Fun and Fabulous Follow-up


11-Day Super Fun Challenge


“Learn how this new success habit will TOTALLY CHANGE your business!”


Let’s amp up your energy and possibilities in your business!



It’s really easy to let the events in the world get you down. However, NOW more than ever, your clients and community need you to show up!

It doesn’t have to be hard and drudgery… in fact, I want to invite you to Let It Be Fun, Easy and Suprisingly Profitable!


Do any of these other behaviors sound familiar to you?


  • You avoid going to your desk because you are worried about marketing during these radically emotional times.
  • You feel stuck and stagnant in your business. You want more clients and to make more money but don’t know how to kickstart the flow.
  • You have a stack of business cards from networking meetings and you don’t know what to do with them (remember when you did tons of networking in person?) You feel embarrassed at the growing stack of missed opportunities and still you don’t know what to do. You’re wondering – is it too late to contact them?
  • You are meeting tons of people on zoom calls, but then what? How do you move the relationship from a group zoom toward becoming a client?
  • You keep hearing that you MUST have more sales conversations, but you keep wondering – with who?
  • Maybe you are great at following up – the first time, but then you don’t have a system for longer term nurturing of your connections.
  • You really want to get back “that lovin’ feeling” in your business – feeling full of abundance, generosity and creativity. You want to have some fun!



It’s no wonder you get so frustrated in your business!


That frustration leads to more frustration which leads to a downward spiral of negativity, confusion and irritation. (Not exactly a good place to attract clients, is it?)


The problem is not YOU!


The problem is no one has taught you what to do from the point when you meet someone to the point when you get clients.

There’s this whole nebulous void of that “space in between” that makes you feel confused about what to do and what to say you end up feeling like you must be doing something wrong!

No one teaches you this. They teach sales, but they don’t teach you how to get from meeting a person to a sales conversation… AND just as important, all the types of conversations you may have in between.


I want to help get you out of that confusion funk!


Following up


Candice Davis“I started off my year totally booked with clients because of Fun & Fabulous Followup!”

“The first quarter of the year usually starts off slowly for me, but this year, I was booked to capacity by mid-February. Why? I participated in Fun & Fabulous Follow-up back in September. Following up had never been my strong suit, but Laura made it easy–and fun. As a result, my premium packages were sold out, and my year is off to an even better start than I’d hoped to have. Follow-up is my new secret weapon for success!”

–Candice L. Davis,


In my new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 11-Day Challenge I’ll teach you:


  • The 5 different types of conversations you need to have – only ONE is a sales conversation with a new potential client.
  • How having conversations with people who WILL NEVER be your clients is just as important!
  • How to shift your energy so you feel excited, enthusiastic and confident about your business again.
  • How to create a new daily success habit that will totally change you and your business! And it’s fun too!
  • How you can attract clients – even during “these times!” And how this is actually the PERFECT time to nurture those relationships!


Margaret Eves“The best part of doing Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Followup was how great it made me feel about networking.”

“I no longer felt weird or strange about getting in touch with people, because I was authentically reaching out. Laura provides a structure and ways to make follow-up easy and fun. I started looking forward to doing my three followups. Another great result was I moved forward more quickly with ideas and things I wanted to accomplish. I gained confidence and momentum. Because I was talking about my desire to gain more experience working in archives, I discovered and was offered a Visual Archivist internship and got a job interview for an archival position. I moved forward in something I’d just been thinking about and doing Fun and Fabulous Followup supported my acting on it. I really liked having an accountability buddy, too. It was fun to hear about what others in the group were doing and discovering. Doing Fun & Fabulous followup is a healthy habit I will continue!”
–Margaret Eves,


This 11-Day Follow Up Challenge will help you:


  • Stir up the energy in your business and get your Flowmentum going again.
  • Connect to potential clients and referral partners.
  • Develop relationships with influencers and other connectors – they may invite you to speaking or JV opportunities!
  • Invite in synchronicities and unexpected opportunities.
  • Easily develop a new system to help you consistently focus on expansion – this is the secret to avoiding the rollercoaster dip in income!
  • Increase your confidence in yourself and what you have to offer.
  • Boost your sense of abundance and flow.
  • Help you grow your business from a sense of generosity – kickstart your flow of giving and receiving going!
  • Get excited about your business (maybe get re-excited!) – everyone says this happens!


