[Miracle Marketing Message] Inner Wisdom + Outer Knowledge = Sweet Spot of Success!



Listen to: Inner Wisdom + Outer Knowledge = Sweet Spot of Success!



I get a lot of questions from clients about what is the “right thing” to do when designing a program. What is the right time of day to hold a teleclass, right day of the week to publish your ezine, what is the right price… and on it goes.

These are all great questions.

But instead of relying on a proven formula, I use a mixture of inner and outer wisdom and knowledge for the “right answer.”

Take the teleclass question… what is the right time of day to offer a teleclass? I always encourage my clients (and I make decisions this way, too) to go inside first and determine what feels good to them.

Many marketing experts say that you need to poll your market first and plan according to their needs. That is good information, but it won’t be sustainable if it doesn’t work for you and your schedule, your values, and your lifestyle.

So if you have little kids and think you would lead a teleclass at night, but this stresses you out because you know how difficult it is to plan an evening without kids, then don’t do it. Unless it is lined up with grace, ease, and an “Oh, yes! I am excited about this!”… you’ll be stressed, or you won’t even get around to doing it.

Start with what works for you, and then add in smart knowledge from your tribe and what they are looking for.

Find that perfect overlap of your needs and values with their needs and desires, and you have the sweet spot of success!

I hope you create an amazing week!


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