Are you ready for a New Vision?

Is it time to refresh your old vision?

Have you shifted so much that it’s time for your vision to shift, too?

A new vision allows you to tap into fresh possibilities and
it’s sure to rev up your enthusiasm, confidence, and creativity!


How much time do you spend visualizing your goals, hopes, and dreams?

Maybe quite a bit. Maybe not enough.

I can tell you from experience that we tend to spend a whole more time on what we don’t have, what we didn’t do, and all those creative idenew-year-new-vision-video-screenshotas that are laying to waste because we haven’t acted on them.

I can also tell you… that where you put your attention is what will expand.

What if you chose to put your attention on what you want to expand?

Starting with a powerful, juicy, compelling vision!

I find that it’s impossible to vision while sitting at your desk in front of your computer.

This type of process needs some air. Like getting out of the office so you can let your heart in to partner with your mind.

I also find that many of us need a little coaxing to connect with our vision. Trying to pull a vision out of thin air or a blank page can be intimidating.

I’ve developed just the thing to help!

An online learning module with a guided visualization, mindmap, fill-in-the-blank Vision… so that connecting and creating your vision is fun & easy! It’ll give your mind plenty to do while opening the door for your heart to speak too.

Mind map - House of DReams

Whether it’s the beginning of the calendar year, the beginning of a new YOU, or the evolution of a big business dream – visioning is a powerful process that will give you the clarity, energy, and confidence you need to move forward!

With the New Year – New Vision module, you get

  • Introduction video explaining the importance of visioning and spending quality time with your visions and dreams
  • Audio guided visualization to help you relax and focus to visit your Housenew-year-new-vision-board-collage of Dreams
  • Colorful mindmap to help you easily capture your vision
  • Fill-in-the-blank vision story
  • Video with examples of vision boards to help you create something visual to stand for your vision and dreams.
  • New ways of thinking about visioning in a new economy where everything changes at a blink of an eye

Whether you have your own visoning ritual and you want to add something to it, or if you are looking to create a visioning ritual, the tools in this creative module will help you expand your thinking, your heart, and your success!

Are you ready to dive into the creative world of visioning?

It’s simple.

It’s only $47.

You get instant access immediately when you sign up. So you can jump right in… right now, even!


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By the way, this online Creative Module is delivered in our online learning center – with videos, worksheets, tools, and a place to ask questions. It’s super easy to get around and find everything… and if you need any help, just ask!



About Laura

Laura_red_250px_shadow_diagLaura West is a Passionista for creativity in business!

She believes that when you shift your energy, confidence, creativity, AND take action, you’ll create the business of your dreams. As a Creative Business Coach, author, speaker, and Visual Facilitator, Laura helps Creative Inspirational Leaders share their unique messages and gifts to create big change in the world.

Laura is known for turning marketing on its head and making business fun, creative, practical, and real through her information products, workshops, teleclasses, and coaching programs.

Laura loves to work with creative entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders who have a mission to create a better world with their gifts and expertise: their work is a calling, and they can’t imagine doing anything else… AND they want to package their expertise and share it with a larger audience so they can change more lives AND have a successful business. Laura helps makes this easy, exciting and very do-able!