Melinda Thomas“Fun & Fabulous Follow-up is a frame of mind that shifted me out of follow-up paralysis.”

“It has helped me reconnect with people in an easy, authentic way. In the past month, two of the people I’ve been doing fun & fabulous follow ups with every few months, called me to say they were ready to work with me!”
–Melinda Thomas,


Fun & Fabulous Follow Up
11-Day Challenge


Join us in the super fun, super easy way to amp up your energy and nurture your relationships!

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Regina Reiter“Here’s what happened for me in Fun and Fabulous Follow Up. I kept my list up! Now, I have a record of the people, the topics, and some suggestions for following up more. Without this record, I would not remember all of the people I touched, many of whom were new to me! Even though I didn’t do three followups each day, I recorded 90 in thirty days! I noticed that some outreach messages were not answered, and some resulted in phone calls, messages, or emails that were valuable and deepening and would not have happened without this habit. I developed two coaching relationships by following up with women who asked me a question. Finally, this habit could generate ongoing business when it’s time for me to do it full time. It’s true that Fun and Fabulous Followup develops relationships for the future and shows me how consistent, brief contacts grow into relationships. Thanks for inviting me to join Laura!”
–Regina Reiter,


Fun Followup


Firestarters ebookHere’s what you’ll receive:


  • 2 LIVE Training Calls
    • Launch CallWednesday, October 14 – 12 noon Eastern, 11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, 9 am Pacific.
      We will talk about what Fun & Fabulous Follow Up is, how you get started, how to track your progress and success. You’ll also learn about 5 Types of Conversations & why not every conversation is a sales conversation. We will also talk about how to create a system for your immediate follow up opportunities and how to create a system for future follow ups.
    • How to Keep it Going & What’s Next? CallWednesday, October 28 – 1:00 pm, Eastern, 12 noon Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific.
      This isn’t the end! You’ll want to keep up this amazing energy and client booster daily ritual. We’ll talk about success stories and how to keep it alive!
    • All calls will be held on video webinar (video optional for you) and will be recorded just in case you miss OR want to listen in again for inspiration!
  • Training Videos – Watch these short training videos where I’ll explain how to get started with your new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up System and how you can incorporate this into your day to create a new success habit.
  • PLUS, I’ll introduce you to the 5 Types of Conversations & the 5 Actions to answer that question: What Do I Do with All These Business Cards?
  • Creative, Easy & Practical Tools to Help You Get Organized and Focus!
    • Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Tracking Sheet
    • Success Bubble Tracking Sheet
    • JoyFlow Sighting Journal – So you can track all the success, abundance, synchronicities and sunshine in your world! A huge confidence booster!
  • You know more people than you think! Tools to brainstorm and organize
    • 101 People & Places to Follow Up Checklist
    • 100 Connections Brainstorm Sheet – Who do you know?




  • 30 Days of Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Ideas and Tips Ebook & Daily emails – I’ll give you simple and easy ideas to make it fun to reach out and create powerful connections.
  • Accountability Buddy – Set up a simple check in with a partner to celebrate your daily actions! No long calls – quick email or text! (Hey, it helps to build this new skill if someone is watching out for you!)
  • Facebook group – Where you can share your ideas, your successes, your aha’s and your questions. Most of all, this is a place where you’ll encourage each other along for 30 days and see what’s possible with this new follow up habit!
  • Access to the membership site – For one full year.
  • Follow Up Templates & Scripts – For easy emails and phone calls! These will make those follow up connections super easy – just fill in the blanks with your own information!


“I started this daily follow up habit and it’s totally uplifted my business AND shortened the time it takes for connections to become clients!” – Laura West


Nancy Jambor“When I started Laura’s 30-Day Fun and Fabulous Follow Up class, I knew I would not be disappointed. I have taken a number of tele-classes from Laura and she always delivers a great product. I was feeling stuck and unmotivated about my business before I took Laura’s class. By showing up each and every day and simply following up with a minimum of three people, I have shifted my energy and created a new group coaching program which will launch in June. Here’s what I loved about this simple yet profound practice of reaching out to three people every day. It was easy, fun, energizing, motivating and I could see my progress every day by using Laura’s tracking sheet. I averaged five calls per day and made some wonderful connections. The most important benefit for me is how I feel about myself and my business. As a result of this class, I have learned that reaching out to connect with people authentically, because I care about them, is a win-win. I will definitely take this class again and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to connect with others in a fun, loving and genuine way.”
–Nancy Jambor, Success Coach,


Fun & Fabulous Follow Up
11-Day Challenge


Join us in the super fun, super easy way to amp up your energy and nurture your relationships!

