Finally! A Business Planning System for
Creative Women Entrepreneurs Like You - With Tools You Use Every Day to Keep You in Touch with Your Business - And Why You're in Business in the First Place:

The Joyful Business Guide

It's time to reach (and exceed) your biggest business and
lifestyle goals on your own terms.

Dear Creative Business Owner,

Laura West, SpiritRICH™ Success and Business Coach

In case you don't already know me, my name is Laura West and as a long-time business coach and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business, I know that the Law of Attraction is at work this very moment.  Do you believe that you create everything in your life - both the things that are working for you and the things that aren't - and that being led to this website is one way the universe is conspiring for your well-being?

Having A Phenomenally Successful Business That Exudes Your Passion and Joy IS Within Your Reach - The Struggle Part is 100% optional

As someone who went through years of struggle, financial difficulty and even depression, I know it can be difficult to hear about a universal energy that gives us what we want.  That isn't comforting to hear at all when you're surrounded by difficulties.  But after years of searching for a way out of the overwhelm, confusion and doubt, I've found the tools that have helped hundreds of business owners like you make real, repeatable habits out of harnessing joy and the law of attraction.  The fact is, these habits are the fuel that run the engine of business!

Using a Repeatable System That You Enjoy Is the Key - No More Guilty Thoughts Like "Have I Done Enough?" "Am I Working Hard Enough?" or "Why Am I Not Earning Enough!"

As a kindred spirit and believer in the Law of Attraction, we know first hand it isn't enough to want something like financial success. We must do our part by taking action, but what actions should you take?

Well, you know you need to market your business. You probably even know it's smart to build a support team. Have a plan for sales. Maybe do some cold-calling. Then there's budgeting for expenses, all set up in a ledger book or macro-enabled spreadsheet, right? Oh, and don't forget to do focus groups, customer surveys and while you're at it, how about a full on business plan for the bank or your accountant??

Hang on there a moment! What if I told you there was a different way to be successful? That there are compelling and enjoyable ways of doing all of the above, but in an energetically positive way so you aren't worn out or on the verge of burnout all the time?

The Joyful Business Guide
Read on for proof that you can tell all the 'bankers in business suits' to buzz off and leave those achingly boring *so not you* business plans behind for good...

Identify Your Ideal Clients, Choose Marketing Tasks Suited to You, Pinpoint the Best Joint Venture Partners - all in the Most
Highly-Leveraged Joyful Way Possible

As you'll see as you keep reading, the Joyful Business Guide™ has been called 'astonishing,' 'life-changing,' 'a big relief,' and many other very flattering things, which I am very grateful for. I truly enjoy making a difference to the lives of women entrepreneurs in countries all around the world! But here's the other thing I know. If this business-building system weren't repeatable; if it was just a feel-good idea about joy or if it was just about helping lots of business owners make more money... I still wouldn't be inviting you to use it. What I know is that it relates to both meaning and money and helps make growing a business easier and it's replicable no matter what type of business you are in and what stage of your business evolution.

You know when you feel soulfully connected to something you'll do it, right? The struggle seems to melt or disappear, and things become irresistibly fun and financially productive! That is the energy this system is designed to tap into, no matter what business task you have on your to-do list.

Here are just a couple of examples of how we take the process of business building, and one step at a time, create new habits based on the Law of Attraction:

Example #1:

Demystify marketing by using the "Ideal Client," "Relationship Building Marketing Funnel," and "Passionate Packaging" creative worksheets. To manifest your goals, your energy needs to be focused, so each creative template is designed to laser focus you in on the important business pillars in an enjoyable way.

Relationship Building Marketing Funnel
Click to view an enlarged version)

The Business-Building System that is the Joyful Business Guide™ is a comprehensive one and includes a beautiful, 3-ring portfolio with custom tabs and creative worksheets like the sample above. The Joyful Business Guide™ Playbook tells you step-by-step how to access your wisdom and goals using these worksheets and applying them to your business. Other worksheets include:

Passionate Packaging – The secret to growing your business revenue is by responding to your clients needs by packaging your services

Collaboration Possibilities – Grow your business list, gain exposure, create "Celebrity Mystique" by collaborating with others

My Support Team – Increase your capacity through a team of virtual team members and champions and you can do it easily and consciously with a plan!

