I’ll be sharing my four-step process with you.

It will help you brainstorm possible ideas for your Passion Project.

And THEN decide WHICH IDEA is the RIGHT ONE for now.

I also will share some pretty awesome creative business tools that you can use over and over in your business.

And, how you can make your Passion Project come alive!

Title: Discover Your Passion Project Training Telecall
Date: Tuesday, September 18
Time: 1:00pm eastern | 10:00am pacific | 6:00pm UK – 90 minutes
Cost: FREE!

Register HERE!


Exciting Announcement: Expert Writer for The Future of Ink

I’m thrilled to announce that I am Expert Writer at the new digital publishing site: The Future of Ink.

This visionary new site aims to be THE authority and top resource on digital publishing for online entrepreneurs.  The founders behind this content site are the amazingly talented experienced entrepreneurs Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman. 

I’ll be contributing my expertise in discovering, claiming and working with creativity in digital publishing ideas, content, projects and of course, marketing your expertise.

You can read my first article, “7 Simple Steps for Selecting The Right Topic for Your Ebook or Digital Product”.  I’m making use of my new graphic visual passion as you will see 😉

I’m pleased to be a part of a talented group of experts in digital publishing including:

Sue Painter

Nina Amir

Daniel Hall

Bob Jenkins (aka Bob the Teacher)

Marnie Pehrson

Kristen Eckstein

Lou Bortone

Nicole Dean

Lynne Klippel

D’vorah Lansky

Kathleen Gage

Make sure you sign up for their updates, articles to help you with your Digital Publishing projects!  Stay tuned for more!