Only $27

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“I’m such a fan. This has been life-changing!”
–Kathryn Sabol,


Michelle Mecham“As a Realtor, I have been a part of some pretty hard-core coaching and accountability programs that were far from fun. The 30-Day Fun & Fabulous, Follow-up Challenge was a breath of fresh air. Instead of feeling like my soul was being sucked out, I felt the joy in connection. Laura made me see everywhere I am in my life connecting with people and how to naturally bring in the conversation of business. In the private Facebook group Laura suggested we get an accountability partner. That too was a new connection and a chance to bounce ideas off a non-Realtor. Laura’s business has the perfect name: The Center for Joyful Business. When you feel good, more good comes your way. I’ll take the Fun way of making money any day! Thanks Laura.”
–Michelle Mecham, Intown Area Homes


Who is your Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Leader?


Laura WestLaura West is a Passionista for creative success in business!

She believes that when you shift your energy, confidence, creativity, AND take action, you’ll create the business of your dreams. As a Creative Catalyst for Business, author, and speaker, Laura helps Creative Inspirational Leaders share their unique messages and gifts to create big change in the world.

She has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs create successful businesses filled with passion, creativity, and real success.

Laura is known for turning marketing on its head and making business fun, creative, practical, and real through her information products, workshops, teleclasses, and coaching programs.

She is the author of oodles of products and programs including The Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages and the popular Joyful Business Guide™, a creative marketing plan for right-brain business owners, the 30 Day Passion Project and the Creative Business Planning system™.

She is the contributing author for several books about women entrepreneurship, as well as for many online and offline magazines, and is a highly sought-after guest expert speaker for teleclass programs, telesummits, and conferences across the country.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Facilitator and a Creative Business Coach, Laura loves to work with creative entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders who have a mission to create a better world with their gifts and expertise: their work is a calling, and they can’t imagine doing anything else… AND they want to package their expertise and share it with a larger audience so they can change more lives AND have a successful business. Laura helps makes this easy, exciting and very do-able!


Lajes“I wanted to recap my 30-day followup adventure! Most days I followed up with 3 or more people but didn’t beat myself up on the days I didn’t which is new for me. In 30 days I have reconnected with my sister that I haven’t talked to in years, I connected to 10 people I was close to but lost contact with and 2 of them were going through some hardships and I was there to support them. I booked 4 local workshops and gained several new referral partners and now I am using the follow-up approach to revisit some programs that I invested in but never took action on and it is a whole new experience when taking action. All of this is fabulous but I am most grateful to have experienced that follow up is indeed fun!!!! Thank you, Laura, for creating this amazing and seriously life-changing program that has changed the way I will feel about follow up forever.”
–Leslie Lajes,


Carol Podeszwa“I benefited many ways from your Fun & Fabulous program. The abundance of tools that you provided, the idea of making our work “Fun” and connecting with others on your Facebook page were tremendous AHA moments. Having my Accountability Buddy during your program was quite helpful and meaningful. We decided to continue our accountability post the F&F program and it has been a Joy to build on our friendship… sharing our challenges and our successes – both personal and professional! I am very grateful for your program!”
–Carol Podeszwa,


Carmen Ekdahl“This program helped me break through all the stories I had been telling myself about how reaching out to follow up was awkward or a chore or too salesie, etc. it made it relaxing and fun. There ended up being great value in reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and made making new ones much less intimidating! Thanks so much!! I plan to keep it going.”
–Carmen Angles Ekdahl,


Susie Shina“I absolutely love Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Follow-up program… following up with my real estate clients was so much easier and natural, and much more “ME”. The tools and creative ideas that Laura provides are a perfect match for how I want to connect with people (instead of the usual real estate scripts and one-size-fits-all follow-up systems I’ve tried in the past). Follow-up is now a favorite part of my daily routine. 5 stars out of 5!”
–Susie Shina, Intuitive Real Estate Agent,


