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Laura West, SpiritRich™ Success and Business Coach

Start your day in a whole new powerful way by reading the Business Goddess Manifesto. It will inspire you, remind you of your innate power and tap into your confidence in the work you are bringing into the world!

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You’ll receive a beautiful copy of the Business Goddess Manifesto for you to print out and hang in your office, on your refrigerator, or bathroom mirror to remind you every day of your innate brilliance. Watch as your day unfolds with ease and inspiration from a powerful place of confidence as you read your Manifesto and live into it!

What others have said about the Manifesto:

“This is so beautiful!”
“I am in tears...”
“I feel seen.”
“I love this! It reminds me of how I want to be in business.”
“This is business in a more conscious and loving way – I can let go of the ‘suppose-to’s.'”
“I feel heard.”
“It’s calling me forward into something that is even bigger than I can imagine.”
“I start my day with the affirmations and they inspire me and direct my actions... thank you for this lovely gift.”


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Laura West is a certified professional coach, writer, speaker and the President of The Center for Joyful Business. She is the author of the upcoming book, Awaken Your Inner Business Goddess, as well as, the Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages and the The Joyful Business Guide™. Laura publishes an award winning blog, Laura helps women solo-entrepreneurs step into being a Go-To-Goddess in their specialty niche. She brings together spiritual business in a powerful and prosperous way for women entrepreneurs. Visit our resource-rich website for your free inspirational affirmation: Business Goddess Manifesto at

Laura has been published in Motto, Simply Home, Choice, and Connections (published by the Association of Image Consultants) magazines, and is frequently a guest expert speaker for teleclass programs, Platinum MasterMind Programs, Internet tv, radio and blog programs. She has spoken at standing room only workshops for organizations such as the International Coach Federation, Georgia Coach Association, and the Association of Image Consultants.

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