Do You Want More Creative Flow and Less Hustle?

I know I am all about the creative flow and not so much about major hustle.

Don’t get me wrong. I can work hard. Sometimes I work long hours even.

But it’s done with the pleasure of a healthy challenge and commitment to meaningful work rather than pure grind to make a buck.

A big part of how I’m able to create so much in my business and life is because of the power of rituals.

I create rituals to set the intention for who I want to BE and DO every day.

Creative rituals make it fun and easy to adjust my attitude, shift my perspective and call in clarity, courage and creativity.

I wanted to share this with you too.

That’s why I created an ebook full of these same creative rituals I use to keep the joy flowing in my business and create work I love while making great money to fund my dreams. (That’s a mouthful… and all true.)

Get your copy of the Daily Success Rituals ebook here and revel in the rituals and let yourself be inspired to create your own intentional rituals. You’ll find ideas to shift your attitude, handle overwhelm and more forward with greater ease and confidence.

Inside is over 90 simple and easy creative rituals to start your day, infuse your energy, focus on a project and savor the ending of your day.

You’ll also get to read about the special rituals my clients use to infuse their success as well. I love how powerful these practices are to them!

Please let me know how you enjoy these rituals and what you are inspired to do in your own life and business!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success!


I’ve Created Something Fun (and Free) for You!

I’m really excited to share something wonderful with you!

It’s my new Daily Flow Rituals ebook!

The creative rituals in here will help you create sacred space and the deep presence you need so you can experience more clarity, calm and courage throughout your day.

Inside you’ll get ideas for over 90 ways you can easily create your own daily rituals to support your creativity, confidence and aligned action in your business… and your life!

Life is stressful enough to keep wrestling with the dance of struggle.

You have the power to shift your attitude and cultivate an openness that will totally shift the flow of your day when you use these rituals to align your intentional energy with your outer actions.

I’ll share with you how rituals have become a big part of my life and how I now incorporate them all throughout my day in my business. It makes such a difference in my energy and attitude! And in what and how I create!

You’ll also read some really inspiring and creative ideas from my clients who weave rituals in their businesses too.

Here are a couple of rituals from clients that you’ll read about inside…

From Kim Wilkish of New Tides Coaching,

In the summer when I wake early, I’ll make a cup of coffee and bring it with me as I sit on my back deck, read or journal and watch the sun rise from behind the trees and shine across my yard. I treasure the moment of solitude and quiet before the family rises.

From Robert Hackman, 4 C’s Coaching and Consulting
(Yes, men use rituals too! In case you were wondering!)

Before I go to bed, end my day by writing down 3-gratitudes and 3-accomplishments for the day.

It can be simple to put intention into your day and shift your energy so that you open your creative flow.

You can get your Daily Flow Rituals here.

Let me know how you enjoy these simple yet powerful rituals and how you are inspired to bring them into our life and business!


Does Your Business Spark Joy?

I’ve been working with quite a few clients to “Marie Kondo” their businesses!

With the state of the world we have been asked to slow down our outside activities and it’s bringing up a lot for us and our businesses and what is really important.

One of the big questions rising up is: Does your business bring you joy?

And if it isn’t, then it’s time to take a closer look.

Many of us started our business with the joy of doing the work we love. As your business grows, evolves and time passes… does it still bring you joy?

Here are some questions for you to ponder…

Is the whole business under water with joy or is it a certain part, like marketing or technology?

Is doing the work bringing you joy… but the marketing feels out of alignment with your soul’s work? You don’t have to buy into all the hype that you must market a certain way.

There is another way to grow your business that is from total inner alignment and authenticity. You can create meaningful work AND meaningful marketing. (PS: That’s a place I can help you with!)

Is your business bringing you joy except when it comes to getting online or with technology issues? Who can help you with moving your business more virtual and making use of the amazing virtual opportunities to teach, coach and do your work online?

Do you have creative ideas and dreams that are outdated? Perhaps holding on to these old yearnings is weighing you down.

What is it time to let go of?

What will letting go allow more room for?

Where have you been holding yourself so small, that only a little tiny bit of joy can pass through to you?

What if you expanded your vision of yourself and your capacity to receive joy, love, success and abundance?

I’d love to hear what thoughts these questions stir up as you think of where in your business sparks joy (or not)!

Please feel free to share with me as I love knowing what is going on for you.

Wishing you a day filled with JoyFlow Sightings! (Evidence of joy, success, abundance, beauty and connection.)


What is coming up at Joyful Business?

Wednesday, September 2
Joyful Business Studio

This month’s topic: Finding Your Soul Voice. This powerful training and creative hands on workshop is about how to identify your unique inner rebel and how to use it to take a stand in your business for what you believe in. We’ll workshop this and make it real for you – you’ll get such clarity and confidence. You can join the monthly Studio program here.

The Joyful Business Studio is an affordable way to learn creative, authentic and practical marketing and mindset strategies to own your voice, step into your message and grow your business.

Friday, September 18
Virtual Business Planning Day

Join me in planning the last quarter of your year! It’s so much more fun and do-able when we do it together! Especially now… we need each other to move forward! Special bonus for members of the Joyful Business Studio and private clients.

Starts September 21, 2020
Creating from Flow – 6-month small group

This IS a better way to grow and market your business. Watch for details coming soon on this amazing small group opportunity to immerse in aligning your energy and your actions with your soulful voice. You have been giving a message to share with the world – in your unique way – and now is the time. Email me to be put on the waitlist for first opportunities!