Creativity + Passion + Changing Lives + Authentic Success

swirl-greenI’ve created this program for:

Right-brain creative types who want to learn how to use unique creativity in marketing and business


Left-brain practical types who desire to bring more creativity and YOU into marketing!


Business Fusion Studio is a series of
Creative Modules that you can dip in and out of


Here’s what you get:


  • 8 Personal Creativity Modules
  • 8 Creative Marketing Modules
  • 8 Guest Business Muse Tools




(Sorry, I just have to rave… because I’m so excited about this program!)


“I believe that everyone is creative… it’s just a matter of practicing that creative muscle every day!”

~Laura West


You use your creativity in everything you do: conversations, responses to emails, creating programs and products, designing new sales pages, writing articles, blog posts, creating videos, and even in social media conversations.

When you open up your personal creativity, you open up your business creativity!

The Business Fusion Studio helps you do both in a fun, easy, creatively-accessible, and yet amazingly practical way!


swirl-redWith the All-Access Pass, you’ll receive a series of Creative Modules with step-by-step instructions, ideas, and examples for each topic.

Each one will be anywhere from short, 20-minutes to longer, 60-minute lessons.

They will be a combination of video, audio, photos, pdf instructions, and worksheets… and maybe some other surprise technologies too!

Take a look at the Creative Modules (remember you can buy them individually or get them all with the All-Access Pass)

You can choose your favorite module or the All-Access Pass.


Scroll below for descriptions of each juicy module.

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Individual modules just $47 each.

Just click on the “Get Instant Access” buttons of the module of your choice!

Or… get the All Access Pass and save over $400!


Which works for you?

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Here’s a sneak peek at the 16 modules:


Personal Creativity Module: Create An Intuitive Joy Journal

swirl-greenLet your teenage girl out to play again! You have full permission to play with paint, markers, rubber stamps, and stickers! This is an EASY (absolutely NO artistic talent is needed!) project to get you into the creative flow and build your creative courage muscle. PLUS you’ll have a personalized journal to write, doodle, and capture whatever brings a smile to your day! Includes examples, easy-how-to videos, and instructions.

Remember: Opening Your Personal Creativity Expands Your Business Creativity!

Get instant access to Create An Intuitive Joy Journal.

 Creative Marketing Module: Create Easy Photo Tips & Quotes for Social Media

Don’t you love sharing photo quotes on Facebook and Pinterest?! You can easily create your own inspiring quotes with your content. Not only is this fun, but Visual Graphics are hot – everyone else loves to share them too. Step into being a Creative Thought Leader and share your message! Includes examples, resources, and my favorite “super-easy” tools for creating beautiful and creative photo tips and quotes.

Get instant access to Create Easy Photo Tips & Quotes for Social Media.

Personal Creativity Module: Joy Alive! Photo Project

What makes you come alive? What makes your heart open and your spirit soar? We want more of that! This module combines everyday photography (hint: use your cell phone!) with nurturing your joyful creative soul. This project will help you claim your joy and passions… and this alone will shift the way you show up in your business – more powerfully and creatively! Includes examples, resources, ideas, how-to’s, and more!

Get instant access to Joy Alive! Photo Project.

 Creative Marketing Module: Creating Your Creative Thought Leader Content

Like the idea of stepping into your Creative Inspirational Leadership, but not sure how to get started? These 10 juicy exercises will get you thinking, writing, maybe even video-ing your unique perspective, resources, and ideas. They will prime the pump so you can start sharing your gifts more creatively and with more impact! Includes Creative Thought Leadership prompts, exercises, worksheets, journaling ideas, and more.

Get instant access to Creating Your Creative Thought Leader Content.

Personal Creativity Module: Create An Audacious
Business Goddess to Remind You of Your Brilliance!

You, just like everyone, need a visual reminder that you, too, have an Audacious Business Goddess inside you! In this Creativity Module you’ll create your very own Audacious Business Goddess (but no worries… no drawing experience is needed! We’ll use magazines, rubber stamps, online images, doodles, and more easy-peasy stuff). The focus isn’t about it being a work of art…it’s about the process of creating, feeling alive, creative, and engaged! Lots of ideas, instructions and how-to’s included!

Get instant access to Create an Audacious Business Goddess to Remind You of Your Brilliance.


Creative Marketing Module: Juice Up Your Blog!

Are you just starting a blog or are you tired of trying to come up with the next thing to write after blogging for years? It’s time to get the blog mojo going again! Google loves fresh new content…and that doesn’t have to be hard. I’ll make it easy with tips, ideas, prompts, and resources to get you refueled and inspired.

