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You get to SAVE and Get You Get A Creative Business Plan to capture your brilliant ideas, turn them into plans and take inspired actions so you’ll be more successful in your business!


Ask yourself this …

  • Does a business plan feel daunting and scary?
  • Do you wish you had a business plan that was easy to understand?
  • One that could guide you each and every day?
  • What if…you enjoyed creating a business plan?
  • What if you had fun and it got you feeling and thinking more creatively?

The Joyful Business Guide™ System IS for you if you are a woman entrepreneur who…

  • Knows she is responsible for the success of your business.
  • Is frustrated with the traditional business plan concept and can’t seem to make it fit.
  • Wants to express your creative side, but aren’t quite sure how to do it and still feel like a “real” business owner.
  • Has been led to believe that you’ll never have a “real” business without a traditional business plan – but know that “traditional” isn’t a match for them.
  • Knows that having a plan will help guide your daily actions and ultimately, success!
  • Wants to create meaning as well as money
  • Believes that deliberate, positive thoughts CAN create positive – even GREAT – results.


Does that sound like you?
What would be different for you if you had a clear vision and plan for your business that brings you clarity and excitement?

What’s it worth to have a plan that calls you forward into inspired action?

The Business-Building System that is The Joyful Business Guide™ is a comprehensive, fun and easy-to-create business plan that includes everything you need to create a plan for your business dreams.

The Joyful Business Guide™ Playbook tells you step-by-step how to access your inner wisdom and outer goals using these worksheets and applying them to your business.




You get these Creative Worksheets and Mindmaps


  • Inspiring Vision Story – This easy to create vision story is just waiting for you to fill in the details of what you heart desires in your business and your life!

    Passionate Packaging – The secret to growing your business revenue is by responding to your clients needs by packaging your services

  • Personal & Professional Growth Gifts – Embrace all of the strengths and talents you have developed over the years. This is essential in identifying your natural marketing style and “Expert Status”
  • Ideal ClientUse this fun mindmap to get a clear picture of your Ideal Client! Now you can use these qualities in your marketing to clearly talk to the right person who will respond to your message.
  • Collaboration Possibilities – Grow your business list, gain exposure, create “Celebrity Mystique” by collaborating with others
  • My Support Team – Increase your capacity through a team of virtual team members and champions and you can do it easily and consciously with a plan!

  • Heart Project Intention Map – Get clear about a project by identifying what you want it to look like, what you know and what you need to know. This is a favorite tool of most of my clients! It makes projects clearer, their confidence stronger and the baby action steps seem easy!
  • Inspired Giving Worksheet – This premise of the basic foundation of any business harnessing the attraction philosophy. Giving puts you in the flow. Being conscious of how much and where you give is good energy management! This worksheet combines the two so you can give with a big, wide open heart and step into the flow with assuredness!



jennyThe Joyful Business Guide has transformed my life and business. Last year I felt overwhelmed and unclear in my business development. But creating my Ideal Client Collage and Vision Story has led me into this heart-and-joy zone where things just blossom. The Vision Story’s path took me to Hawaii for a month, where I discovered my deeper dream to open a retreat center in North Carolina. Magic continues to unfold around me now that I’m in NC. Best of all, within days of writing my Vision Story, amazing opportunities and referrals appeared out of nowhere—it was like the Universe saying, ‘Go for it!’ Thank you, Laura!”

– Jenny Chafe – creativesourcecoaching.net – www.essentialembodiment.com


Here’s what is included in the Joyful Business Guide ™ system




  • The Joyful Business Guide™ – a beautiful, 3-ring portfolio with custom tabs and proven results creative worksheets to create your focused plan and get into inspired action.
  • The Joyful Business Playbook – filled with step-by-step instructions, ideas and inspirations for creating and personalizing your plan to make it easy and inspiring for you!
  • You’ll have easy-to-use business brainstorming and planning tools: mindmaps, fill-in-the-blank forms and worksheets for…
  • Creating your Vision Story
  • Getting Clear about Your Ideal Client, Your Gifts and your Inspired Giving Plan
  • Identifying Joint Venture and Collaboration Partners




Use these Action Planning Tools to eliminate confusion and overwhelm – capture your ideas in one place and outline the steps for the project:

  • Heart Project Mindmap
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice Idea Brainstorming



To Keep Your Intentions, Actions and Celebrations Front & Center… you’ll receive…



  • Beautiful Deck of JoyShift Cards – a collection of personally selected message cards in a beautiful designed-for-you carry bag.
  • Personalizable JoyFlow Sighting™ Sheets – this notepad supports you in identifying how the universe is conspiring for your well-being – a habit you’ll want to dive right into and keep.
  • Personalizable Daily Giggle Goal Cards – 30 custom created index-sized cards for Joyful Business Owners like you to craft your daily Giggle Goals. 
  • Personalizable Intention Alive Cards – another 30 beautiful cards to hold your intentions – such an important piece when tapping into Attraction.


pat“I LOVE my Joyful Business Guide™ !!!

