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"Laura, thank you for breaking the rules and being our sole presenter for the month of January--Joyful Marketing month! You provided our coaches with outstanding information in the attraction marketing and electronic marketing areas, but WOW!!! Did you ever raise the energy level in your events!! Your power is deeply appreciated, Laura, and you're still creating a buzz long after Joyful January is completed!"

Kathy Esper, MBA, PCC
Owner, Kathy Esper Enterprises
Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor
ICF New England Board

Media Coverage/Publications

Simply Home Magazine

A resource for women starting a home business; nationally published; feature article "Create Your Own Success Guide" (March/April 2008, view digital version)

Choice Magazine

Professional Coaching Magazine; nationally published; feature article on Joyful Business Guide (Oct/Nov 2007, PDF)

Motto Magazine

Creating Passion, Purpose & Prosperity;
nationally published magazine; contributing writer
including Rituals for a Better Life (April 2007, PDF)

Connections Magazine

Industry magazine for Association of Image Consultants; contributing writer

Inside Gwinnett Magazine

Local Atlanta publication; contributing writer for 2 years

Internet TV, Radio, and Podcasts

BlogTalk Radio, "Creating Your Business Attraction Plan,", Laura interviewed by Melanie O'Kane on MODCOM Radio
Listen now: (it's a 1 hour program)

BlogTalkRadio , "The Art of Joyful Business," Laura Interviewed by Barbara Giamanco on the Wow Women's Series

Profitability TV , "The Myths of Business Plans," Laura featured on Ruth King's program "The Ugly Truth about Small Business"

Speaking Experience

  • International Coach Federation – Annual Conference
  • Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) – Annual Conference
  • Georgia Coach Association
  • International Coach Federation – Virtual Community
  • Co-Active Network – special interest groups
  • CoachU – special interest groups
  • New England Chapter – International Coach Federation
  • Women in Engineering Professional Organization
  • North Point Community Church – IT Team Program
  • Atlanta Gas Light Resources
  • Trammel Crowe Property Management
  • SoulWorks! Apply Spiritual Prosperity Principles in the Workplace
  • Love Your Life Series – monthly workshops at Barnes & Noble
  • Eva Gregory’s Monthly Attraction Guest Expert
  • Numerous workshops, teleclasses, conference presentations over the last 20 years

Samples of Past Workshops, Speaking, Training Topics

  • 7 Entrepreneur Success Skills for Image Consultants
  • 7 Entrepreneur Skills for Success in Your Corporate Career
  • Success As You Like It
  • Coaching Tools for Managers
  • Packaging Your Excellence into Workshops and Teleclasses
  • Visioning Workshops
  • Joyful Business Journey

Suggested Speaking Topics

Email our Business Manager, Dawn Goldberg, for details about Laura's availability.

7 Traps for Women Entrepreneurs Which Keep Them from Authentic Success

  • Every trap can be overcome by shifting your mindset, although it’s not always easy to do it alone.
  • These traps influence every piece of your business: money, how you see yourself in your business, marketing, sales, support.... and will put a lid on your income, your visibility and how quickly you can grow your business
  • You have an innate power in yourself to touch lots of lives and make a big impact.

7 Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs to Grow with Grace

  • The new business paradigm of being and doing business - women are leading the forefront and how YOU can redefine success and lead the change you want to see in your business.
  • How you drive yourself crazy doing the same actions over & over again and wonder why your business isn't taking off… What needs to shift?
  • Managing Your Mindset Pendulum and how this little talked-about phenomenon keeps you playing small and never stepping into your BIG SELF.
  • Shifting your business model from hour-to-hour and leveraging your intellect, your passion, resources, knowledge and experience to create your own Joyful Business Empire which reaches more clients, changes more lives and makes more money for you to enjoy your lifestyle.

Are You Managing Your Energy? Secrets to Entrepreneur Success

  • All the business actions and marketing strategies in the world won't be successful if you're missing the crucial ingredient.
  • How we get in our own way and what we can do about it.

Marketing Mindsets for Women Entrepreneurs to Market with Grace, Ease & Success

  • How creating a “movement” in your marketing changes your marketing strategies to be more compelling, more engaging.
  • Letting go of beating yourself up with self-defeating goals and instead learn how to set “Goals with Grace” – which tie you to your purpose and your bigger vision but don’t frustrate you and cause you to go into the “doubt spiral.”
  • The #1 Trap for Women Entrepreneurs is NOT handling or paying attention to the money – even when you say you want to make more in your business. To get over the $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 humps, you can’t keep doing what you are doing right now. To get different results, you have to do something different.

7 Success Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

  • It’s not about working harder, faster and more hours – it is about working smarter
  • Think like a CEO with these strategies vs. an employee
  • Entrepreneur thinking is critical inside a company

Create Your Virtual Support Team

  • More people are growing home-based businesses and are working with freelance contractors who are located around the world
  • Who is on your team? Who do you need on your team to be more successful?
  • Attracting the right person for your team

Stop, Drop and Release your Negative Thinking

  • It’s not always about working harder, faster and more hours to increase your success
  • Your thoughts, beliefs, confidence support your business growth or hold it back
  • Simple ideas for how to shift your energy and your beliefs so you’ll take action

Package your Passion into Workshops, Teleclasses and Programs

  • There’s a goldmine of information and resources at your fingertips you can package into information, coaching, and mentoring products and programs
  • What are 5 topics right in front of you?
  • Hot Topics of all time – how you can customize your experience and tie into these long lasting trends

Making your Business “Easy, Natural & Fun”

  • Yes, it’s possible!
  • Create and leverage systems and technology for freeing up more time for the entrepreneur
  • Greatest Efficiency Tool: Use your Joy – in the form of strengths, passions, flow
  • 4 types of energy – leverage each form of energy for greater effectiveness, access to creativity and enjoyment

Demystifying the Business Plan – Creating a Heart-Based Business Guide for Entrepreneurs

  • Millions of entrepreneurs have small businesses which require low startup capital – ie: they don’t need to create a business plan for the bank or investors
  • What you focus on is what grow – creating a personal business guide is an effective tool for gaining clarity and alignemnt through harnessing your thoughts, ideas, dreams, actions
  • Dare to make it inspirational and engaging – add color, photos, collage photos, quotes. Use markers and crayons! You’ll be inspired to use every day!

5 Myths of Successful Entrepreneur – Learn how to let go of them and Get on with your Success!

  • Common mythology and beliefs about the successful entrepreneur holds business owners back
  • Reframe myths into empowering beliefs to shift your perspective of success and the road to get there.


Laura West is a Creative Business Coach, Passionista, and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business
at As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she has helped thousands of
women entrepreneurs create successful businesses filled with passion, creativity and real success.

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