Personal & Professional Growth Gifts – Embrace all of the strengths and talents you have developed over the years. This is essential in identifying your natural marketing style and "Expert Status"

Heart Project Intention Map – Get clear about a project by identifying what you want it to look like, what you know and what you need to know. This is a favorite tool of most of my clients! It makes projects clearer, their confidence stronger and the baby action steps seem easy!

Inspired Giving Worksheet – This premise of the basic foundation of any business harnessing the attraction philosophy. Giving puts you in the flow. Being conscious of how much and where you give is good energy management! This worksheet combines the two so you can give with a big, wide open heart and step into the flow with assuredness!

Example #2:

Save money, effort and frustration by clarifying who your customer is
using the Ideal Client creative worksheet and Vision Boards.
The Law of
Attraction says you create your reality – you shape your success. The
Joyful Business Guide™ gives you the tools to do the shaping from A to Z.

You want to be clear about who you want to attract in your business. The worksheet and Vision Board together are very powerful for helping your magnetize more clients you LOVE to work with!

Click to view the Ideal Client creative worksheet and sample Vision Board, and begin to imagine your Joyful Business Guide that will keep all your joyful business dreams alive and in one place.

Ideal Client creative worksheet
(Click to view an enlarged version)

Vision Board
(Click to view an enlarged version)

Example #3:

Keep Your Vision and Goals Alive & Juicy! Have you ever created goals to achieve then lost momentum and they never happen? To really be
successful you have to know what you want. You want it to be
real for you (not someone else's idea of success).

What's your version of success? To help you get clear easily we include the Fill-In-The-Blank Vision Story. Nothing will move you forward more than vivid visioning made easy! **Did you know that your mind doesn't know the difference between your imagination and reality? Your dreams will happen when you imagine them into being.

Clarify and amplify your Vision Story with the Intention Alive Cards.

Intention Alive cardsAlso in the Joyful Business Guide™ system are Intention Alive Cards to support you in holding the pieces of your vision and keeping your attraction energy vibrating in high alignment with what you really want in your life and business. It's like plugging into your own ATM of goals – and withdrawing an unlimited supply of success.

Remember that these tools are designed to be personalized with your own powerful creative energy. You'll receive guidance on how to use all the tools in the Playbook, but ultimately let the Law of Attraction be your guide. Are you drawn to use felt-tip markers or pastel crayons? Go for it!

Intentions are goals held passionately and yet lightly. They are things you are aligning with, be or have which are held with loving care as they come into fruition.

Write each Intention on the front of a card, and then the questions on the back will get you into alignment with the feeling of celebrating the success of your Intention. A proven way to attract what you really want. With our unique Intention Heart Maps and Intention Alive cards clients have attracted opportunities, people, money, and many amazing synchronicities to them for more leveraged collaborations, more publicity, and lots of ideal clients!

Example #4:

Take Joy Infused Baby Steps - don't work too hard, after all, your intention is
to run your business not have it run you.
We give you tools to get to the
action using your joy, flow and intentions as a guide.

Our clients are proof it works! They love these cards!

giggle goals cards
Click to view an enlarged version of the Daily Giggle Goal Cards,
a tool that helps you focus or refocus your day.

Hey, without laughter, we're just going through the motions, right? Laughter is the elixir of joy – as you build this Giggle Goal habit, you'll begin to truly feel how a simple smile is a powerful doorway to the Law of Attraction and making your business dreams a reality.

Example #5:

Shift your money mindset- break that glass ceiling on your thoughts by attending to your money and your mindset. We include a whole section on the Joy of Money worksheets and a money game called Dreaming with Zeros.

We believe in being clear about where you are and where you want to be and stretching it with our money game has inspired clients to change their rates, add higher priced services and create more financial success.

Sample worksheets

Dreaming with Zeros
(Click to view an enlarged version)

Example #6:

Build with a Team - You can't "grow it alone!"

We know that being surrounded by like-minded business owners will help you be more successful – get more ideas, feel validated in this crazy business world and keep you inspired. That's why we host a monthly Joyful Business Guide™ Owners Biz Attraction teleseminar.

Remember, like attracts like, and on these teleseminars we'll reinforce the habits you're creating and help you fully integrate Law of Attraction into every aspect of your business.

