I know if you are like me, you love stories about other women entrepreneurs. Here is just a small   sample of the fantastic clients that Laura West has had the honor to work with in the past few years.

When you're a passion-based entrepreneur, you love your clients, and they love you. I wanted to share the different types of clients I work with and their stories and shifts with you. May it inspire you and your heart-centered business!

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Sarah Hathorn

Image Consultant and Personal Brand Strategist
Illustra Image Consulting
twitter: sarahhathorn
facebook: Sarah.Hathorn

"Since I have been coaching with Laura, I’ve learned to step into my power and confidence to think bigger in my business. She assists me in thinking of innovative consulting methods to leverage my time and enjoy a better work/life balance. She keeps me focused on being clear, concise and consistent in attracting my target audience to shift my business to the next level.

When I begin to stray and lose my energy, she gently reminds me of my joyful business creation, and we course-correct to get back on the path to bring my business dream a reality. After my time together with Laura, I now better understand as an entrepreneur how to incorporate self-care into fueling positive energy to create my vision for the world. I’m better balanced in my mind, body and spirit in order to work smarter, not harder.

I’ve created a higher-level niche, working with high-achieving leaders on their corporate presence and personal brand. I’ve created programs and packages to give my clients more of a transformation experience, rather than just hourly consultation. I’m working with clients I love, and I’m making more money than I ever have!

Working with Laura has helped me design an extraordinary life in my personal and professional endeavors, and I really stepping into my role as a leader in the world."

Laurie A. Mandato, AICIFLC

Wardrobe and Style Consultant
Imaging Joy

"I have been working with Laura for a few years and love having her as my business partner. Laura is committed to my success, even on the days when I'm not feeling it; I know Laura is always holding that vision for me. Laura is extremely talented as a coach; she can nudge you when necessary, always caring and compassionate and she is outrageously creative and fun!

Since committing to my own success through Laura's Magic & Miracles Platinum Program, my energy has shifted enormously. I have made the decision to succeed. Taking small steps each day toward my goals. Laura is instrumental in keeping me on track and very good at knowing when we need to discuss making changes. She listens carefully and always seems to have clear vision, even when my vision feels very cloudy. She is constantly introducing me to new people and new ideas, and her creativity is unlimited.

One of the biggest changes to my business as a result of Laura's intuivie insight was me daring to embrace my unique magic helping consultants, coaches, authors and speakers who are stepping into the spotlight to feel fabulous and confident with their wardrobe and style. Since shifting my business, I now receive opportunities to collaborate, speak, publish articles, and I'm attracting so many new clients now!

Laura has helped me take the steps, line up my energy to make my vision a reality! It has been an amazing journey!

One of my favorite parts of the program is the private retreat with Laura. It is an amazing full day of Laura laser focused on you and your business. After committing to your vision story for the next 1-3 years, she helps plan out what steps you need to take to make the vision a reality! I can't even tell you how excited I am to wake up every day to see what exciting new idea might become a reality! It has been an amazing journey!"

Christine Baeza

Essence – A Life Design Studio
Facebook: ChristineBaeza
Twitter: ChristineBaeza

"I integrate spirituality, inspired action, fun, self-care and premium service. I am devoted to helping people -- especially women -- transform from the inside out through discovery, empowerment and inspiration. My clients learn to embrace their uniqueness, enabling them to lead extraordinary lives. I am an inspirational speaker, insightful coach, and a creative resource to those seeking to break down limiting beliefs that hold them back from showing up authentically in the world.

My business is part of my life; it is not my life. Having a joyful business allows me to be fully integrated -- mind, body and spirit -- so I can show up authentically in all I do. I know now that I can do anything I desire and that it is okay if it doesn’t look like a “typical” business model.

I've learned that business can be fun, joyful and prosperous. The community has given me full permission to stretch and grow into my gifts, and passions my way!"

Ginger Burr, AICI, CIP

Total Image Consultants

"Since I’ve started working with Laura in her Magic & Miracles Platinum program, I’ve welcomed new possibilities for how I can restructure my business to allow me to work with more people and not become a crazy person! With Laura’s guidance and gentle prodding, I’m doing more with the vegan aspect of my business and seeing that there is more interest than I had ever hoped for! Although there are many fabulous benefits to being her platinum client, my favorite part of the program was the day-long retreat. That’s where we really got into the nitty-gritty and worked through some of the resistance that had kept me stuck in the same place I've been for a long (oh, so long!) time. As a direct result, I just launched a new fashion home study program—a project I had been sitting on for years not knowing how to bring it to fruition. (Sometimes I can’t believe I produced such an amazing product!) It feels unbelievably freeing and exciting now to look at my business from a whole new perspective. I have to admit honestly that I’m not sure I ever would have made these changes without the guidance of someone as knowledgeable and gifted as Laura."

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