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Join us here to share your ideas, questions and resources. Give and receive support! Come on in and introduce yourself!

PLUS, every week I’ll post Energy Shifting Quotes and Questions for the week to get you thinking differently from an inner perspective to outer action.


2teleclassJoyful Business Appraisal


  • Use this questionnaire to help us get up to speed and to gauge where you are at in your business growth plans and where you want to go.
  • Get started in the Studio feeling confident about how you can get the most from this program and community. It will help me to know a bit more about your business and it’ll give me an overview of your business, which will be helpful throughout the year.
  • Click here to download your Joyful Business Appraisal.


3Take a look around our Membership Site and get familiar with what’s here…

Navigate among the menu items above as well as the buttons on the side. You’ll find information on our monthly content calls, monthly open coaching calls, who to contact for support, additional coaching opportunities with me, and more. Poke around a bit, see what’s coming up, listen to some of the previous content calls… All in all, enjoy your new home!


4Calendar_JanuaryPut everything in your calendar

You can find a list of all the events on the Studio Calendar page, as well as a simple listing of our content calls and our open coaching calls on their respective pages. Put these in your calendar, and be there live as you can. You know the energy pops when you can be there real-time!


5tribe loveShow up, participate, engage

As with everything, the more you put into something, the more you get out of it. And we want YOU!