Jana Rezucha“I proclaimed myself the “worst” student in Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge, AND I had a wonderful shift of perspective about what follow up really is. Turns out I’m pretty good at it! So even though I technically didn’t do much followup during the 30 days, Laura’s methods and prompting made it fun to connect when I was able to do it. The class is great for sharing anything you want to enthusiastically share with others, whether business or otherwise. Thank you Laura for the helpful (and fun!) mindset shift around followup. I’m looking forward to future follow ups!”
–Jana Rezucha


Antoinette Webster“Once again I have been blessed and delighted in working with Laura West! The Fun & Fabulous Follow Up program proved to be better than expected. Not only was it fun, it was an opportunity to experience another targeted program that was well thought out, creative, engaging and more. There was so much I appreciated; each aspect allowing me to release excuses, take simple steps, adopt consistent behaviors, and best of all realize immediate results. It was like Laura knew exactly what had been holding me back then provided a variety of tools, resources and templates to fuel success. I especially like the SASS Journal and the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up tracking sheet ~ both spark, enthusiasm and excitement, along with a willingness for me to step up and out in boldness. One other key aspect I appreciate is the support offered both during the scheduled calls and throughout the program. Laura’s depth of insight, wealth of experience and responsiveness to everyone on the call makes this program even richer. Laura West models what she talks about and demonstrates how to be present to what shows up on the call in our respective businesses, as well as in life. I look forward to how I and my business continue to grow and prosper in joy and delight, ease and authenticity as a result of the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-day Challenge. Thank You, Laura, and Well Done!”
––Antoinette S. Webster,


Beth McKay“One of my greatest take-aways from doing the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up was creating a new way to begin my day. It’s changed my mind-set & I’ve created a new practice. I connected with a woman I used to work with in Advertising that I haven’t spoken with in over 10 years. It was so inspiring to hear her story & see where’s she’s at today. I made new friends with other women who were also in this program that I’m excited to get to know better. I’ve reached out to people I don’t know & have opened doors to new opportunities. It’s like feeding a fire, in order to keep the flames alive, you have to consistently feed it with more fuel/wood. I love that I feed my business every single day by reaching out to 3 people. Some days it’s more, just because I get into a flow. I tap into my curiosity & off I go! I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to shift their business, be what ever that business is. It wasn’t hard, in fact I loved how easy it was & still is.”
––Beth McKay,


“The Fun & Fabulous Follow up 30-day challenge was a great! I learned to follow up with people in a fun, effective, playful manner with creative flare.”
––Kim Wilkish,


George Herrick“The Fun Fabulous Follow-Up experience was everything the name implies. Although due to travel and other issues I could not always make the three connections each day, the process helped me establish a rhythm and structure for reaching out which I continue to maintain. The results have included several speaking gigs, the return of a couple of old clients, and a couple of collaborative projects. I can’t speak highly enough of Laura and her creative approach to building business relationships.”
––George Herrick,


Kim Sumlin“You don’t know what you don’t know… and experiential learning is key! The fun and fabulous follow up is an experiential program that lifts the veil on following up for your business. I had so many misconceptions! I didn’t know that some of what I was already doing was considered following up, which was promising. Nor did I realize that following up isn’t asking for someone to buy into your program (session/product), which was awesome! And, the program is so thoroughly thought out and there were so many suggestions regarding the follow up that you can’t help but be successful, which is fabulous!
––Kim Sumlin,


Julie Boyer“I got so much out of this simple, elegant program. The biggest shift (and the one I think will have sustained impact) has been in my approach to marketing in general. Making follow-ups a part of my daily habit has kept me focused on the abundance of connections I already have, and connected to the enthusiasm I have in my heart. (Before, I had a habit of overlooking opportunities and letting them pass me by.) I’ve realized that relationships are the core of my marketing, and that this is where I need to look to see how my business is doing, and how I can grow it. Pretty big shift for a 30-day program! Also, in that time I made a really important connection with an organization I’d love to facilitate for, and one that’s aligned with what I most love to do. This has opened up a great opportunity that never would have happened had I not done those simple steps… Thank you, Laura, for sharing your wisdom in such manageable, actionable ways!”
––Julie Boyer,


Fun & Fabulous Follow Up
11-Day Challenge


Join us in the super fun, super easy way to amp up your energy and nurture your relationships!

Only $27

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