Doodling for Business and Fun!

Hands-on Workshop

Monday, December 5
Atlanta, Georgia


Learn how to communicate visually using doodles… and unlock your own creativity, visual expression, organization and powerful thinking!


This is a hands-on experiential workshop where you will learn how to create your own InfoDoodles for dozens of business applications… and for the fun of it!


Whether you are self-employed, run a small company or are working in a team in a large organization you’ll love how you can use the powerful visual communication skills of Doodling!


tv showAll day long you are bombarded by information on your phones, tablets, computers, tv’s and add to it, podcasts, TED talks, events, conferences, meetings and even on tv’s in the doctor’s office!


How do you make sense of and remember the important information?


With a little help, you can doodle with a purpose and it’ll help you organize and remember information, action items, capture key sound bites, flush out ideas and communicate more effectively and with more eye-catching attention!


Knowing how to make simple marks on paper using shapes, arrows, simple figures, and colors will help you see the patterns, sort through key information and identify patterns and progress, are the foundation for doodling for visual communication.


You’ll become addicted and use doodling for Webinars, slide decks, podcasts, TED talks, events, conferences, meetings, company trainings, notetaking in everyday meetings and even for your own personal use in organizing and retaining information and ideas.


There are so many ways to incorporate InfoDoodles into business:

  • Making decisions,
  • Creating effective presentations,
  • Accessing creativity,
  • Out-of-the-box thinking,
  • And you can stop leading boring meetings and presentations!

You can do all this – just by Doodling.


85% of us learn best through visual learning. That means Doodling will help your audience learn and remember!


ideasIn your marketing use Doodling for:

  • Disruption
    • InfoDoodles make the viewer stop, slow down and creates an opening for your message to be heard… and remembered.
  • Surprising impact of playful
    • Adding a touch of a softer, more feminine energy to interrupt the constant barrage of traditional in-your-face command and control marketing messages gets your messages noticed.

Make Your Message Memorable

Doodling is a Thinking Tool to help you process problems and generate solutions.Sunni Brown, Author of Doodle Revolution and Game Storming


Who this workshop is ideal for:

  • Leaders who want to more effectively communicate your message to your audience or within your company
  • Sales people
  • HR professionals
  • Creative teams
  • Webinar leaders
  • Speakers and presenters
  • Creativity Coaches

  • Teachers
  • Facilitators and Workshop presenters
  • Project and Team Leaders
  • Consultants of all types
  • Business owners & Entrepreneurs with lots of ideas
  • Learners of All Types
  • Any situation where you want to capture the important points and retain more information – business meetings, church sermons, etc.


Doodling is also known as sketchnoting, visual notetaking, infodoodling, graphic recording and visual thinking.


creativityUse Doodling Tools…

  • As a visual process for brainstorming ideas, projects, growth, vision, strategy and brand
  • To teach within your company, to clients, members, students
  • Better explain concepts to colleagues and teams
  • Create Learning charts and diagrams to explain difficult concepts
  • Use for better communication in your flip charts instead of your usual “chicken-scratch”
  • Visually enhance your blog, ezine, website, ebooks, webinars and slide decks… and even your flip charts to more interesting and unique!

Join us in this unique full day workshop where you’ll get
Hands On Learning and Practice

You’ll learn:

  • Which markers and paper do you use for which purpose
  • How to warm up
  • Basic doodling principles and shapes
  • Practice, Play and Learn how to communicate information with doodles

Plus, you’ll spend the day meeting new people who love creativity and visual communication.


And in case you are wondering… NO ARTIST EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

Everyone can learn to communicate with doodles!


heart centered womanPersonal Benefits of Doodling:

  • Improves your focus and concentration/pay attention
  • Increases creativity
  • Improves your memory
  • See the big picture (not get bogged down in little details)
  • Keeps you in the present moment
  • Helps eliminate stress and overwhelm
  • Helps you generate more ideas
  • Let’s you experience being creative – you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

Visual notes encourage meaningful conversations long after the meeting has ended!


sketchnote collage


Doodling for Business… and Fun! Workshop


Space is Limited to Only 10 People!

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Monday, December 5

9:30 – 4:30

Roam-Dunwoody, Atlanta, Georgia


Full price of the workshop $397

Sign up before November 30 and save $100 – Only $297

(plus $25 supply fee – you’ll get your own set of markers in addition to experimenting with my large geeky supply!)


Laura WestAs an InfoDoodle Artist and graphic recorder I’ve created 100’s of InfoDoodle murals, maps, templates and graphics for my clients, and my own business and marketing. I’ve had the whole-hearted pleasure of capturing key messages from some of the most well-known speakers and marketers in the world.

In addition to my passion for communicating with markers, I bring over 25 years of experience in marketing, leadership, communications, coaching and facilitation.

I’m known for my teaching and coaching to making difficult concepts easy to understand and simple to get started!