Our previous teleseminars are also already waiting for you to listen to by recording if you wish. Some highlights of the calls include:

  • Creating a Business Retreat
  • Building your Support Team
  • Focus and Flow – how to harness both powers!
Example #7:

Every business owner has to learn how to get up after you stumble - something no business school or business plan teaches you, regardless of how many bankers you show it to. The Joyful Business Guide™ process acknowledges that everyone has bad days. And every teacher of the Law of Attraction has days when she doubts the universe itself.

joy shift cardsWith the Joyful Business Guide™ system at your fingertips, you'll learn to pick yourself up and get back into positive energy alignment without forcing it.

That's where the JoyShift cards come in. Pick a card when you need a boost or pick a new one to set the tone for the day. They are sure to shift your energy so you can get back into the flow of things. (You can also light your Joy Candle – an added touch to your system to make joy appeal to all your senses!)



All this Focus on Joy and Attraction Does NOT Mean
this System is Soft, Woo-Woo or Only for Artsy Types.

The Joyful Business Guide™ is Built on the Same Principles Taught in Business School, But with an Enlightened Belief System Laid Over Top.

As you know, Law of Attraction works best when you focus on what you WANT not what you don't want. In short Law of Attraction says: Energy flows where attention goes.

If you just focus on what you know to be true about each of the following ideas, you will be attracting each thing to you. Take a deep breath and begin, won't you?

  • You will no longer be afraid of marketing or business ownership as a whole. Fans of the Joyful Business Guide™ have revealed that using the process allows them to see that being a six and seven figure business owner isn't mysterious, isn't hard, and marketing on a grand scale isn't so scary. They broke free of their limiting beliefs about being business owners, and so can you if you're willing to break old habits.

  • You will be calmer because you'll have one place to organize all your business ideas. Napkin and scrap-paper inspirations are beautiful things, but accumulated all over in the clutter of life, they can drain you. Instead of dreading making a decision because all your thoughts are scattered, the Joyful Business Guide™ becomes the beautiful, personalized and focused container for your passionate projects.

  • You will save money based on clarified intentions, realistic goals, and saved time.

    With the help of the habit-creation tools in the guide, you'll begin to integrate a mindset that transcends worry about money too, perhaps even more important. Has it ever occurred to you how much money you spend, or waste, by worrying about money?

  • You will have increased energy because you'll be celebrating what's going well instead of berating yourself about what you've missed.

    Unlike other business planning methodologies which force you to think in little boxes, going against the grain of your creative mind, the Joyful Business Guide™ strategies will actual nourish you so that planning becomes an unforced, eagerly anticipated task. The overflowing extra energy you generate will be yours to use as you see fit - reinvest it into your business or, better yet, the lifestyle that's important to you.

  • You'll gain confidence as the system shows you how far you've come in a visual picture, based on your creative worksheets and collage-ing if you choose to do that. You'll also begin relaxing because you're clear about your next steps, and best of all, noticing the undeniable proof that the Universe is conspiring for your well being.

    Get ready for the compliments from those around you - even those that know you best, because confidence always looks beautiful on a person, don't you think?

  • Your brain will be freed up to powerfully create new goals beyond the ones you imagine are possible right now.

    When you're stressed out about not earning enough money, often the tendency is to focus on the details, the problems, the 'weeds.' Because of this even the smartest business owner can miss the big picture... this is one of the more unexpected benefits of tapping into Law of Attraction for your business. You not only achieve your current goals, you realize how easy it is to stretch into even bigger ones!

  • You'll achieve your financial goals and more because you'll stop wasting time on tasks that miss the mark.

    With all of the above, you'll find that new opportunities, people, relationships and tangible possibilities begin flowing in. These are the keys to leveraging income; your job will be to prioritize which activities to do through the worksheets in the Joyful Business system...

  • You'll be able to quickly get yourself back on track on off days, retrigger your inspiration and emotional connection to what you're doing and WHY you're doing it.

    Any business building system worth its salt will work NOT just on good days - most likely you can handle the great days on your own! On days that aren't so good, you'll find the Joyful Business Guide™ to be an even stronger support. We want you to be able to count on your Law of Attraction habits in rain or shine.

Won't it be wonderful to accumulate the undeniable proof
that the Universe is on your side... and that Law of Attraction
can work for you
in your business.

