Create Visual Business Buzz with custom hand-drawn graphics for your business programs, products, messages, brand, sales pages, and presentations.


Laura West has created murals, sketchnotes and hand-drawn graphics for 100’s of conferences, webinars, books, breakout sessions and more.

Watch this short video to get an idea of Laura’s expressive, simple and creative style:


Visual Content – it’s the hot trend!

  • 85% of the population are primarily visual learners.
  • Social media adores visuals and places visual content at the top of all content shown.
  • Everyone owns a mobile phone, tablet, laptop… technology in different forms with different size screens. You’ve got to break through the information clutter with visually compelling and attractive graphics.

As a Creative Thought Leader, you are creating content and sharing with your community to build your expertise and leadership. You are also looking for ways to stand out and get attention on the crowded internet… InfoDoodle Graphics and Murals can do that for you!

  • Visually Stimulating
  • Projects Creativity & Innovation to Your Meeting
  • Engage the Audience
  • Visual Learners Love This Style of Communicating
  • Audience will take pictures and share them all over social media on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter
  • YOU can use photos on your social media channels, website, blog, newsletters, and ezines for added exposure, visibility, and extending the reach and reinforcement of your message

So Many Ways to Use InfoDoodles and Murals:


InfoDoodle Murals

These are large six-foot visual murals created LIVE during your presentation or keynote presentations, breakout meetings at your conference or event.

Kathleen Gage,, NAMS8 Conference, Atlanta, GA

Kathleen Gage,, NAMS8 Conference, Atlanta, GA


Vernice Armour,, NAMS9 Conference, Atlanta, GA


CREATIVE IDEA: These full 6’ size to use as a backdrop for videos, live talks, livestreaming backgrounds and make wonderful art framed for your office.


Webinar InfoDoodle Murals

These are created from your webinar, teleclass or e-learning materials to reinforce the key points, relationships of topics or to show steps/process flow when teaching.

CREATIVE IDEA: These make wonderful visually compelling pdf’s for post meeting notes, giveaways to clients or for potential clients.


Books, Signature Products and Programs

Showcase the main points of your book, ebook or signature product on your product sales page.

Shawn Shepheard Mural

Shawn Shepheard, Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Toronto, Canada



These are custom-drawn sketchnotes made during a presentation. This is a simple and elegant solution created on a 9” x 12” sketchpad. The digital photo of the sketchnote is then used to share on social media, or as a gift for the presenters. This works well when you have multiple speakers at an event and want to visually capture their content key points.

NAMS Jeff Herring

Jeff Herring, Profitable Content Creation, NAMS9 Conference, Atlanta, GA


Danielle LaPorte,, Plywood Presents, August 2012, Atlanta, GA


Program and Product Maps and Graphics

Custom-drawn infographic map to highlight your signature product or program including teleclasses, webinars, programs, products or events.

Ellen Britt and Daniel Hall – Real Fast Audio Book Webinar

Ellen Britt and Daniel Hall – Real Fast Audio Book Webinar



These are custom-drawn simple drawings to use on your website, sales page, or for a particular program or product.

They are not detailed drawings or exact replicas – they are meant to be visually entertaining and attention-getting, and they represent a metaphor for your key features or information.

If you are interested in these custom-designed InfoDoodle Graphics and Murals for your conferences, events, books or programs, let’s set up a time to talk! Be in touch with me!

Praise for InfoDoodles and Laura West


David Perdue, NAMS9 Conference, Atlanta, GA


Joey Smith,, NAMS9 Conference, Atlanta, GA