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Hello Heart-Centered Business Owner,

I am so glad you have decided to make money a priority in your business! Remember money allows you to keep sharing your heart-centered work so that you can make a difference with more people. It’s a wonderful thing!

To shift your Money Flow here’s what I suggest: 

  • Go ahead and print out your two Creative Worksheets
  • Listen right now to the audio where I help you use the worksheets to open up the flow of money in your life and business.
  • OR, if you can’t listen right now, then SCHEDULE a time to listen. Yep. Make an appointment with yourself.  If you don’t, then you know how it will go…you’ll MEAN to do and it won’t happen. We don’t want that!  So schedule a Money Flow date!

Here are your downloads…INSTANT ACCESS to open the floodgates to your Money Flow!

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Track & Bless – Daily Money

Money Flow Goal Setting worksheets

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The Track & Bless Your Money and the Money Flow Goal Setting worksheets are fun, creative and powerfully help you focus on money growth.

With an audio training detailing how to best use these creative worksheets to amp your Money Flow!