Get instant access to Juice Up Your Blog!

Personal Creativity Module: Create Business Dream Cards

You know the power of a Vision Board, don’t you? A big visual reminder of what you want to be, do, and have in your life? Well, these Business Dream Cards are another version of the vision board, but quicker and easier! I love to carry my Dream Cards with me – create new ones, change them up, and just look at them to get connected to what my real vision of what success looks like. Includes examples, instructions, and ideas for how to use your cards for attracting more meaningful success to you.

Get instant access to Create Business Dream Cards.

 Creative Marketing Module: Creative List Building Ideas

This will be a Creative Marketing Explosion of ideas and how-to’s! I’ll share new and creative ideas for how to build your lists – your own house list and your social media communities. This is a foundational strategy for every business owner, and I know you are always looking for new ideas to build your lists in ways that are fun and creative and set you up as the Creative Leader you are!

Get instant access to Creative List Building Ideas.

Personal Creativity Module: Create Soul Nourishing Intention Cards

swirl-redAnother one of my long time favorite tools for amping up my own Creative Power! I’ll share with you how to create intentions for yourself personally and for your business… and then how to create beautiful cards to help remind you of your intentions and how to infuse them with energy. They are powerful, indeed! Includes instructions for setting intentions, creating Intention Cards, examples, and how to infuse them with your creative energy!

Get instant access to Create Soul Nourishing Intention Cards.

 Creative Marketing Module: Package Your Passion, Creativity & Experience into Products and Programs

Ready to expand your presence in your communities? It doesn’t have to be hard! I’ll share with you my favorite checklists and systems for how to take content and repurpose it for greater visibility and presence. As you are claiming your Creative Thought Leadership, you want to have time and energy-efficient ways to spread your message without taking tons of extra time. (I’d rather be at the beach!)

Get instant access to Package Your Passion, Creativity, & Expertise into Products and Programs.

Personal Creativity Module: Positive Vibe Flip-it Tool

This is one of my fave creative tools! We all get into the Doubt Vortex at times, and this is a powerful process to flip your thoughts into a creative spirit-enhancing vibe! A must for your mindset toolbox!

Get instant access to Positive Vibe Flip-It Tool.

 Creative Marketing Module: Money Focus & Flow Tool

Another one of my favorite tools for getting into the flow of the Universal Abundance Current! Sounds woo-woo? It is… a little. It’s a combination of opening your receptivity to money and a practical, getting clear about the money exercise. Be open to receive!

Get instant access to Money Focus & Flow Tool.

Personal Creativity Module: JoyFEAR Energy Shifting Tool

swirl-yellowYou are always growing your business to the next level. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I call this JoyFEAR. You need these energy-shifting tools for grounding your energy to focus and shift the “fear grip” so you can take action. You’ll use this over and over again!

Get instant access to JoyFEAR Energy Shifting Tool.

 Creative Marketing Module: Creative Planning Cycle

If you are like me, then you love creative ideas! The problem is there is only so much time for all those great ideas. I’ve learned some clever techniques for how to get the creative mind to settle down, focus, and plan. This will help you with your marketing effects and help you be more successful too. If you love sticky notes and markers, you’ll love this Creative Module! Includes instructions, ideas, worksheets, resources, and planning strategies.

Get instant access to the Creative Planning Cycle.

Personal Creativity Module: Year-End Celebration Tool

This is one of my long-time personal rituals for acknowledging the growth and success of the past year. “What you focus on expands.” So… let’s celebrate the year and acknowledge what you’ve done and who you have been. I’ll share my favorite techniques and some new inspirational ideas for creating your own rituals. Includes instructions, ideas, inspiration, examples and lots of ideas!

Get instant access to the Year-End Celebration Tool.

 Creative Marketing Module: New Year – New Vision

Moving into a new year means new energy and a fresh new vision! You’ll tap into the possibilities of a new year to rev up your enthusiasm, confidence, and creativity! I’ll take you through a guided visualization so you can let go and imagine what’s possible for you. You’ll be primed to create a powerful new vision that paints a picture of success that is authentic for you and your dreams. Includes visualization, journal pages, examples, and easy instructions.

Get instant access to New Year – New Vision.


Are you ready for the Business Fusion Studio?

Our Membership Studio is ready for you and your creative spirit to jump in!


You have 2 options:

Option #1: You can purchase a Single Creative Module for only $47


swirl-redOption #2: You can get all the Creative Modules PLUS Creative Business Tools
from Guest Business Muses. Get the All-Access Pass and save over $400.



With the All-Access Pass, you’ll receive EVERYTHING above PLUS Creative Business Tools
from Guest Business Muses
Look below for our amazing line-up of cool Guest Business Muses!


