Join Me in a Mission to
Create and Share Cards with Words
Of Love, Encouragement, and
Positivity in your Community!


amazingdayAre you a believer in the power of joy?

Do you know the impact of sharing a kind word, an inspired thought, or positive possibility can change someone’s life…right in that very moment?

Me too!

And then it creates a ripple effect from that moment of inspiration which is carried throughout their day and the way they will treat others… and even the way they treat (talk to) themselves!


If this moves you… YOU are invited
to join the #JoySpark mission!


It’s about creating simple handmade cards + adding positive words of encouragement, love and positivity.

  • And then giving your card to a waitress or waiter with your tip at a café… or leave it on the table to be found once you’ve left.
  • Give them to the guy who serves you the best coffee every morning.
  • Send it in with the note to the teacher.
  • Put them up in the ladies room on the mirror so others will see joy & beauty when they look at their reflection.

It’s so simple & yet so potentially powerful.


It gets even better…


receivethejoyTake a picture of your #JoySpark Card and post it on your favorite social media site like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Then you’ll be spreading ripples of joy to your community beyond your neighborhood!

Make sure you add #JoySpark to your card and your post. I’ll be able to find you that way, and I’ll share your #JoySpark cards and pictures on our Facebook page.

Share your story too… tell us where you left your card  (what type of place and what city or state) and let us know what happens (if you know).  Your stories and pictures will inspire others!




How great is that!


swirl2 Ready to get started? I created a free eBook to give you ideas for how to make your own #JoySpark Cards.  It gives you step-by-step ideas and plenty of suggestions for positive affirmations. (Of course, you can make up your own!)

You’ll also find out how you can turn an ordinary dinner with girlfriends into a #JoySpark party! How cool to have your girlfriends over to do something simple and yet so meaningful.  Then you’ll have fun sharing your stories about how you Joy Sparked people!

You even become a #JoySpark Ambassador!

swirl1You’ll find the details in the complimentary eBook.

This is a collaborative creative project that has already spread across the U.S. and I’m sure is spreading worldwide as we connect here.



The #JoySpark card is surprisingly full of potent energy!  When you spend a bit of time making a personal card (even a very simple one) and then give it to someone,  you are giving your energy, creativity and joy.  And… you get back huge waves of feel good vibes! 

~Laura West, creator of the #JoySpark movement.


Check out some of the recent
#JoySpark cards on Facebook,
Instagram and Pinterest:

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OF #JoySpark CARDS!

The more cards and pictures of cards we share, the more inspiration, courage, connection, and joy we’ll help spread in the world!

So grab a button below to put on your own blog/website, and inspire your friends and community to join this mission of joy & optimism!

200 x 200 px:

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150 x 150 px:

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To grab a button:

Right click on the button you’d like to use and then save it to your desktop. When adding it to your own website/blog, make sure you put this link behind the buttons when you add them to your site:

That way when people click the button, they’ll end up on this page to learn about the mission, and then they can join in, too!


More about #JoySpark
creator Laura West:


The #JoySpark movement is a creative collaboration project originally sparked by Laura West, founder of the Center for Joyful Business. Laura is a passionista for creativity, joy and passion in life and in business!

She started leaving #JoySpark cards when she took a creative sabbatical from her business and life after coming through a tough period in her life. She found that it felt really good to create and leave these cards with positive messages for others.   This led her back to rediscovering her passion, joy and creativity and she’s now on a mission to help others do the same!

You can find out more about Laura and
the Center for Joyful Business here.

Do you have questions?

Email me here (add new email – not sure which one)