Most of all, as you integrate Law of Attraction into your daily actions, you'll create a vision that goes deep and so portrays and describes what real success looks like for you that you can't help but to step into it. Just putting your Vision out there in as assertive a way as the Joyful Business Guide™ calls out will start using the energy of attraction to pull things, opportunities, people and resources to you. The synchronicities will abound.

You'll feel – finally – like a real business owner.

Besides being proven to increase the business bottom line, the process of applying the Law of Attraction - concretely - is an astonishing thing.

Here's what women entrepreneurs just like you from around the world have told me...

"Recently, I was invited to be a team leader/coach in a reality television show and I am diligently working on two books of my own.

The Joyful Business Guide™ has been instrumental in helping me reach clarity about what I want and helps me stay focused on the unlimited possibilities that support my biggest and boldest dreams."

- Beverly Keaton Smith, CPCC,
Jackson, Mississippi

"I'm on target to reach $100k this year in my private practice.

When I got my package, I carefully slit open the box and out poured this yummy aroma. That's when I ripped open the box and devoured all the contents - it was a sensory dessert!

I have come to really resonate with the principles of the system. I am learning more about myself and my business than ever before."

- Michelle Ulrich
Business & Internet Marketing Strategist

"I am waking up these days excited that I get to focus on my business planning and marketing more. If you knew the challenges I have had with these topics in the past, you would know this is rather a miracle.

For me to be vitally on board with something, I need to feel soulfully connected to it. The process needs to capture my imagination and my creativity. It also needs to come from my authentic self for that is where the energy and joy bubble and dance. I have felt challenged in the past to weave all of this together with business planning and marketing. The Joyful Business Guide™ vibrantly midwifes this. For this I give deep thanks."

-Elizabeth Clontz

"The Joyful Business Guide has transformed my life and business. Last year I felt overwhelmed and unclear in my business development. But creating my Ideal Client Collage and Vision Story has led me into this heart-and-joy zone where things just blossom. The Vision Story’s path took me to Hawaii for a month, where I discovered my deeper dream to open a retreat center in North Carolina. Magic continues to unfold around me now that I’m in NC. Best of all, within days of writing my Vision Story, amazing opportunities and referrals appeared out of nowhere—it was like the Universe saying, 'Go for it!' Thank you, Laura!"

- Jenny Chafe

"Since receiving my Guide, I can actually feel a change in my connection to my business.  I am much more clear on my Ideal Client and am making exciting changes in my website, my monthly communication and even creating a product... all with a more personal touch than I had the courage to present before.

I especially appreciate the Daily Giggle Goals. 'To-Dos' have never been so much fun. Thank you, thank you!

- Kim Cossette
Atlanta, GA

"Two tools that really show me my progress are My Vision Story and My Heart Intention maps. So many of my goals have been met!

I had created a heart intention map for setting up my website. In answer to the question: What is the impact of your success? My first answer was, "The whole world can find me" When I wrote that, I couldn't have known that I would be using Google Analytics to track visitors to my website and that I would have visitors from 21 countries outside of the US!"

- Pearl Mattenson
West Orange, NJ
Leadership & Relationship Coach

Alyce Flowers

"...I have really enjoyed listening to this Joyful Business Guide Business Attraction Call recordings.

I'm beginning to see a shift in my business, and finally my business is moving in the direction to soon attract extra income. I am still on the day job, but I can feel that the day is just around the corner when I'm able to quit. I can't wait!

I've listened to this recording several times and hear something new each time. That's encouraging.

Thank you for your work."

- Alyce Flowers
AF Image Group

Farra Allen "What I love about the Joyful Business Guide system is that it gave me a whole different outlook on marketing. I thought marketing was about a lot of "doing" and now I understand that it's about deepening relationships with people. Laura's program helped me integrate that philosophy at a much deeper level.

Every time I work with my Joyful Business Guide it stimulates my creativity and I get new ideas. I love it and I am really excited to have Laura come into our school and share her wonderfully creative ideas with our students supporting them in having successful businesses that they love!