Which works for you?

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MarcyNelsonGuest Business Muse
Marcy Nelson-Garrison of Coaching Toys

Manifesto Marketing Magic: A business manifesto can have magical powers and become your business super hero. This module offers fun, creative ways to begin diving for your core content.

Marcy Nelson-Garrison, MA, LP, CPCC: creative catalyst, product mentor, writer, artist and founder of the Coaching Toys online store. Marcy helps clients create products aligned with their personal manifestos.

Paula-2Guest Business Muse
Paula Chaffee Scardamalia

Dreaming Your Creativity Awake: The Iroquois say you dream everything before it happens. So, if you are paying attention to your dreams, you are gifted with information, inspiration and guidance for your creativity, your business and your life. And to get the most out of your magical, transformative dream life, you need to remember and record them as often as possible. This module offers your insight into your dreams as well as tools and exercises to help you create a dream journal and a dream dictionary.

Paula Chaffee Scardamalia, dream consultant for PEOPLE Country Magazine, is a writing and creativity coach, and a dream and tarot intuitive. Paula uses a unique blend of ancient tools for modern times to get you focused, inspired, & into powerful creative action on your book, your business and your life. Paula is the award-winning author of Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom. She publishes a weekly e-newsletter on creativity, dreams, tarot and the inspired life. You can find out more at

jan_stringerGuest Business Muse
Jan Stringer of Perfect Customers, Inc.

Strategic Attraction Planning + Collage: This collage exercise will help you visualize new customers before you actually attract them to your business. This module will help you open up your creative, feminine side as well as give you a visual expression about who is a perfect “fitting” customer or client for you.

Jan H. Stringer, Founder of Perfect Customers, Inc. and formerly a corporate sales executive, sales manager, and VP of sales, Jan’s approach has been known to speed up her clients’ results because of her keen business acumen and unique approach. Today, Jan has gained an international reputation for helping businesses to learn the art of attracting clients and customers who would be described as a perfect fit. PerfectCustomers’ Mastery Program includes a certification track for their proprietary Strategic Attraction™ Planning Process. For more information, go to

Gail_McMeekin-150x150Guest Business Muse
Gail McMeekin of Creative Success

From Ideaphoria to Focus to Manifestation Ritual: This ritual exercise (including a handout guide, audio meditation, presentation on creativity, and a video of Gail in action with her own creative ritual to move you from Ideaphoria to Manifestation. Enjoy this ritual to help calm the idea overwhelm and move into focus!

Gail McMeekin, LICSW is the Passionate Mentor to Successful Creative Women, and wrote the best-selling books: The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women, and will inspire you to manifest your jewel of an idea and prosper! Her website is where you can sign up to receive her free, action-oriented e-book called The Path to Creative Success.

JillBadonskyGuest Business Muse
Jill Badonsky of Kaizen-Muse Creativity

Emergency Survival Guide to Business Building… because not all creative people like business building. This Creative Tool includes a video that illustrates how having fun can be one of the ways you can do your business building, along with a presentation and tools for your own Emergency Business Building Survival Kit.

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is a creativity coaching pioneer, internationally recognized workshop leader, and author/illustrator of three books on creativity including her recent release, The Muse is IN: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity. She is founder and director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and chief editor of The Muse Flash. Find her at and

Gina_Bell-220x300Guest Business Muse
Gina Bell of Gina Bell, Inc.

5-Minute Dance Party… Low energy and lack of inspiration can be frustrating for creative entrepreneurs. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a break. But… did you know, the TYPE of break you take matters? Gina shares a fun exercise you can do (in as little as five minutes) any time you need a creative boost during your day.

Gina Bell is a Freedom Catalyst + Marketing Strategist to women in business online and Author of the #1 Best-Selling book Success Rituals 2.0 – Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women. You can find out more about Gina at

jennlee-soul-portrait-sqGuest Business Muse
Jennifer Lee of the Right Brain Business Plan

The Business Landscape Play Sheet – In this video interview with Laura, Jennifer goes through the Creative Tool and how to fill out the Business Landscape Play Sheet… to help you get a sense of the land of your business and how you fit in it. As a bonus, you also get Jennifer’s Stop-Start-Continue Play Sheet to ask yourself three different questions.

Jennifer Lee is the award-winning author of The Right-Brain Business Plan. Her bestselling book has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world grow their businesses authentically and creatively. You can get more information about Jennifer at

2014 Jamie RidlerGuest Business Muse
Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios

Meeting Money… As a coach who specializes in working with emerging entrepreneurs and aspiring creatives, Jamie knows one focus area that can require some extra special attention is developing a vibrant and healthy relationship with money! This tool is a mini workshop with video, audio, and a PDF version where you will uncover key aspects of your relationship with money, journal your way to fresh money insights, and consider new metaphors to reframe your relationship with money.