The Daily Giggle Goals cards are my favorite and they WORK! Just the other day I wrote a “Universe goal” that said people looking for speakers would contact me and sure enough the next day I got a call out of the blue from a woman that owns a speakers bureau who found me through the National Speakers Association. How’s that for fast? “

– Pat Altvater Transformations Institute – transformationsinstitute.com




Shift Your Money Mindset with these Creative Tools

  • Joy of Money worksheets
  • Money Pie Worksheets for planning revenues and expenses
  • A money game called Dreaming with Zeros.


 PLUS Online Access to Worksheets

  • We have a special client area just for The Joyful Business Guide™  owners to download extra worksheets 


Single Payment is an Easy $249 Today OR take advantage of the Two Payment Plan just $135 Today and $135 in 30-days! (plus shipping & handling)


What Entrepreneurs, just like you, from around the world have to say …

jillLaura’s emphasis on joy, authenticity and passion in her Joyful Business Guide™ approach makes the business and marketing aspects of the work we love so much easier, desirable and JOY-FILLED. Laura presented to my class of creativity coaches several tools from the Joyful Business Guide™ system and I got several emails back telling me that a subject they were dreading was now one they were coveting. THAT’S AMAZING. I get energized about marketing every time I hear Laura speak and marketing is not my favorite subject. Jill Badonsky, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching

farraallenWhat I love about the Joyful Business Guide™ system is that it gave me a whole different outlook on marketing. I thought marketing was about a lot of “doing” and now I understand that it’s about deepening relationships with people. Laura’s program helped me integrate that philosophy at a much deeper level.

Every time I work with my Joyful Business Guide™ it stimulates my creativity and I get new ideas. I love it and I am really excited to have Laura come into our school and share her wonderfully creative ideas with our students supporting them in having successful businesses that they love!Farra Allen, Lifeworks School of Coaching - lifeworksschool.com

bev_lauraRecently, I was invited to be a team leader/coach in a reality television show and I am diligently working on two books of my own.

The Joyful Business Guide™ has been instrumental in helping me reach clarity about what I want and helps me stay focused on the unlimited possibilities that support my biggest and boldest dreams. Beverly Keaton Smith, CPCC - embraceyourgifts.com

michelleI’m on target to reach $100k this year in my private practice. When I got my package, I carefully slit open the box and out poured this yummy aroma. That’s when I ripped open the box and devoured all the contents – it was a sensory dessert!

I have come to really resonate with the principles of the system. I am learning more about myself and my business than ever before.Michelle Ulrich Business & Internet Marketing Strategist - michelleulrich.com

elizabethI am waking up these days excited that I get to focus on my business planning and marketing more. If you knew the challenges I have had with these topics in the past, you would know this is rather a miracle.

For me to be vitally on board with something, I need to feel soulfully connected to it. The process needs to capture my imagination and my creativity. It also needs to come from my authentic self for that is where the energy and joy bubble and dance. I have felt challenged in the past to weave all of this together with business planning and marketing. The Joyful Business Guide™ vibrantly midwifes this. For this I give deep thanks.Elizabeth Clontz - wyldavia.com

kimSince receiving my Joyful Business Guide™, I can actually feel a change in my connection to my business. I am much more clear on my Ideal Client and am making exciting changes in my website, my monthly communication and even creating a product… all with a more personal touch than I had the courage to present before.

I especially appreciate the Daily Giggle Goals. ‘To-Dos’ have never been so much fun. Thank you, thank you!Kim Cossette - theorganizedapproach.com

pearlmTwo tools that really show me my progress are My Vision Story and My Heart Intention maps. So many of my goals have been met!

I had created a heart intention map for setting up my website. In answer to the question: What is the impact of your success? My first answer was, “The whole world can find me” When I wrote that, I couldn’t have known that I would be using Google Analytics to track visitors to my website and that I would have visitors from 21 countries outside of the US!Pearl Mattenson, Leadership & Relationship Coach - pearlmattenson.com

alyceflowers…I have really enjoyed listening to the The Joyful Business Guide™ Business Attraction Call recordings.

I’m beginning to see a shift in my business, and finally my business is moving in the direction to soon attract extra income. I am still on the day job, but I can feel that the day is just around the corner when I’m able to quit. I can’t wait!

I’ve listened to this recording several times and hear something new each time. That’s encouraging. Thank you for your work. Alyce Flowers, AF Image Group


Single Payment is an Easy $249 Today OR take advantage of the Two Payment Plan just $135 Today and $135 in 30-days! (plus shipping & handling)