Digital Publishing Trends from the Experts: Trend #10 from Matt Edelman – CEO of

As a Creative Inspirational Leader, keeping on top of trends in digital publishing and content marketing is vital for your business.

The more you know about what’s coming and what’s likely to be popular, the quicker you can apply that information to your business.

And your customers, as well as your competitors, will assume you know what’s going on… in other words, they will see you as a Creative Inspirational Leader in your community.

By combining your own creativity and personal brand with digital publishing, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd.

Each day, I’ll post the top 10 trends from Future of Ink expert contributors and faculty for the upcoming Digital Publishing Online Intensive 2013.

MattEdelmanMatt Edelman –  CEO of

Storytelling through rich media is the most innovative area within digital publishing. The use of images has skyrocketed as a key component to digital content creation.

Digital video is now used as a first choice for many digital publishers who may have opted to write articles in the past.

Consumers are becoming conditioned to respond first to visual stimuli in order to commit to consuming digital content. The proliferation of beautiful handheld digital screens is accelerating the trend. With the increased use of rich media, the narrative form is forever changed.

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  1. In college, I took an amazing class called “Tale, Text and Hypertext” and it was all about storytelling online. This was a very long time ago (especially in Internet years ;-)), but even then the ability to tell a rich, interactive story over the web was astounding and inspiring. My project wound up being an interactive mystery for kids (in other words, nothing even remotely business related), but it was so much fun to create and it still gets people stumbling onto it from Google from time to time who email to say how much they’ve enjoyed it.

    Anywhoodle, this is probably the trend I’m most excited about because it feels like it’s been such a long time in the making–to be able to really, truly immerse people in an engaging digital story by combining video, images, and words… So cool!

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