Jamie Ridler’s heart and experience are deeply rooted in the expressive arts, from her early love of dance to her Masters degree in theatre. She keeps the Jamie Ridler Studios blog thriving with creative activities, inspirations and practices, as well as offering workshops (in-person and online) and coaching to help people find the courage and confidence to become the star they are – in their work and in their life! You can get more information about Jamie at

You are so going to be infused with creative ideas, flow, and ideas for putting it all into action in your business! There’s nothing like this out there… if your soul is awake and alive right now, you have found a home!


Are you ready for the Business Fusion Studio?

Our Membership Studio is ready for you and your creative spirit to jump in!


You have 2 options:

Option #1: You can purchase a Single Creative Module for $47


swirl-redOption #2: You can get all the Creative Modules PLUS Creative Business Tools
from Guest Business Muses.




Which works for you?

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We’re really excited about Business Fusion Studio… because it’s really a platform to let your creativity, passion, and business soar!


swirl-greenThe Business Fusion Guarantee

Experience a new way of creativity in business with the All-Access Pass for the Business Fusion Studio.

Jump in with both feet with our assurances. I want you to feel comfortable that this program is going to open up your creativity and business flow. Join with the All-Access Pass with confidence and learn from each of the modules, join our Facebook Group and meet with your fellow creative entrepreneurs. And if by the end of 30 days from when you joined if you feel we haven’t delivered or overdelivered on our promises to you, simply let us know and we will refund your All-Access Pass within 30 days.



"I’d often admired photo quotes on Facebook but had no idea how to create them. Leave it to Laura’s module to simplify the entire process and make it easily accomplished. Besides showing you how to create the quotes, she instructs you in ‘visual buzz’ and establishing guiding goals for your images. I immediately saw a greater response in Facebook by using photo quotes."

“I am loving the BFS, offered by the fabulous and inspiring Laura West. Although I’m only in the first week, the course is loaded with fun, inspiring content that has gotten me immediately moving into creating an Intuitive Joy Journal. I can already feel the joy and creative ideas bubbling up. I just know this is going to be a wonderful journey full of surprises and play. The way Laura gives us permission to play is liberating and taps into a part of me that I was neglecting. I am juiced about where this is going to take me, in my writing career and in my personal life.

I’ve always loved to doodle and play with color – now I’m hooked on putting all kinds of things in my joy journal: dreams, celebrations, happy moments. Art supply stores, here I come! The Ruzuku platform is fun and easy to use, and the support team is awesome."

Nancy McMillan, author of March Farm: Season by Season on a Connecticut Family Farm

“I’m thrilled to be joining you in your Business Fusion Studio! It feels great to be back in my creative groove again after taking a couple of years off to explore the more spiritual aspects of my business.

What I discovered during those two years is that I could actually 'marry' my creative and spiritual energy, stepping fully into who I am as a 'spiritual creative.'

Creativity has always been at the core of everything I’ve ever done, yet I set it aside for what I deemed a more serious spiritual business path. While I enjoyed the depth of that direction, I missed the more playful and whimsical energy that I had become known for.

It’s nice to be back at a point where I can PLAY with both my creative and spiritual sides – creating amazing programs and retreats for the clients that I love!

Here’s to creating what I call “purple possibilities!”

Tina M. Games | Creativity Coach, Life Purpose Intuitive, and Purple Possibility Catalyst

“I’m so excited to be here in the Business Fusion Studio!

Creativity was once an important part of my life. Writing, painting, drawing were all things that helped me express who I was. That creative fire dissipated as life got in the way.

I’m an Online Marketing and Communications Specialist, and although I love what I do, nothing makes me happier than getting down and dirty with a blank page and colorful markers and letting the contents of my soul pour out.

I’m thrilled about this program and what it will do not only for my business, but for my own personal journey. Thank you so much for giving me permission to let myself play in a way that will help to release and reveal what is inside of me once again. I look forward to merging the person that I was with the person I have not yet discovered. Excited to get to know everyone as we create beautiful businesses together.”

Jackie Nees | Online Marketing & Communications Specialist


Are you ready to jump in the Business Fusion Studio?


You have 2 options:

Option #1: You can purchase a Single Creative Module for $47




Option #2: You can get all the Creative Modules PLUS Creative Business Tools
from Guest Business Muses. Save over $400!



Which works for you?

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