[Miracle Marketing Message] Are you claiming a new message? Pitfalls to watch for!


Hello & Happy Monday!

Are you bored with your current program offers? Do you feel like you are moving beyond the basic program you’ve offered, and there’s something new on the horizon?

This is happening for many of my clients, too. And I just went through this a couple years ago when I shifted from being a marketing coach to being a creative marketing coach. It’s an exciting place to be, and it can be very scary!

In today’s Miracle Marketing Message Audio I share with you 3 of the most common pitfalls that can happen when you are shifting your message and what to do while you are waiting for that new website or are in the process of creating a new program, but it isn’t done yet. Listen in… I think you’ll really feel better and get some great ideas for what to do.

I hope you create an amazing week!


Audio_ipod_w-logoAre you claiming a new message? Pitfalls to watch for!

Here is your Miracle Marketing Message audio. This audio is designed to help you start your week with inspiration, reflection, positive intention and some smart marketing ideas!

Listen to: Are you claiming a new message? Pitfalls to watch for!


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