- Farra Allen
Lifeworks School of Coaching

Laura's emphasis on joy, authenticity and passion in her Joyful Business approach makes the business and marketing aspects of the work we love so much easier, desirable and JOY-FILLED. Laura presented to my class of creativity coaches several tools from the Joyful Business Guide™ system and I got several emails back telling me that a subject they were dreading was now one they were coveting. THAT'S AMAZING. I get energized about marketing every time I hear Laura speak and marketing is not my favorite subject.

- Jill Badonsky
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching


"I LOVE my Joyful Business Guide. The Daily Giggle Goals cards are my favorite and they WORK! Just the other day I wrote a "Universe goal" that said people looking for speakers would contact me and sure enough the next day I got a call out of the blue from a woman that owns a speakers bureau who found me through the National Speakers Association. How's that for fast? "

- Pat Altvater
Transformations Institute

"Wow... each day is more powerful than the last. I am loving this journey. I appreciate the vessel and all you have created to host these changes for each of us. This program has been profound for me."

- Janine Underhill

Ultimately, it all adds up to a Joyful Business!
And that's exactly what the Joyful Business Guide™ is for.

buy the joyful business guide system
Now that you've reviewed these tangible benefits, are you ready to take action in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs? If you believe that Law of Attraction can work for you in your business, all you need do is take one step towards demonstrating your belief...

Doing what you want, how you want, when you want, with the by-product of getting the results you want!

It's a business guide for women – based in joy, and heart-felt.

Think about it. If your business is founded on struggle, pitfalls, and agonizing frustration, that's what your business will become – and that's what it will put out.

On the other hand, if you found your business on Joy (or re-found it, as the case may be), then JOY becomes the bedrock upon which everything else is built. Not only do you get to feel joyful yourself, your business will be the essence of joy. And JOY is what it will put out.

Don't get me wrong, though.

The Joyful Business Guide™ System isn't for everybody.

It's definitely not for people who truly prefer the traditional approach to planning your business. And it's not for entrepreneurs who are looking for funding from a financial institution. (Banks tend to like things the traditional way, you know.)

The Joyful Business Guide™ System IS for you if you are a woman entrepreneur who:

  • is responsible for the success (or failure) of your business.

  • is the prime decision-maker – the buck really does stop with you.

  • wants to express creativity and your spiritual side, but aren't quite sure how to do it and still feel like a "real" business owner.

  • is frustrated with the traditional business plan concept and can't seem to make it fit.

  • has been led to believe that you'll never have a "real" business without a traditional business plan – but know that "traditional" isn't a match for them.

  • wants your business to be a joyful expression of who you are and what you love – and want to love what you are doing.

  • wants to create meaning as well as money

  • likes the notion that deliberate, positive thoughts CAN create positive – even GREAT – results.

Does that sound like you? What would be different for you if you had a truly joyful business that was truly fulfilling and rewarding?

How much lighter do you think you would feel? Is it time to take action on that feeling, in alignment with the energy you'd love to sustain for the lifetime of your business?

It Is Possible To Be Hugely Profitable AND
Joyfully Spiritual At The Same Time

laura in her red carIn a world where great stock is put on material things, it can take quite some internal growth to become comfortable with earning a very strong income in your business. The key here is to do it consciously, from a spiritual foundation.

Remember, Law of Attraction wants you to have all you want and need since there is more than enough for everybody!

Here's me enjoying the new red convertible that my husband and I share. We love it - it gives us joy - and that joy in turn vibrates from our lives and attracts more happiness to us and our boys.

Trying NOT to want material things isn't the solution either. So be warned - using the Joyful Business Guide™ system is going to challenge you to welcome wealthy on all levels and probably push your buttons a little that way.

But I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that's why you're here in the first place - to be challenged about the way you've run your business until now, and be pushed - with love - in the direction of a brand new way of doing things.

Finally, after all those attempts using other methodologies, formulas that feel spiritually dried out, you've come to the right place.

How to Order Your Joyful Business Guide™

Choose your level of success...

This revolutionary Business-Building System containing comprehensive and easy-to-use tools for creative entrepreneurs is available to you in your choice of affordable easy payments options shipped to your home or business.

As a final summary, here is what you'll receive when you order your package:

  • The Joyful Business Guide™ - a beautiful, 3-ring portfolio with custom tabs and proven results creative worksheets to create your focused plan and get into inspired action.

  • The Joyful Business Playbook - filled with instructions, ideas and inspirations for creating and personalizing your plan and most of all to make it easy and inspiring for you!

  • Your Personal Deck of JoyShift Cards - a collection of personally selected message cards in a beautiful designed-for-you carry bag.

  • Personalizable JoyFlow Sighting™ Sheets - this notepad supports you in identifying how the universe is conspiring for your well-being - a habit you'll want to dive right into and keep.

  • Personalizable Daily Giggle Goal Cards - 30 custom created index-sized cards for Joyful Business Owners like you to craft your daily Giggle Goals.

  • Personalizable Intention Alive Cards - another 30 beautiful cards to hold your intentions - such an important piece when tapping into Attraction.

  • A Joyful Business Candle - we love to engage all the senses so we've added this beautiful scented Joy Candle with Joy affirmation - perfect for your Joyful Business rituals.

  • Online Access - We have a special client area just for Joyful Business Guide owners to download extra worksheets and access past recorded Joyful Business Attraction calls - full of juicy information!

  • Favorite Joyful Business Resources - Receive access to the "Rolodex" of resources to help you run a successful business. This alone will save you $100's in time and energy.

  • In other words, you get just-in-time expert coaching guidance, all as part of your success system.



Because we know priority-setting is a big part of conscious business ownership,
we have the three options for payment now available:


Option #1: Magnolia

Receive all of the above items in a complete, high quality and professional printed system. Shipped directly to your home or business.

$249 in full*

*you save a 5-8% administrative fee

Option #2: Cherry Blossom

We understand budgets so we've created a payment plan for all types of businesses. Make an initial down payment and receive all of the above items shipped to your home or business.

3 payments of $88*

*we apply a small administrative fee (5%)
in order to empower you to space out
your purchase payments a little

Option #3: Lavender

Stretch out your cashflow into small affordable payments. Receive all of the above items shipped to your home immediately after you make your initial payment.

5 payments of $54*

*we apply an administrative fee
(10%) in order to make sure your
payments over 5 months are taken
care of securely and efficiently

Not Sure About How your order will be processed?
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Most Frequently-Asked Customer Service Questions

There's Also My Heart and Soul Guarantee

Satisfaction GuaranteedGiven all of the above, I feel as though you've come to know my business philosophy and why I'm so excited to be able to support YOU.

In fact I'm so confident that the Joyful Business Guide™ system will help you to create a vision of your dream business that I want to erase any concern in your heart with my personal heart and soul guarantee.

If for some reason the Joyful Business Guide™ doesn't meet your expectations, or the strategies don't produce the results you were looking for, just return the program to me within one full year of your purchase. We will personally attend to your refund request and send that to you in full (less shipping costs), with my very best wishes.

You Know Law of Attraction Works - You Just Need the Keys
to Make It Work For Your Business, so here they are:

Whether the time is right for you to fully embrace the Joyful Business Guide™ or not, I want to leave you with a reminder of the messages that are most important:

  1. Making Money in business can be done with meaning and heart

  2. You attract money like a magnet when you show up fully with joy and enthusiasm

  3. Growing yourself goes in tandem with growing your business

  4. All the support you need will show up just when you need it

  5. The universe is a very abundant and prosperous place, with more than enough profit for everyone.

Please take a moment now to breathe in the truth of these messages.  Print out this page and highlight the words that raise your energy the most.  Success is a habit.  Using Law of Attraction to build those habits is as joyful a path as I could imagine and I hope you will join me on it.

Got questions? Most happy to help. Just send along your inquiry to info [at] Myself, or one of the Joyful Business Team will be on hand, and happy to get you the answers you need. It would be our joy to hear from you!

laura west

With Joyful Success,

laura's signature

Laura Howard West, CPCC
Founder, The Center for Joyful Business

P.S. Are you having difficult believing you can have a very profitable business without selling out? It's time to take a risk and see if you can truly be you, and make the law of attraction and principles of business work for you. Remember - I actually assume all the risk out of your investment with my heart and soul guarantee. If it turns out the JBG isn't for you, you'll have lost nothing!

Register now to take advantage of our special gift.

*The Fine Print

Disclaimer: Testimonials provided reflect the unique participation, experience and skills of that person.
Laura West or the Center for Joyful Business does not make any guarantees regarding results
that may be achieved by participating in this program.